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  1. J.Sayer

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Are they easy to replace? My driver side needs doing also thanks to the previous owner
  2. J.Sayer

    ZF Gearbox

    Thanks for your help guys. The car is booked in to have the gearbox serviced next Friday, I have had some issues where it drops out of gear in high torque situations, has only happened once or twice but still getting it looked at. I’ve decided to get the remap wiped off and run back to factory power, purely to longer the life of engine and box, I’ve had a few issues recently which has been put down to extra wear from map which I suspect to be generic and not catered for the car itself, not just the issues I’ve had with the transmission!
  3. J.Sayer

    ZF Gearbox

    Mileage is around 83k, wouldn’t have a clue how to read values!
  4. J.Sayer

    ZF Gearbox

    From what I’ve looked up and researched, mine is the 19. Mine is indeed a 2009 525d. Standard power runs at 400nm so its mind boggling how they can run them at the limit!
  5. J.Sayer

    ZF Gearbox

    My car has the ZF 6HP19 box fitted, which is rated to 400nm. Are they strong enough to handle more? I’m running 550nm with the remap, having it serviced next week with the sleeve etc changed. Last thing I want is the gearbox to shit its pants driving down the road, should I be worried? I dont drive it hard all the time, letting both engine and gearbox warm up properly before accelerating hard on the odd occasion I decide to! understand this has probably been asked before, but any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys
  6. J.Sayer

    Front brake squeak

    Cheap brakes can be behind this too, I had eicher discs & pads fitted which didn’t even last 6 months before horrifically squeaking and squealing. Replaced with Brembos and seems to have cured it
  7. J.Sayer

    Carly on an 06 E61

    Seems like I could use a fair few of those myself! What is the difference between “true speed” & “corrected speed” though?
  8. J.Sayer

    Carly on an 06 E61

    I’m still indecisive about getting it for my 2009 E60 525d, I can’t find a definite list of what can and can’t be coded to see if its worth me spending over £100 for.
  9. J.Sayer

    Back box delete. How much?!

    Mine was done for £220. On a 525d, doesn’t sound all that much louder... I can hardly hear a difference.. you will definately hear it on a v8 though.
  10. I have offered, but she refuses! She’s too scared to damage it bless her
  11. J.Sayer

    Resetting DPF Service Indicator

    I’ll just leave it alone, probably easier that way! I’m getting a backbox delete done soon so I assume I’ll find out if it whistles?
  12. J.Sayer

    Resetting DPF Service Indicator

    Is the Dpf easy to dismantle/take off the car on the 525d/530d lci?
  13. J.Sayer

    Resetting DPF Service Indicator

    exhaust is quite black/sooty, I can clean it and within a few days its quite black again she only just passed MOT on emissions last time (after having nee fuel filter fitted), so as they never mentioned the dpf I’d assume its been gutted and coded out?
  14. J.Sayer

    Resetting DPF Service Indicator

    Question all. I’ve got a 2009 525d. I’ve never had a DPF service light, nor any light or anything to indicate its doing a regen. Every now and again I’ll give it a good blast and she kicks out some black smoke then is fine again. Mileage is around 83-84k miles. Do I even still have a DPF fitted?
  15. J.Sayer

    xHP Flash

    I rarely drive mine hard to be honest, just one of those niggly things in the back of my mind when I started reading up and doing the research