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    Where do you guys get parts from?

    A bit late on noticing this, but for thought, many brands are from the same company, e.g. blueprint are = Febi Biltsein, = SWAG all part of the bilstein group , Bilsein groujp the parts chain is nested with groups and brands making difficult to know which 'brand' of actual manufactures is, let alone that different parts may be manufactures sucked in to a 'brand'. One brand may have good suspension components yet lousy filter products, which may be reversed from an other brand's type of part - nightmare trying to pick your way through this Generally best to aim for OEs or OEMs but can't always guarantee that a particular product type is equally of OE spec, sometime they are exactly the same but with OE identification removed, other times its from different manufacturing source which may or may not be of OE standards. Phew hope that reads as intended. So which brands are good parts - I think we should be able to pool knowledge/experience. Obviously OE is safe particularly if fitted by BM, nice 2 year warranty parts and labour but £££. Others a maybe bit more risky but not necessarily at all bad (or good!) - e.g. are brembo ever bad? And of course they are OE to some cars, as are also ATE, TRW, Textar, Jurid etc all make OE braking components. Then 'TMD Friction' who are: Textar, Don, Mintex, Pagid, Bendix and others, ' The TMD Friction Group has 15 sites in eleven countries and rates among the world's leading producers of brake friction. Our activities are centered around the development, production and marketing of disc brake pads and drum brake linings for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. ' Do we think they all have individual R&D, Testing and QA, rather than some 'shared' departments potentially ending up with the same actual product in different Brand's boxes, likely with different brand distribution chains? I think we'd only get to know from some Brand/Manufacturer insider knowledge? Filters; Hengst, Meyle, Mahle/Knecht, Mann/Hummel, before the likes of Fram, cooper, Purflux, Wix ? Suspension arms, Leforder, Meyle amongst others AS an example the 8HPxx tranny (which I think we all know is 'ZF' and has commonality across BM (& RR!), JLR, Alfa, Maserati, Dodge amongst others) transmission sump-filter Analogs/Substitutes of BMW 24 11 7 522 923 (24117522923) Manufacturer Number Description BMW 24117571227 Oil Pan, automatic transmission BMW 24152333903 SATZ LWANNE LFILTER AUTOMATIKGETRIEBE KAMOKA F600701 Oil Pan, automatic transmission MEYLE 300 325 0000 Oil Pan, automatic transmission SCT GERMANY SG 1065 Hydraulic Filter, automatic transmission TOPRAN 500 991 Oil Pan, automatic transmission VAICO V20-0574 Oil Pan, automatic transmission But of course the tranny's made by ZF, so I'd play safe and go for the ZF one (but I believe the ZF ones are made by IBS filters (who I don't believe sell to the aftermarket, you or me) and Lifegard 8, but I bet ZF dont't make the oil, who does? If anyone knows OEMs that make BM parts and are available to us it would be really useful to compile a list between us, E.G. the ZF sumps The Knecht & Hengts i believe OE oil filters Etc, Anon S
  2. F10-2go

    Which F10 Discs don't warp

    That puzzles me, mine were done ~2016, were your's done at similar date, perhaps it was a 'version' issue and I aught to revist? A bit like EBC RedStuff pads that got a bad rep from an earlier 'version' that they changed - I'm likely to go with some of them, part of which is looking for cleaner / less dusting braking. A bit of faith / hope that EBC pads have been absolutely marvellous on the last 2 bikes Ive had, Daytona 900 and an 1100 Blackbird - absolutely fabulous and it would be great to get similar on the BM. Fingers crossed.
  3. I do not believe that in the UK it was stressed enough or at all, that masks do not provide the wearer much protection but that they help protect others, capturing any infection outflow from the wearer. An extreme view could be that any non wearer are potentially guilty of potential bodily harm / assault of infection to others! So wear a damn mask for everyone elses' sake! Simples? You'd think any responsible leaders would adopt this, and somehow non wearers would be effectively penalised, give a non wearer 1 month house arrest, slap an ankle bracelet on them and if they leave their house give them a uncapped 10% of their income fine each time!
  4. F10-2go

    Which F10 Discs don't warp

    A warning perhaps, I replaced BM originals ~80k, swapping for new ATE disks and ATE ceramic pads, After ~1000 I started to get light braking judder, which only got worse from then on, the disks looked fine, but didn't DTI them for runout, this worsened to vibration with heavier braking. Both the hub and wheel mating faces were well cleaned before and subsequently rotated (disks on hubs) and it made no difference - after ~7 or 8k I gave the brakes a bit of a pasting and felt that the pads, or pad & disk combo were not a good pairing - brakes felt wooden slow and faded when hot - (originals did not do this) although you got way less dust from them. As part of disassembling cleaning / rotating etc I also noted the cermaic pads were braking up in the middle! I shall not be using ATE disks or ceramic pads again. Its going to be Brembo disks for me next
  5. F10-2go

    F10 Jacking on front axle subframe DIY

    Having an M sport front clearance can be a challenge for getting jacks under the front, or even for driving the car up on ramps, my solution has simply been a pair of 4x2 timber a meter or so long that for jacking the car I simply drive the front on to - gives you an extra 2" to get a jack under the car, and when putting the front up on ramps , e.g. oil change / removing under covers , use the 4x2s as a 'lead in' up to the front of the ramps for getting those pesky low M Sport front bumpers clear of the ramps Andy do keep up the write ups they're most helpful! PS any info on your axel stand puck-pads, drawings/dimensions? Cheers
  6. F10-2go

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    HI, my f10 had the wet rear passenger footwell pond problem which turned out to be the steering column blanking (yellow) grommet. I fixed it pretty much as per ozzy's post above, from underneath I cleaned the grommet and area and filled the grommet to body edge with silicone sealant, I also enlarged the cover'd drain channel and made up a tube with heatshrink from the channel, made a small hole in the undertray and have the tube exiting the undertray by about an inch. Problem fixed. The cover collected muck that must have run down the windscreen/scuttle panel and I now keep this area clean of debris, leaves etc.. Basically it seems to be somewhat of a design, build and or materials problem with the grommet having a tendency to age and go brittle, and the way the cover fills up with cr4p . :-(