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  1. mm4319

    520d Electrical woes. Help please!!

    Hi folks Wee update folks. I decided to replace the battery with a proper 80Ah AGM type as it has in the ecu. Followed the instructions on ISTA, and registered it. Read the fault codes after leaving it for a bit and came up ‘4A25 BSD Intelligent Battery Sensor’. So started the car and it was running lumpy initially but cleared after about a min. It showed a fault on the iDrive ‘oil sensor faulty’ Are these faults related or one in the same? I did replace the battery negative/IBS when I replaced the battery, to try and rule that out. I’ve added relevant pics Mark
  2. mm4319

    520d Electrical woes. Help please!!

    Thanks for the advice folks, I’ll have a look tomorrow. I just hope the cars electrics aren’t totally gimped because of it, so fingers crossed. Mark
  3. Hi folks Longish post unfortunately I have had my 2008 520d Touring for approx 4 weeks, but only had operational for a few days of that due to various errors, which I now think maybe erroneous. So far it’s had approx £1000 (DPF, EGR valve, glow plugs, glow plug relay and boost control valve) spent on it, and still not running properly. One day it’s ok, the next it’s not running well. On both occasions it showed error codes relatiNg to the EGR, even after it was replaced. But the garage verified it was cycling when the ignition is switched on. So I got hold of Ista to try and work out what was going on. It shows different errors each time I run it. I saw elsewhere the importance of having the correct battery fitted. When I checked the cars ecu shows it’s set for 80Ah AGM, and doesn’t show any changes. But in the boot is a std Halfords battery but it’s 95Ah. It looks fairly new though. My question is : Do I replace the battery with an 80Ah AGM type? Or Try and update/code the current battery in to the cars ECU? In the hope that the car will operate consistently Tia Mark
  4. mm4319

    Hi Folks

    Hi Folks New to the Forum, so just wanted to say hi. Great forum. Mark