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  1. J.Sayer

    Power Loss, Absolute Mystery! Help

    Thats strange... I’ve got the 525d too, my fuel filter hadn’t been changed from factory til recently and even then she made 255bhp/550nm from a KAP map over a year ago (unsure on DPF, but EGR was fine other than slightly blocked)... Boost leak maybe? Intercooler cracked or leaking? Injectors?
  2. J.Sayer

    Overheating Warning! But at what temp?

    Cant imagine it doing any harm having the glowplugs on fully when its starting cold
  3. J.Sayer

    Overheating Warning! But at what temp?

    Could an aftermarket be fitted into a pod gauge? Similar to boost, but showing coolant/oil temps?
  4. J.Sayer

    New tires at the back or front?

    I’ve got cheap budgets fitted to mine, been a few times in the wet when its started to slide, traction control always kicks in and saves it! A good burnout should break them in nicely
  5. J.Sayer

    E60/E61 Video Thread

    I need those ramps haha, never been able to find any that accomodate the spyders
  6. J.Sayer

    Diesel MOT

    Thats not bad figures! Mine produced 260bhp from a stock 198bhp!! (525d lci) Was under impression dpf and egr were both fitted and function
  7. J.Sayer

    Diesel MOT

    Don’t think so, can hear the turbo spooling up quite a bit but unsure if thats normal or not. I’ve never been outside of the car when its driven so couldn’t say too much about noise. Doesn’t seem super loud though, sometimes coming off the accelerator I get a bit of a “coo” I am looking into a backbox delete though
  8. J.Sayer

    Diesel MOT

    If the dpf is visible with no signs of tampering then it will pass on that, same for egr. Excessive black smoke will fail but a little is fine, mine was smoking but only failed on emissions first time. We think this was due to the fuel filter being the factory fitted one and possibly the map.. changed fuel filter, took off egr and cleaned it (was semi blocked), and scraped through emissions testing I’m convinced my dpf had been gutted out but I’ve never taken it off fo look. I have black tips inside and out, still smokes a bit.
  9. J.Sayer

    Gearbox service

    Dartford Transmissions are highly recommended and local to me, IIRC they offer blue light discount too if that applies to anyone here
  10. J.Sayer

    New tires at the back or front?

    Replace the ones that are shot, stick em on the rear!
  11. J.Sayer

    Yet another recall !!!

    Just called bmw, mine has an outstanding recall for the battery terminal, not booked in yet though!
  12. J.Sayer

    Yet another recall !!!

    Mines had a recall for months according to .gov website, but nothing on bmw website.. should probably get it checked out and see whats what. thought they sent letters when you had a recall?
  13. Had glowplugs and a bunch of seals replaced, still convinced theres a boost leak somewhere and also thinking injectors... having them tested by a friend in a few days
  14. J.Sayer

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Cars in this morning for new glow plugs and a seal on the main turbo pipe. Discovered the rubber seals on inlet manifold were shot and leaking too so replacing those!