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  1. Exuptoy

    Battery / Charge issue.

    Used it today. It impressed me everytime I drive it. Can’t imagine what the 535D is like!
  2. Exuptoy

    Battery / Charge issue.

    Alternator changed today. £203 inc vat and labour at my local indy. All sorted.
  3. Exuptoy

    Battery / Charge issue.

    Voltage at idle is 10.6v
  4. Exuptoy

    Battery / Charge issue.

    I only use my 06 525D Msport for two weeks out of every month and for a little while I’ve had the odd lamp warning when starting the car. I got a high discharge message a few months back which never reoccurred after a few good runs. I got home last week and drove 40 miles, went into Ikea and when I left I had a battery symbol and insufficient charge message in the centre screen which came and went a few times. I’ve gone out tonight and it was slow to turn over and once it started I measured the battery voltage when running at 10.6v and now it won’t even turn over. scanned it with a snap on scanner when it was intermittent and there were many fault codes including ibt or similar, charge fault, lamp faults and glow plug faults. Codes cleared but the battery one re presented itself almost immediately. My question is would a poor battery give codes including ibs and insufficient charge warning or is the problem as obvious as a duff alternator reg/rec?
  5. Exuptoy

    Lowered cars pic request

    £259 or £299 inc drop links. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stance-Street-Coilovers-BMW-5-Series-E60-Saloon-All-Engines-droplinks/173519114918?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE60&epid=5031194283&hash=item28668b92a6:g:o-0AAOSwSSNbmjx7
  6. Exuptoy

    Lowered cars pic request

    Have a search for Stance+ coilovers on the bay. Got a full set for my transporter fir around £279 from Venom Motorsport. Very impressed, and much better than the crashy lowered springs And dampers that were fitted when I got it.
  7. Exuptoy

    Is it worth it?

    Happened to my lads Skoda Fabia earlier this year. Worse thing is the insurance co will only try to pay market value for which you’d have no chance finding another as clean as yours! My lad came out of it ok only because I found him a VRS for less from a mate which needed a little TLC. The woman who hit his car came back next morning to get hers recovered with some fabulous story of how she was forced off the road by another (she wasn’t....the guy who had helped her out even ripped off the plates so plod couldn’t trace the vehicle owner the same night!). She’d just got her license back after 3years for DUI!
  8. Exuptoy

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Same Q from me, are you seeing smoke, have you had it remapped, is the kit still fitted but deleted via coding? Any extra advice/info?
  9. Exuptoy

    Depress Clutch to start!

    By the way, if you hadn’t noticed all you need is items 10&11 above (2x10). The part numbers I think are in my pics. Total cost from BMW £8.61 The drawing for my car was slightly different and I needed parts 11&12 and part 18 was a PITA to remove and refit. Yours seems slightly different but I suspect the plastic pin and bushes will cure things.
  10. Exuptoy

    Depress Clutch to start!

    just ask the garage to fit the correct parts. Tell them that you’ll take responsibility.
  11. Exuptoy

    Depress Clutch to start!

    https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/138760-e60-clutch-pedal-issue-play-and-low-clutch-pedal/ in the short term lifting the pedal prior to starting should help. the pin will be ok, as you can see the bushes are what wears. Both items AND the pedal box are made of plastic!
  12. Exuptoy

    Depress Clutch to start!

    Recently had this exact problem after purchasing the car. Cost was £8.61 from BMW for the pin and 2 bushes which took around an hour sat on the floor. Ill try and find the thread to highlight the pics for you.
  13. Exuptoy

    Key battery and replacement key.

    Been quoted £180 from BMW (May have been £130 actually, can’t remember, not cheap tho.
  14. Exuptoy

    Fuel filler cap cover won't open

    Get some of those plastic door closing beads to stop cupboard doors slamming. If you push it in with your finger it pops out and the flap actually closes it. It just won’t open it.
  15. I don’t do bookface unfortunately. Cheers tho. Just purchased from eBlag for £18