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  1. Danielo_0

    General Intravee II doubts

    what do I do now? Do you think I could update it without problems?
  2. Danielo_0

    General Intravee II doubts

    Ok I think I have undertand you, it would be necessary to update version 5.31 with a special boot, and then once updated, put the latest version on it? Where could you get version 5.31 with your boot? I'll be honest with you, I've only updated 2 Intravee to the latest version and I'm a bit of a newbie here, if you could explain me explicitly I'd appreciate it.
  3. Danielo_0

    General Intravee II doubts

    Thank’s, here are the photos
  4. Danielo_0

    General Intravee II doubts

    hi RichardP, I have a new question please, I have purchased an Intravee and it has version 5.31 build 306, can I update it to the latest version directly to version 6.02 7155? Version 5.31 is really incredible that practically nothing can be done, it must have been the first versions, right? Thank you and every day I am happier with this great device and especially for your great help to the intravee community
  5. Danielo_0

    General Intravee II doubts

    Hi RichardP, The first of all is to give you a thousand thanks for the patience you have with everyone and admire that you continue updating this great project that I sincerely learned about 2 months ago and I am perplexed by this invention of essential module for me and sure that for everyone too. Second forgive me for my bad English, I will use Google translate (although I think it is worse). I have several questions that I will be asking little by little to not overwhelm you. I have the intravee switch and I would like to be able to update it to the latest version just like the intravee (for improvements nothing more) I understand as I have read, it is updated by updating the same intravee module, but the intravee software (in this case 6.02 7155) Should this intravee switch software be included, which there are versions that you did not include by size, could you clarify if the last version of April 2019 included that update for the switch? In this case, how would you proceed to update the two things at once? Same as the intravee module alone? Thank you and I await your response before proceeding to do anything