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  1. Miked23

    My 1985 528i auto - 29k miles!!

    Now that is a beauty.... great purchase sir
  2. Hi all, going to be changing my differential and gearbox oils. Looking at Redline 75W90 for the diff, Redline MT-LV 70W/75W for the gearbox. Anyone care to confirm I am looking at the correct oils??
  3. Miked23

    n47 turbo

    Bump to this, I am also looking at removing and cleaning my turbo then fitting the spool kit.
  4. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    Let’s see a pic of your wiring going into the seat and the new wiring you have made. That wiring was my problem once all coded, the wires weren’t seated correctly.
  5. Miked23

    Diesel MOT

    Passed mot no problems, didn’t ask for a printout of emissions. Will do that next time but hopefully have a 525/530 by that point
  6. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    I didn’t even need to change the vin. I added the $494 to the vo and deleted previous seat code. I then went into the MASK and found SITZ_HEIZUNG and set that to aktiv. Once wired (properly) they worked. Although your full comfort seats will have a different code to $494.
  7. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    Yes on ground pin 2 on passenger side
  8. Miked23

    Diesel MOT

    All done and stage 1 map. Coded out the egr didn’t need to for dpf.
  9. Miked23

    Diesel MOT

    Just after ideas on increasing bhp maybe a little I.e what’s involved in stage 2 remap?
  10. Miked23

    Diesel MOT

    I will be doing 530 or 535. It will be atleast 12 months though and in the mean time I like to mess.
  11. Miked23

    Diesel MOT

    Ok power crazy guys... what kind of power can I get out of this m47 2.0? I’ve read somewhere on here a guy got 270bhp?????? Surely not? Realistically what’s achievable? And what’s involved apart from the map... upgrade turbo and intercooler? I plan on cleaning those 2 parts soon and maybe recon the turbo myself, so you power crazy guys got me thinking
  12. Miked23

    Diesel MOT

    Well that didn't half get off topic carry on guys and thanks for all the info regards mot.
  13. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    I got by with tis for the schematics. I planned on fully taking pics and doing a nice right up but it got so painstaking when it was done I was glad it was done. Still got drivers door card left to do... today.
  14. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    Can wires were not seated correctly onto pins.
  15. Miked23

    Diesel MOT

    Cars due in for mot very soon, as I removed the dpf a few months back I now have a black exhaust pipe. Could I be given a failure for this as it’s evidence I no longer have a dpf? Also anyone know if I will pass with the tiny amount of smoke my exhaust generates? I’m hearing any kind of smoke is a failure.