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  1. Countryboy Chris

    F11 Touring Dog Guard

    Hi Ceasar and Oilburner You are right in that the F11 has a flexible netting attached to the retractable load cover. There are three issues with this in that: 1. The load cover has a large rigid flap that sticks into the boot space which is now covered in dog slobber 2. The dog would slobber over the rear seats if I removed the integrated load/netting unit 3. Most importantly, I am not confident that the netting would hold a 30+kg dog in an accident at any combined speed so pushing through into the passenger areas, potentially hurting the dog and passengers The official BMW dog guard is a metal grill that anchors into the roof recesses and is locked by the rear seat brackets. Much more robust. But for some weird reason does not work with my late 2016 LCI car. Frustrating. Have a boot tray from BMW but I must say, the hatchbag looks pretty good though. Chris
  2. Countryboy Chris

    F11 Touring Dog Guard

    Guys Help needed with dog guards. I have just bought a BMW 520D (190) SE Touring Step Auto, registered September 2016. I bought an official dog guard which did not fit (bracket did not allow rear seat to fully engage with the seat bracket). Dealer tried it with another 2016 car and it did not fit. Dealer thought it was a bad batch. Bought a genuine BMW F11 dog guard second hand from another dealer who confirmed it fitted in a 2010 and late 2014 car (LCI) but again it did not fit my car. Dealers and BMW are stumped. So, any ideas as to why this is the case? Thanks