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  1. That's probably it - it was the coldest I've started the car. There were no glow plug warning light, I don't think the dash has one? I'll keep an eye out the next time it's cold. Cheers!
  2. Eddles

    Shocking trade in value on my F11

    Honestly, selling it privately will net you the best price. That said, I do have to agree with the others re: values of pre 2015 diesels. I brought my 2010 530d in April due to the previous owner living in the London ULEZ. I brought it for 30% under book price for this reason. I plan to drive it until it's illegal to do so, or it falls apart, whichever comes first. That said, I've discovered a neighbouring city is bringing in their own version of ULEZ due to start in 2020 - much earlier than I expected.
  3. 2010 F11 530d - every time I drive, I always leave the key in my pocket all the time, press the "unlock" button through my trouser pocket, get in, press the clutch pedal, tap the "start/stop" button once and wait for the engine to start. This morning however, after tapping the "start/stop" button was the very first time I've seen the message that's something like "Engine will be started at next push of button. Engine may start without the clutch pedal being depressed". The engine didn't crank. As per the message, when I tapped "'start/stop", the engine fired immediately as usual and no problem. I've driven the car a couple times since this message but I've not seen this message again. I tried to take a picture of the message but it went away before I was able to do so. There's no issues, but this is a curious message, why did this come up?
  4. Eddles

    Retro Fit Towbar on to an F11

    Hi, yeah I already got the factory fit electric towbar. I just coded in the reversing camera feature in the same way as a non-towbar equipped car, and it automatically picked up the towbar feature - I guess CIC worked this out from the VO list. I didn't do anything extra or special. When a trailer is attached, the rear parking sensors are disabled just as Dandle described, but the camera continue to work.
  5. Eddles

    F10 door corrosion

    Really glad to hear everyone's having success! Just to update my previous post on this thread - I've decided not to bother getting the doors sorted. When fitting the reversing camera, I found corrosion around the edges of the hole where the boot handle slots into. Also, somehow I've gained a nasty collection of deep scratches on the N/S of my car from the front wing all the way back to the rear quarter panel, possibly from a supermarket trolley. The car already has some surface damage to the paint in various places from previous owners. To be honest, as my car is a bit battered, I don't have it in me to get some spots of rust on the doors sorted. I absolutely love the car but I will leave it as is. That said, the corrosion I found on the boot lid looks suspiciously similar to the corrosion on the doors as discussed in this post - although I don't know if the boot lid is aluminium or steel. If it's aluminium, it might be worth checking this out on your own cars? The corrosion I found was completely covered by the edges of the boot handle.
  6. So I've been reading up on how to retrofit the night vision system for my car, and two guides I've been reading that were done by Americans, they mention the best way to get cheap parts is to do use a scrapyard website thingy where they send out requests to all the scrapyards in USA for a fee, and they'd get back to them. They mention good success using this website, but I was wondering whether there's a good system for here in the UK/Europe? I've used free websites that does this sort of thing, but I've never once had success - was wondering if someone knows of a better one? Many thanks!
  7. For information for those with TV module only - the BMW retrofit instructions says to move the TV module video wires from Input 1 to Input 2 at the head unit, but I found this didn't work, I got an error saying "no video signal on Input 3". I moved the TV module video wires to Input 3 and it worked.
  8. That's interesting, I was about to dispute that, then I downloaded the NBT guide, and you're right, it recommends connecting the CAN cables from the heater controls, but in the CIC guide, they recommend connecting to the CAN cables at the back of the head unit! Curious.
  9. Just an update - have fixed the error by using ISTA+ by going in the service menu and get the camera to "teach-in", there is no longer an error message coming up when the camera is switched on. Saga over.... until the next one! Thanks to everyone for your support, the camera is a godsend!
  10. Update: rear view camera finally installed and working! Hardest bit was coding the VO, had to get lots of help from Matthew Ashton, thank you yet again. Here's the retrofitted camera in its glory. I quite like the towbar zoom feature, now that's genius! I continue to be impressed with my car. I do have a problem however, the car says "Rear view camera failure" every time the reversing camera comes on, even though it works fine?! I've taken a picture and downloaded the error codes below. Park Distance Control / PDC Fault Code: 803282 Fault Explanation: :REAR VIEW unavailable / RVC not be activated and Top_Rear_Side_View_Kamera Fault Code: CA8C04 Fault Explanation: :LIN bus: Rear View Camera is not responding / Lin bus error, RV ok Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. On a separate issue, there's a fault on the CIC saying there's no input on Input 3 when I start the TV module, which is strange as the BMW retrofit instructions says to plug the TV video wires into Input 2, and not Input 3... Odd. I will have to move the TV video wires into Input 3 and see if it works, I'm confident it will.
  11. That looks incredibly complicated! Hah, that looks easy enough, thank you for advice!
  12. Thanks for your reply! I've got the glovebox out anyway, is it as easy to take out the instrument cluster? Thanks for this - sorry to be a pain but where should I start to look in the wiring diagram please, as there's a massive amount of different ECUs and wiring behind the glovebox. Also the TIS make reference to the K-CAN, K-CAN2, PT-CAN and PT-CAN2 buses - which one corresponds to the CANH & CANL? Thank you!
  13. Eddles

    Replacing F11 Microfilters, the hardest part.

    Hah, you should be grateful for that anyway, as I've got a VX220 and the TIS for that is laughably condensed, newTIS is more comprehensive in comparison! Here's an example on how to remove and reinstall the front calipers on the VX220. Compare to the TIS for my F11.
  14. Hi all, I brought a SLI activator and it needs to be connected to the CANH & CANL wires, but I'm not sure which wires that's behind the glovebox that's best to use for the activator please? I'm referring to page 3 of this manual. Many thanks!
  15. Heya, AndyM already posted a link to the BMW manual for the reversing camera NBT retrofit, this should answer all your questions. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=98079 Note that one wire is at the wrong end, and you need to modify the loom to move the wire to the right end.