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  1. GregGreg

    Intake manifold DIY

    Hi, I have purchased E53,04 reg. for a wife and it needs a bit of love. Car struggles to start on all cylinders while cold outside. I have set of glow plugs and a relay ready to swap. I would like also sort swirl flaps. Im after some kind of schematic of the intake manifold, It would help to know what to disconect etc. It would be great if someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.
  2. GregGreg

    No sound from the radio after swapping the battery.

    Hi, Sorry for late reply. Reseting all system helped. Thank you
  3. Hi Guys, I have purchased X5 recently. Don't know much about it yet in respect of common faults etc. Learning atm. The battery died overnight. I have jump started the car and it's all fine apart from the fact that there is no sound from the speakers when the radio is on. Sat nav and the rest works fine. I can see on the screen when increasing volume but there is no sound whatsoever. Where shall I start. Did anyone faced same issue please? Any tips are highly apreciated Ta Greg
  4. GregGreg

    520D DPF Pressure pipe blowing off

    They should check and clean turbo before fitted new DPF. Get rid of DPF completely. It will cost you a fortune otherwise.
  5. GregGreg

    Diesel MOT

    Hi No DPF and EGR and emission test was fine. No issues in that respect on MOT. I'm actually pleased that I have finally get rid of that thing. Car behaves totally different now. It's a shame and I regret that I was waiting to do it so long. If needed, I can post emission results. Cheers Greg
  6. GregGreg

    Brake pipe corroded. MOT failure.

    Hi I'll get them done to avoid same situation next year. The difference is that I can do them in my own time, not under pressure as the car is off the road. I'll tackle this in the summer hence the weather. Doing drop links and brake hoses in heavy rain today is enough. Cheers Greg
  7. GregGreg

    Brake pipe corroded. MOT failure.

    MOT passed with 1 advisory:grease on the brake pipes. Same tester. I'm glad to have a car back on the road again. Anything else spot on. Cheers Greg
  8. GregGreg

    Brake pipe corroded. MOT failure.

    Hi Just had a quick look and it doesn't look that bad. A bit of corrosion buy nothing major. I wouldn mind to change them however, after cleaning it's not that bad. To be honest, I'm tempted to say that the tester was a bit of a t***. On this occasion I will clean them and go for a re test.
  9. GregGreg

    Brake pipe corroded. MOT failure.

    Replacement then. Thank you all for your input. Cheers Greg
  10. GregGreg

    Brake pipe corroded. MOT failure.

    Hi Jason To be honest, it doesn't make the difference if the pipes will be bend slightly different. They are corroded. I saw some kind of bubbles on two of them. Tester showed me why he failed the car. It's based on what he saw. Just wondering is it just a top layer...and it's fixable/not serious. On the other hand, it would be common sense to replace them however I come across different opinions that's why I asking here on the forum. How much you were quoted for the job please? I have to potentially do all 4.
  11. Hi Guys Did MOT on mine one today and after huge amount of positive feedback like "oh, it's such a good nick", "well maintained and spot on condition" the chap told me that the car failed due to corroded brake pipes. Apparently all 4 under wheel arches are rusty. Two rear brake hoses also need replacing. Fair enough. I had a quick look while at home and brake pipes look a bit dodgy however I'm more than confident that I would be able to clean them and make them look like new. There is no leaks etc. Just a bit of the corrosion. Shall I clean them and give it a go or find a garage to replace them please? How much that possibly cost please? BTW, no DPF, EGR off and emission was perfect.
  12. GregGreg

    Diesel MOT

    There you go! Good stuff!
  13. GregGreg

    Diesel MOT

    It's probably my English... I could reword that slightly. It was a map created especially for me knowing my car, engine etc.
  14. GregGreg

    Diesel MOT

    I have friend who does that for a living. No generic maps, I have map uploaded which was done properly and especially for the type of my engine. No black smoke etc. I will be removing DPF shortly. I will update results from dyno shortly after. I'm aiming to get 300HP.
  15. GregGreg

    Diesel MOT

    Full stop! Well said!