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  1. Phil_530d

    EGR - clean or replace

    Mine is a 2011 F10 (N57). I had small amounts of coolant loss (but loss nevertheless) and eventually an egr related fault code was triggered. The egr cooler was replaced under a recall last month and it has stopped the coolant loss. As in your case, there was no evidence of coolant loss but I guess it just gets lost somewhere... If you have a look at the video by Nut Job linked elsewhere on this thread it shows cracks in the corrugated pipes on the side of the egr cooler but I am not sure if they are for exhaust gasses or coolant. I am sure someone on here would be able to confirm...
  2. Phil_530d

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    Glad its sorted. Amazing how a minor tyre abnormality can cause an issue like that
  3. Phil_530d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I changed mine after getting fed up of putting lots of washer fluid in my F10 every week. I just thought it was the headlight washers that used lots of it. There was no evidence of fluid leakage on the drive but there was evidence on the underside of the bonnet and the area around the filler neck that fluid was coming out. I eventually read a post on one of the forums that the filler cap can fail to seal and when I inspected the cap on mine it was indeed distorted and the rubber on the underside did look cracked. Anyway I changed it about two weeks ago and hey presto its solved the excessive consumption. Now I am putting in 200ml per week instead of 2 litres! Issue resolved for £11.
  4. Phil_530d

    Bosch Areotwin Wipers - Ugly View

    I have fairly new aerotwins and they look a slightly different design on the arm mounting...
  5. Phil_530d

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    Check tyres for any delamination or damage on inner edges. This was the cause of my vibration at 65-70mph. A set of new tyres sorted it.
  6. Phil_530d

    Air Con

  7. Phil_530d

    Side and Daytime Driving Lights failed

    The lens and seal looked fine when I had the headlight out apart from the slightest ding right in the corner at the wing end but it did not look as if it had compromised the seal. From what I have read the headlight units are not designed to be water tight (BMW literature describes 'acceptable' and 'unacceptable' levels of condensation) so I am working on the assumption that the level of water I saw had accumulated since the car was new (2011) - it is also the near side front which from what I seen is more susceptible - presumably from going through more kerbside standing water etc. As soon as I start seeing condensation in the headlight again I will be removing the unit to drain the water out. It's about 3 months since I did it and no sign yet - so far so good.
  8. Phil_530d

    Side and Daytime Driving Lights failed

    I had recurring condensation issues which eventually led to the error messages you are receiving. As mine has adaptive zenons which are a fortune to replace (~£1k without some of the ancillary bits and module!) i thought I would remove the unit first to see if there was anything I could do with it. Turns out that there was about 15mm of standing water that had drained into the bottom of the headlight unit where the module is located. I literally poured the water out and dried it, and the headlight module, out totally. I then put it back together and luckily it works fine and all the error codes cleared. Obviously the condensation issue has also gone as there is no (unseen) pool of water in the bottom of the unit. Getting the headlight unit out was a bit of a pain (you have to release a few of the bolts holding the bumper so you can flex it out the way to get the light unit out) but not too bad. If I end up having to repeat the job every 6 or 12 months to drain water out, to me its still preferable than having to spend a shed load of cash on a new headlight unit. Hopefully, in future the worst it would be is a ruined module which is about £170 to replace + coding.
  9. Phil_530d

    F11 Roof Bars

    Cruz do aerodynamic aluminium bars as well as the square steel and having just checked, they are half the price of the Thule equivalent (£110 vs £210) so if you want quieter bars but dont want to pay premium money for Thule, then they may be worth considering. I have a set for my F10 and they are pretty quiet.
  10. Phil_530d

    Handbrake switch

    Keep your eye out on the well known auction site for a genuine second hand switch. I managed to pick one in A1 condition (plus the silver surround) for £29 delivered and then managed to sell the old one for £19 so replaced for £10 net.
  11. Phil_530d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    No noises or warning lights as yet but the last service and last MOT picked up they were getting thin. I had subsequently measured the disks and knew they were below the minimum thickness so I knew both needed doing. As you can just make out from the picture, the disc was not far off making contact with the wear sensor so no doubt the warning lamp would have come on very soon if had left them...
  12. Phil_530d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Replaced some rather thin front brake pads and discs that were below 28.4mm
  13. Phil_530d

    2014 F11 530D Msport

    Mine is an F10. Two fronts and that rear in the pic were condemned at the same oil service by BMW so that one turned out to be quite an expensive day! To be fair, once the new rubber was on it cured the slight wobble at 65mph (presume the delamination meant the tyres weren't truly round - so to speak - causing the wobble) plus the slight pull to the left/steering wheel slightly off centre was cured. All in all knackered tyres were responsible for a couple of issues on mine!
  14. Phil_530d

    2014 F11 530D Msport

    Yep. Been there.