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  1. Thankyou for the tip Renewing Rtti
  2. Linhares

    F11 TPMS

    Mine is a LCI and doesnt has TPMS pre-installed
  3. Linhares

    F11 TPMS

    Assuming that car has TPMS system (diferent from RDC).
  4. Linhares

    German speeding ticket

    There are some scams with speed tickets... Saying how to pay it in a ATM or wire transfer. As suggested, confirm it in a police station.
  5. Linhares

    Door speakers?

    The foam insert is included but funny, is always the same. Even with no tweeter, the foam is ready for one ( changes only the frame) [emoji1]
  6. Where did you see chain REPLACE at 100k miles? Wasn't chain status check (measure)?
  7. Linhares

    Door speakers?

    Yes is possible and easy. I've made the retrofit too. Bought new trims, tweekers and a specific Y audio cable for bmw. Mount and working great.
  8. Linhares

    bmw connected

    Maybe because he bought it without knowing... Connected drive services are extra and payed at bought (I think it includes 4/5years here). Making 4years he will have to renew (or lose some of the features.
  9. I think it will depend on your retailer; one friend had issues with (official) map upgrade (maybe damage flash drive), got several loop reboots and retailer told him no warranty. And had to pay for a new nbt evo!
  10. Don't forget you are comparing technology from 5+ years ago (bmw nav system) with a up-to-date solution (waze/Google live system). Of course, Android auto is better and will be more! If you compare to same hardware solutions at the time (TomTom, garmin...) will notice that some of them also lack in practical use. The "problem" is that BMW has no interest in development/upgrade that (previous) system; and still, RTTi only relies on their bmw users.
  11. Linhares

    F11 Eibach Sportline or H&R

    That's because you've got the wrong ET for 10j... So the (correct) wide isn't the issue... Anyone tested the ACS springs? Are they worth it? (Made by eibach)
  12. Linhares

    Oil Advice

    I'll suggest any (labled) LL04 like suggested Oils formulas are constantly changing, also because of environment impact (and available resources). That's why a brand can have a certification and loose it like Mobil1. Personally I been using Motul and my second choice is LiquiMoly.
  13. Linhares

    Tyre Load Rating

    Nashdm2, how many tyres? You're funny...Glad you can help in here...
  14. Linhares

    Tyre Load Rating

    Why? Ask your insurance, for example. [mention=54125]nashdm2[/mention], 2 or 4 tyres?
  15. Linhares

    Tyre Load Rating

    Answering the question, it will be fine. It will be handle to handle more weight, as told. Shouldn't be noticed. Suggestion of a non-run flat and performance tyre when he specifies a run-flat tyre, touring type... Doesn't seems a good help.