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  1. Linhares

    ATE Ceramic brake pads

    I use ATE ceramic. Braking is about the same but with lower dust. I recommend altough a bit more expensive. I had normal ATE pads previous.
  2. Altought isnt made in oficial, as told, you can reset them manually (in idrive or cluster) or with other devices. You only wont get a digital history, i have mine in the revision book. There are several DIY in YouTube for the steps
  3. Due to enviroment restrictions I think that is expected that rubber quality is "failing" the old standards. I've got Goodyear F1 asym 3 RFT and with 2years passed (dot) and 20k miles I'm having same issues.
  4. Linhares

    Textar Epad Brake Pads any opinions

    I use Textar ePad and I'm happy with them, in the front. At cold brake a little bit less than normal but normal use no difference and a lot less dusty [emoji16] I recomend them as they are pretty cheap here. Since I don't use Cruise Control and other aid assistance because of that reported extended (rear) brake usage, I'm getting good mileage with them. Will soon change rear ones and will fit ePad too.
  5. Linhares

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    Runing here N47T (184hp) passed 200k miles with no issues,recently changed gearbox oil. As told, has be well cared with reduced (oil) changed and decent oil. And does a great fuel economy for its weight and rides well. All depends the needs you're looking for. 6cilinder are also a great choice.
  6. Linhares

    New Interior Trim

    How much could cost new trim? Mine is like that but have some damage (they seem scratched and deteriorated, previous owner maybe used inappropriated cleaning products?).
  7. Linhares

    F10 / F11 Maps Update

    Seems like a wrong map version, where are you driving? east ou west?
  8. I didn't see any reason. I've changed it twice.
  9. Linhares

    Should I ditch RFT’s

    Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental and Dunlop are my recommendations [emoji16] Having been using Goodyear F1 ASSYM3 for 2 years (2 set's) with no issues, before used Continental SportContact3 and dump them because they dont have rim protection (always runflat versions).
  10. Linhares

    RWD driving style

    Happy F1 ASSYM3 user in there. Works just fine in MSport. For me, a bit better than Continental SportContact3 I had. But would like to try Dunlop SportMax. Runflat... They are more expensive and ride is noticeable harder in R18 than non-runflat ...
  11. Linhares

    RWD driving style

    Garbage chinese tyres like that landsail should be banned lol
  12. Linhares

    Acceleras 19”

    Gargabe tyres....but for that price, what to expect? [emoji851]
  13. Linhares

    BMW dpf app

    Recommend BTool too [emoji108] Works fine with standard BT devices.
  14. Mine is a 520d LCi and uses a 105Ah But, as well explained, needs battery registration due to smart charging feature.
  15. Linhares

    Brake pad warning sensor

    It should have [emoji16]
  16. Linhares

    New tyres advice please - front only.

    Are you sure? It's 275/40R18 in the back and 245/45R18 in the front?Are you looking for a All-Season Tyre? I'm prefer premium brands as Goodyear and Continental. Dunlop is too doing a great products.
  17. Linhares

    Highest mileage vehicle

    F10 520d with 194k miles, N47TU. No issues for now.
  18. Linhares

    High mileage 525d 3.0d advice

    Isn't 525d a 2.0twinturbo, 4 cilinder?
  19. Linhares

    Map update and USB socket?

    Have you got another pendrive to test?
  20. Linhares

    Advice buying a 520d 2014 120k Miles

    It's true... My F10 LCi, when I bought it, I knew that previous owner only changed at service (30k kilometers) as a normal user. It's "normal" but as we know, not the best treatment... Had that in consideration at his 200k kms. And only a few people I know change oil at 15k kms, like I do (and I use motul 8100 efe) And has passed 315k kms.
  21. Linhares

    F10 Bluetooth Audio

    Do you have navigation?
  22. Linhares

    Advice buying a 520d 2014 120k Miles

    N47d20 (184hp) always has timing chain issues, not so frequent that 1st N47(177HP). I know some (few) with broke chain... B47 has an different timing chain design from n47, far better reliability.
  23. Linhares

    App to view dpf info

    Btool lite, recomended
  24. Thankyou for the tip Renewing Rtti