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  1. Just checked and that's already set to OBD.
  2. fizz

    Black smoke after remap

    good man... as it should. He shouldnt charge you more though for the changes.
  3. I'll check that file mate cheers. What's easy connect?
  4. fizz

    Black smoke after remap

    Depends on the map itself and how it's been setup. Typically going by what I've read on here that the more the map pushes for hp the more rich the fueling is going to be which contributes to the black smoke on boost. Have you spoke to the guy who mapped the car for ya about it? What does he say?
  5. fizz

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    So yesterday and today i tried to get my INPA and cable setup so i can get my halo lights recoded as one has been out since i got the car. Having bloody issues trying to get it sorted... done the cable setup properly going what i have read. latency set to 1, com port set to 4, checked the obd.ini file to make sure the com port is correct there too. I've posted a new thread in the coding section with some pics showing what ive done so far.
  6. Hi guys, Got my cable through and want to hook up my E60 with the computer. So i have read numerous articles and watched a couple of vids to sort the configuration out. I have set the latency to 1 and Com port to 4 along with checking the obd.ini file in C:EDIABAS\Bin folder to make sure that the Port is set to Com4 there as well. (it wasnt but i changed it accordingly) As you can see from the screen shots, the black dots are showing flickering on the left side of the window and when i try and load something up like the standard functional jobs option i get an error as per screen shot. Any advice on what im missing? I have the K+DCAN cable and i understand that it should be set to DCAN but i have tried both for good measure but still no luck. Cheers in advanced Fizz
  7. Yeah deffo. That's why its expensive! Lol I've done 3 cars so far and still have over half a bottle of 1L left.
  8. Used it today and was very impressed with the amount of dust baked onto the rims!
  9. fizz

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Bilt and hamber wheel cleaner... Bloody stinks but does an awesome job.
  10. fizz

    Fitting M sport steering wheel to SE

    Just looked and prices are circa £130 for a m sport wheel...
  11. Horses for courses I would say. Engineers would have had budget restrictions and they would have had to compromise on quality of parts sometimes. Also as these E60's are getting old there are many an aftermarket part that is better than the oem parts it came with. Swirl flaps for instance, they removed these from later revisions due to then being a common fault. Don't get me wrong, if it was a sports car then yes, straying away from the tyres and alloy setup it came would make a noticeable difference but I'd argue not in these cars as much. So with the values of these old E60's, getting brand new genuine bmw part replacements doesn't make economical sense. That's my take on it and I'm glad we are all different as it would be a dull place otherwise.
  12. I've got an extra 2 in my E60... Hehe
  13. Hi guys, My uncle has picked up his F10 a few months ago and from what I've read the 518 is a detuned 520d? Are there any parts that differ in the engine that should be looked at before doing a remap? I've read about transmission strain on the 518d due to the lack of power with such a heavy vehicle hence looking to get it remapped. Cheers in advanced.
  14. I suppose the question comes down to why someone would keep it stock as possible. Is it because that's the prescribed way from BMW which also means you match everything they say from the tyre brand they put on the car at the time of sale to the service intervals and what needs changing at each point in the book. Or Is it because you personally like the way it looks unmodified? Everyones different and when you ask is there any point, I'd like to know why you choose to do it?
  15. fizz

    Yet another recall !!!

    Do I originally completed this firm for stratstone bmw but didn't get a call back for a couple of days so ended up booking in with Jct600 Bradford. They charge £10 for the courtesy car. So this afternoon I get a call from stratstone to get me booked in with them and the clean and wash the car after sling with not charging for a loan car. Thought I'd share the info for those still looking. https://www.stratstone.com/aftersales/recalls/