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  1. danielpm

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Thank you! Much appreciated Houds . That's all he will use for the instalation?
  2. danielpm

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Which connector do you had to buy for connect to the car and make the steering wheel controls work? Thats the part that I still cant find :/
  3. danielpm

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Hi again everyone! So, after a lot of reading, I decided that I will go with a premium brand 2 din unit and a Metra fascia. I'm looking for the Sony XAV-AX3005DB, because of the price and I liked of what I saw on reviews. Only one USB port so I will not be able to use the iBus but I doubt that I will use it that much anyway. And this is where I need your help: What do I need to buy apart from the radio? I also want to be able to control it with the steering wheel controls. Thank you!
  4. danielpm

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Yes, pretty sure. But in case that theres one, how do I pass the 5M cable? From where to where? Also, with a Sony XAV-AX3005DB, for example, do I need to do it too?
  5. danielpm

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    The amp isn't something visible? I only have the CD box on the left side, nothing more. Even on the right side theres nothing. Can it be under the boot?
  6. danielpm

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Yes, that one. But how can I reset the consumption and etc? The only way to do it isn't from the OEM unit? They can, supposedly. You need to buy an adapter that will enable it. At least from what i've seen on youtube and on the internet. Since I don't have DSP, that extension to the boot is not unacessary? Thank you all !
  7. danielpm

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Hi Dan! Thank you for the opinion. I thought about that at first, but I really want to be able to use the Carplay functionality. Also, my OEM screen have white lines (which dont look so good) and the radio is working really bad. Since a chinese unit is not a huge amount of money, it seems like a good alternative. You talked about wiring and stuff. Isn't this Eonon (for example) plug and play if you dont have DSP?
  8. Hi everyone. So, the OEM navigation system (big screen) on BMW is old, and I would like to retire my mobile car holder. I'm looking for a head unit that can do two things: - fit well and dont break the OEM look; - can use apple carplay / android auto I've saw models from Sony, Alpine, etc, but the only fascia that I like (Dennis fascia) is too expensive unfortunately. So I started to look to the chinese android head units made specifically for the E39. Being an android head unit, I suppose that I can use Apple Carplay / Android Auto with the adaptors right? The head unit that I liked the most was the Eonon GA9201B . Can someone that owns one give me a quick review? Also, some questions: - Would you recommend another unit? - Since I control the cluster panel in my OEM head unit, what do I need to buy to do it on the Eonon? It's the iBus? - My car don't have DSP. Do I need to buy extra acessories or is plug and play? - How can I read the car errors on the Eonon? What do I have to buy. Sorry for the long post. Thank you
  9. danielpm

    Hello from Portugal!

    Hi everyone! I'm Daniel, and I'm from Portugal. Proud owner of a 525d E39! Thank you for having me! Cheers!