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    BMW e60 530d 160kjw
  1. vlado7689

    e60 bixenon lci LM trace file

    Hi, can somebody post their trace file for bmw e60 with lci bixenons without ahl and lci tailight? I want to compare it to mine. thanks
  2. vlado7689

    lci headlights with prelci tailights

    I only upgraded headlights to lci
  3. Hi, I replaced my front prelci headlights with lci bixenon headlights and left prelci tailights....everithing works but I get brake light left and right failure....I disabled hot and cold monitoring and I still get brake light failure...Do I need to code out something else?
  4. vlado7689

    Pulled out hanbrake cable

    My handbrake cable is pulled out....if i put it back in place and pull handbrake its gonna happend again...anybody had same problem?
  5. vlado7689

    Hanbrake cable

    Hi, my hanbrake cable is snaped..I want to ask how to change it? Anybody replaced it?
  6. vlado7689

    LM1 and 35w AE

    thats ok I just want use that bulbs...
  7. vlado7689

    LM1 and 35w AE

    Hi is it possible co code LM1 to use 35w bulbs in AE?
  8. thanks for reply but I am looking for something like this but for prelci dynamic xenon to lci bixenon
  9. do you know where can I find diagram with PIN legend?
  10. But I want to install e60 lci bixenons without ahl... On lci bixenon there is empty pin n.6
  11. Can anybody help me with wiring from prelci ahl xenons to lci bixenons? On prelci bixenons I have 11 wires and in bmw installation instruction there are 12 wires for bixenon and they are different colour then mine....thanks for help...
  12. vlado7689

    E60 prelci dynamic xenon to lci bixenon

    I have only 11 wires and in pdf for lci conversion there are 12....anybody know why? LCI_UPDATE.pdf
  13. vlado7689

    E60 prelci dynamic xenon to lci bixenon

    do you know where can I find wiring diagrams?thanks
  14. I want to change my prelci dynamic xenon to lci bixenon ...is ist possible?