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  1. Irish535d

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Regrettably decided to sell my 535d for a number of reasons which have noting to do with these awesome cars or this one in particular. On ebay if anyone interested - item 193156368578 Regards Nick
  2. Irish535d

    Hard to unlock

    Hi Guys, My 2006 E60 is really hard to unlock. Can really only unlock it if I stand by the back aerial on the roof. Sometimes touching the car (to create a ground?) helps. I've found there is one corner of the key button to press that is particularly effective. And to lock. I have Comfort Access which I think means I have a non rechargeable key (and only the one key!) And some of the boot wiring has replacement aftermarket connectors some of which have come adrift and need replacing. Where do I best start please? Thanks
  3. Thanks - boot is totally dry and no sign of every having water in it - pulled everything out. Wiring at the boot hinges is damaged - highlighted in my other post. Will have to fix it.
  4. Irish535d

    Engine, trans & diff oil recommendations

    Thanks Andrew - much appreciated
  5. Irish535d

    What psi you guys running on 19" spiders?

    I've been advised by many to run 36 psi. Tag on the door says so also. PO ran them at 32 psi and I had to replace 2 tyres - worn inside edges and one had the wires showing through. Granted a lower PSI is more comfortable - yo may get away with 34 psi but at 36 psi it rides fine - firm but fine and smooooth.
  6. Irish535d

    Internal boot release button not working

    Thanks guys, will do.
  7. Irish535d

    E60 535d MSport left rear shock replacement

    VDC? _ variable damping control? Did the VIN check and it didn't come up https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/b892587 - maybe it still doesn't mean I don't have it . I'll take a photo of the little cylinders. I google images of it but nothing came up like my shocks. Thanks, Nick
  8. Irish535d

    How to register battery?

    Thanks Andrew - what's the best aftermarket software pack to be able to do these things please? Thanks, Nick
  9. Irish535d

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yep - same as mine
  10. Irish535d

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hi dj1233 - No I didn't - don't know how to. But I'm going to see my indie guy at 12 noon Saturday and he said he could code it to the car and register the battery for me. Not sure why I need to do these 2 things. Car drives fine and I've got as 90 AH battery which is the correct amperage for the car (old one was an 80 Ah). Thanks, Nick
  11. Irish535d

    SOS Call System Failure Warning

    Thanks, that's interesting - whee can I get a fuse diagram (or a shop manual)? to know which is the telephone fuse (telephone works fine BTW). And what module is it & where is it located please? Thanks Nick
  12. Hi All, I need to replace my left rear shock it's leaking - so I guess the other one also. Car is a 2006 E60 535d MSport auto so I guess I need to get the right ones for that model (and they're bound to be pricey ) It also looks like it has a round cylinder at the bottom of the shock that is as long as it it round (kind of a square cylinder?). It's behind the rear disc in the photos here so unfortunately you can't see it. What would people recommend - I read Sachs in posts and see them all over ebay. Best vendors that would post to Ireland? Thanks Nick
  13. Hi All, Time to do an oil change - and probably trans fluid also. 2006 E60 535d with 120,000 miles. What engine oil and filters do people recommend please? Any better suppliers? And transmission fluid and filter recommendations? Is it easy to change the trans filer on these. On my old cars I just dropped the trans pan and pushed on a new filter. I understand you have to suck the trans fluid out on these? And what diff oil would all recommend please? Thanks, Nick
  14. Hi All, 2006 E60 535d - My internal boot release button is not working. Was working, now stopped. On inspection the boot loom looks like this. Someone's been in there - yellow wire come adrift from connector, and there is 2 other wires unidentified - kind of grey with yellow stripe. On looking at it it seems like someone's added some 6 core wire of different colours. Has anyone a wiring diagram or know what colours in the boot loom do what please? Thanks, Nick
  15. Irish535d

    SOS Call System Failure Warning

    I have this message too - 2006 E60 535D also. I thought maybe it was I was because I was in Ireland and it was originally a UK car that it didn't work. Watching with interest.