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  1. Gee44

    Replacement wing mirror

    Can’t you just replace the mirror cap or am I missing something in the picture? Good time to replace with gloss black ones for about £60 for the pair.
  2. My 520d is in jubilee silver and I believe it’s an individual colour and that it’s a Rolls Royce silver colour that cost £4000 when the car was specced new. I’ve not seen another one in this colour so seeing if anyone else has got it. I like the colour but I certainly wouldn’t of spent £4K on it.
  3. Gee44

    Alloy Corrosion - Warranty?

    £399 could be worthwhile for getting them refurbed especially just before insurance runs out.
  4. Gee44

    G30/31 LHD / RHD Door Mirrors

    Only going to be the glass that’s different due to the angles. Could you replace the mirror glass with rhd ones. Don’t suppose these would be cheap either though. just curious but why did you have to replace the mirrors?
  5. Gee44

    Alloy Corrosion - Warranty?

    If this is always going to be an issue, would it not be worth when eventually getting them refurbed getting them painted silver or whatever colour instead of the diamond cut. I know it shouldn’t even come to that and I’m thinking more long term once out of warranty etc.
  6. Gee44

    BMW Button Fading / Wearing

    Only seems to be the main centre button but not the buttons marked for nav, menu etc.
  7. Gee44

    BMW Button Fading / Wearing

    Can’t see anything.
  8. Gee44

    BMW Button Fading / Wearing

    Are they easily changed or liable to break something? Are the ones on the climate controls just a case of popping them off and pushing new ones on? Just noticed the 2 fan control ones on mine are a little worn too.
  9. Gee44

    BMW Button Fading / Wearing

    Anyone know where to get replacement buttons or even if it’s possible to replace the buttons to the idrive controller? A couple of mine are worn and be nice to replace them, or would it be easier to just replace it if it’s cheap enough. If I was going to replace it, would it just be a case of getting the same one and straight swap or would it coding etc.
  10. Gee44

    drone/rumble f11 Air filter Housing

    I notice mine is a little worse in drive and more noticeable. is the fix as above using a bit of rubber under the air filter a fix on the 2.0 too?
  11. Gee44

    drone/rumble f11 Air filter Housing

    Mine is the same btw. F10 525d 2.0 version. It’s annoying but I hardly use the car and it’s annoying when I’m in it but then I forget all about it once home till next time. I’ll get round to sorting it one day.
  12. Gee44

    Condensation inside headlight

    I’ve left the top cap off mine completely and no issues. It’s poor that I need to do that to stop it getting wet inside such an expensive part.
  13. Remove the module and dry it out, worth a try. As soon as mine showed up errors I removed the module and dried it out and it’s fine. Hopefully it hasn’t completely knackered it. Make sure you dry your headlight out completely before putting either the old one back in or replacing it. They need coding if you buy a new one btw. depending which headlights you have you can remove the top cover to allow more ventilation.
  14. Mine also does this and strangely enough my e60 done it too. I’ve read previously etc that it’s the pads moving. Mine are due in a few thousand miles so see what happens when they e been replaced.
  15. Gee44

    Condensation inside headlight

    When mine at one point was really bad and completely covered I done the hairdyer thing and cleared it, but same as above it didn’t seem to last long before coming back. Seems very poor that for such an expensive car / part to have this issue when still relatively new. I did price up a new headlight, but at around £1200 I decided to leave the cap off!!