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  1. Lovely pic... I know it's a terrible thing now.. but back in early 90's I grafted your 'Kidneys' onto my E30 and this pic reminded me of it, thanks.
  2. @jannism sorry took so long... I was really unhappy with the way mine was looking (it turns out dropping the rear a bit has helped a lot.... it's pulled the front down by over 5mm which seems counter intuitive to me, but the measuring tape doesn't lie) ) then it rained a lot ! so I will be out to take some pretty pics soon, but here is the height... Obvs this is drivers side which is lower than the passenger side but I'm trying not to obsess over this the last pic is to show you EXACTLY the same setup (minus spacers and paint) with the Eibachs on, before lowering the rear. to repeat your CV... Eibachs on front, with Sachs shocks, home made drop links on rear with Bilstiens. Swapped the aluminium hex interior for piano black, lost the chrome grille, now the wheels are dark I'm having black indicators and door handle trims. Painting my mirror caps black soon.
  3. @NeilV535 thanks for the measurement, that helps... seems that I'm gonna get another 10mm or so if I go for the HandR which is where I want to be.... I don't want a massive drop as I want it to be planted, but not in the weeds Think about charge pipe and intercooler you say ????? I hadn't ..... Do I take it you have ?? Mine's getting old now so the pipe could be seen as maintenance ! do you recommend ?
  4. @NeilV535 thanks for that.. I chose to put Eibachs on and TBH cant see a difference in height so am very reluctantly looking to take them off and replace with the HandR. Is there any chance you could let me know what height the HandRs give you ? mine is 630mm from bottom of (19") wheel to the arch. Or a pic I suppose..:) either way..... I'd love some incentive to get the swap done.
  5. @Matthew Ashton BUT, the OP has decided on the mechanical links and I respect his position. Impressive, makes me want to continue in this forum. Thanks. Mike.
  6. @jannism bloody hell we've got the same car !!!!! nice pics I'll take some pics for you over the weekend so you can see the difference, but I'm really not happy with the Eibachs... They should maybe come with a warning saying ' Only for SE models' as I'm constantly fighting the urge to buy some actual lowering springs. I genuinely don't see any difference at all, I'm running about 630mm from bottom of wheel to arch which is apparently 10-15 mm lower than standard Mtec but I can't tell by eye... what you running ? In fact @BFleming has saved me £75 on replacing perfectly good spacers so I'm gonna see about the HandRs thanks
  7. @Matthew Ashton thanks for that however I have two choices... buy software/cable and then flap about all these horror stories about fracking stuff due to no voltage stabiliser...... or, spend £11 on some tiny ball joints I'm old and while I do have a list of stuff I want changing by someone who knows their stuff, I just don't want to have the responsibility
  8. @Wozza345 yes, and in fact just got those HandR rears on tonight. Definitely definitely worthwhile... It's over £150 all in (4 corners + bolts) but really good. I have gone 10mm front and 15mm rear. Standard 19" wheels and the Eibach springs on the front. The spacing at this level is subtle. but to me makes all the difference.. Mine looked all wrong to me before with the wheels hiding somewhere inside that chasm of an arch, and now it looks powerful. I'm wanting more cos I'm a 90's boy, when if you could get your fingers in a wheel arch it was a sin, but I know things change. It's a work in progress (I've just ordered some bits to lower the back) but the spacing I'm happy with. I haven't got good pics of the whole car yet but this is the front with standard wheels, 10-15mm lower than standard Mtec, and those 10mm spacers. They've been on a week or two and no rubbing/catching so far, the only difference is MUCH more responsive steering - which is a blessing as my f11 sucked after my E61... but I'm getting there slowly
  9. Thanks @BFleming, you're obviously right... and I hadn't considered that !! I feel a bit daft now but hey, there's nothing wrong with learning ! I'll have to mull this over for a bit but I THINK you've probably saved me some money there... thanks for the input. Mike. Also, off to buy some copper grease... thanks again.
  10. MikeyH

    What am I missing

    Perhaps it's MY lead foot that makes the difference then I average 38 all year long and if I try REALLY hard I can hover around 50 on a motorway run, however that's trying as hard as I can.. a good hill ruins it. What do you get ?
  11. MikeyH

    What am I missing

    @deano16v funny You must have a Lead right foot... I'm keen to do a journey now to test, cos I'm sure I could get 2 Miles out of a 15 Mile journey ! will report back in a Month or so whenever I next need to actually go out ! #FkinCovidMakingMyCarAnOrnament
  12. MikeyH

    What am I missing

    Agree with everyone who says Eco Pro is horrid..... however they do give you a game to play.... When you drive in Eco Pro mode a little blue display shows you how many Miles worth of fuel you've saved.... Then when you put it in Sport Plus and thrash it, you're using free fuel
  13. Sorry to everybody who replied a year ago!! this was in drafts !! Thanks for the feedback... my takeaway seems to be that decent handling IS possible, so I'm going to replace parts and see where we go.
  14. Hi anyone, just wanted to share something and also see if people think I'm being crazy ! I have a 535d Estate, which is obviously really front heavy. I think if this was a 520 I may not feel the same way. (my last car was an E61 520) I have standard 19" 351 alloys with the square setup, 245/40/19s all round and I feel they need more poke, mainly for aesthetics, however now I've done it, the steering is VASTLY improved with 10mm spacers on the front. I bought Bimecc 10mm spacers and long bolts for the front as they were the only decent ones I found that bundled spacers and bolts. They seem good quality, are nicely light and seem well machined, the bolts say the all important 10.9 on them so all good so far. My problem is their diameter.... I've approached the supplier and they said it's a TUV approved fitment across the range however they are just not as wide as the contact patch between wheel and hub... there is an overhang... only of about 5mm but that's on the very outside edge so thinking of leverage and surface area (a 5mm band on the outside of a circle is MUCH more area than a 5mm band towards the centre) they just cannot be as strong as the H and R spacers I have now bought for the back. It may be that smaller cars have smaller diameter hubs so they'll be good ??! Pictures attached, if there are any mechanical engineers out there who wish to tell me that I'm being daft, feel free... but when I'm really going at it into a high speed bend now I'm aware I don't trust them. And they look a bit naff. On the pictures you'll see the contact patch where my wheel meets hub, the black bimecc spacer (with contact patch poking out of the edge) , and one where I've put the silver H and R spacer under the Bimecc one for comparison. Hope that's useful. Mike.
  15. Lets hope we find someone in Cannock then, we can meet halfway