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  1. Daveh65

    Touch-Up paint?

    Yeah chipex for me too , very happy with it
  2. Daveh65

    Brakes sensor has gone again

    So I’ve replaced the sensor with an original bmw one , but has only reset to 3100 miles same as the last one, but when I removed the old sensor , which was clipped in properly the part of the sensor cable after the small flexible bit which plugs into the brakes was worn away , almost like the wheel had been rubbing it away and was down to the wires , I cannot find where it was rubbing against, checked and checked and there is no moving part that touches the cable ? Especially when all clipped in ,
  3. Daveh65

    Brakes sensor has gone again

    I’ve found a genuine bmw sensor on eBay from a dealer for a £10 ! Is it worth putting the rear brakes in service mode with ista when I change it or would it make no difference?
  4. Daveh65

    Brakes sensor has gone again

    No but neither was the front one and thats been ok,
  5. Hi, I replaced a faulty brake sensor on the rear of my 520d, I reset the dash warning and got a mileage of 3100 before I needed to change them ? Over the months that mileage has gone up to 5000 then all of a sudden 40 miles to service the pads, the pads have tons of life left , why has the sensor gone again? It was fitted correctly, also when I had the brakes replaced at a garage I don’t think they used ista to put the rears into service mode, if that’s correct , do you have to use ista when doing the rears? Would that have caused the problem? Don’t want to get a third sensor so might just do the hack on YouTube where the wire is cut , then split then wired together etc so it thinks it’s got a return supply and check the brakes periodically
  6. Daveh65

    Dash finish and leather cleaner

    Hi, looking for some cleaner or dressing for my f10 , looking for something to make it pop a little, I’ve used various cleaners and armour all wipes , glossy stuff is to much also the leather seats ? I know they are coated or believe they are , so guessing leather conditioner is not really any good, they look a bit tired and lacklustre no damage , any suggestions please Thanks In advance
  7. Same on my 520d , 2 garages checked wear/ faults etc , found nothing , 3rd garage did a temp test on the discs , one was hotter , so got the discs and pads changed on warranty, guy cleaned and greased properly, said previous mechanic hadn’t cleaned or greased a couple of pins properly hence the warping, feels fantastic now, and no issues
  8. Yep found out on the weekend
  9. Daveh65

    Walnut blasting

    I think their the same co PMP cars ? Good reviews all round
  10. Daveh65

    Walnut blasting

    Found a company in Nuneaton that does walnut blasting , will clean the intake manifold and if needed remove the swirl flaps for £250 , swirl flaps are an extra £50, good value ?? Cars done 130k and , touch wood , running as sweet as can be , will having it done make a bit difference ? Or just preventive maintenance etc
  11. Daveh65

    Condensation in headlamp

    I’ve done the hairdryer bit, put silica gel packs behind the cover , mines in the wheel arch, made no bloody difference, so did it again last week , hairdryer etc , and left the cap off drove all day with the lights on and it’s stayed away! Fingers crossed , I do check for any water or condensation where the cap was but nothing yet , friend used a heat gun around the seal and pushed hard while doing it , may have softened any sealer ???? Not done it for years now
  12. Daveh65

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    Not sure if other diagnostics can do it, but on ista I was looking around the functions etc and found a setting to re set the driver adaptions, I’m no expert but I think it re set something with the air meter ? And throttle etc , not 100% sure though but drove better and a little more responsive so !!!
  13. Daveh65

    Slight judder under braking

    Discs and pads were replaced 10 months ago , by a garage so guessing it was done correctly, the discs are clean , no rust on them , they look as new , the judder is light braking at speed , I can feel it at the wheels/ brakes , not a pulsing feeling , almost like something is loose but it’s not , if I accelerate quick then brake as if someone has pulled it it feels worse , quite juddery , no wheel wobble , balanced ok , didn’t do it for months after the brakes were done , tried the re bedding in process but no different,
  14. Have a little issue with what feels a bit of brake judder when braking lightly at certain speeds , if I brake harder it’s gone , had all the discs and pads checked over and all the steering etc and nothing ! Even put on the mot brake tester to check for warped discs and still fine , the guy who tested it said they looked perfect ! Do at a bit of a loss really , back tyres have worn considerably more than the front and they were all new at the same time, could it be the tyres ??