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  1. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    Update - the correct fuses are fitted. The car has had $494 added to the vo/fa (not sure if that’s the correct one for my seat). Found sitz-heizung (heated seats) in the mask module, I’ve changed to aktiv in the trc file. And the result........ nothing!!!! Banging my head against a brick wall!
  2. Miked23

    BMW Diss diagnostics

    Buy from the guy above, couldn’t actually be any simpler.
  3. Miked23

    E61 coding front seats

    Hello fellow bimmers. I have recently purchased and installed some new seats into my car. The controls for both seats were the same and as such seats work fine since fitting. My problem is trying to get the heaters in the seats to work. I’ve added the fuses to 31 and 33 but I still get no leds. From scrolling the web I can’t find much at all about this. Is it a case of enabling an option in NCSexpert? Any help will be greatly appreciated guys, I have mentioned this in my other thread but I don’t seem to be getting many replies. Hopefully this is a better sub to post in. Thanks in advance guys, starting work at 5am daily and starting to get a very cold bum as the winters drawing in.
  4. Miked23

    Egr blank

    I have done both too chops, I was going to leave the egr but then decided against it. reason being; 1. Getting rid of the second thermostat (mine had failed) and from what I read it’s going to fail at some point. 2. Better exhaust flow, I remembered back to my 50cc scooter days 12 years ago, one of the restrictions was an exhaust flange pretty much a pointless pipe coming off the exhaust. I know I now have 40x the power but still prefer things done right lol. the DPF I’ve not had deleted but I’ve gutted it, and had no problems.
  5. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    Found the fuse panel in the glove box... supposedly the fuse for passenger seat is 31 and drivers seat is 33... this is apparently the same fuses for the heating. There was no fuse in each slot yet the seats still function? I have fitted the fuses anyhow and still no lights on the heater buttons.
  6. Miked23

    E61 Tool Kit

    Anybody know where the tool kit is located for an e61, I can only find my first aid kit.
  7. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    Paid £150 off eBay, seats front and back, door cards, arm rest and control module. (Absolute bargain... apart from the 360 mile round trip last weekend lol). Which control module are you asking about... the one pictured or the one under the seat? biotoxic - are you in the process of doing the same mod? Im getting the hang of ncs expert using ncs dummy but the FA/VO is going over my head. Back to google I think. Guys, I can’t thank you enough, I’m all for diy and I’m all for helping people out. Doesn’t seem to be much info online at all for this.
  8. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    No Dotcom, I’ve checked the fuse panel in the boot and I have no free spaces. Do I have another fuse panel anywhere??
  9. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    I’m at a bit of loose end here Keith, scrolling through ncs expert looking for seat options. Might have to post in a few forums to find some advice. Im not just tight fisted but I like to do things myself and learn in the process. Steering wheel eel is on the cards lol
  10. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    So I’ve fitted the 2 front seats, pretty much straight forward (leather seats were slightly bigger than the cloth so drivers side was a bit of pain to get back in). I had to take the seat belt pre tensioner from the cloth seats and add it to the leather. Everything else was in place so it was a straight unplug and pullout/ put in and plug in. Now all controls on the seats work fine. Yesterday i I fitted the heated seat control buttons (in the pic) but they don’t light up or do anything when pressed. So my question is.... Is this just a simple add a fuse or do I need to code in ncs expert? If it’s the latter can anybody point me in the right direction for which module I will find it in? Many thanks guys, I’m nearly there now, the wife can’t wait for me to stop messing with this car lol.
  11. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    Can this coding be done myself in ncs? I think the seats will just plug and play as apart from material and the heated bit they are identical to mine. I will try to fit the passenger seat today, and use that as the Guinea pig. I will fit switch panel on console also.
  12. Miked23

    Leather conversion

    I have just purchased a set of heated leather seats with door cards, out of 523i pre lci, the seat controls are the same as mine so I’m assuming this will be a straight swap. I hope the wire for the heat controls is already behind my dash? Once I have all this fitted will it need coding? thanks guys, mike
  13. Miked23

    Halo LED

    And did you code them to light up on the key?
  14. Miked23

    Halo LED

    Happydays, your name says it all. They look sweet mate, what are they? And where from please?
  15. Miked23

    Halo LED

    Cheers otto, is yours a pre lci? What leds did you use for the halos?