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  1. FranktheTank

    Multple errors... Help!!!

    Yeah they were current codes, I havnt experienced any driving or performance issues just that annoying chime every time I turn the ignition on telling me about the ‘SOS call system failure’. Took the car car for a drive and all errors stayed clear apart from • 9C6B IHKA: Auxiliary-water pump, flap motor does not respond to the LIN bus and •A36C TCU: Fault in internal telephone module Have you come across these before? I ran my UK reg in that system as the car is currently on Irish plates and it’s turned up 1 recall as of July 2019 relating to screws corroding in the battery compartment, nothing mentioned about Fuel filter heating so I’m assuming I’m not affected by that recall.
  2. FranktheTank

    Multple errors... Help!!!

    Hi all,Im having multiple issues with error codes on my 2008 e60 520d m sport lci with 150k miles on the clock. Ive read all the codes using INPA and DIS. The codes are as follows;DDE Diesel Electronics OL 4B1C Fuel Filter Heating, activation 4C5E Particulate filter system minimum differential pressure undershot IHKA automatic heating & air con 9C6B IHKA: Auxiliary water pump, flap motor does not respond to the LIN bus LM Light Module 9CC5 LM: No message, LIN (RLS) TCU Telematic Control Unit A36C TCU: Fault in internal telephone module KLIMA 9C6B If anyone has had the same issues or can shed some light on resolving any of the above issues I would be delighted.Much appreciated