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  1. Daveh65

    Drivetrain, drive moderately, update

    My egr recall was horrendous, they hadn’t bolted the valve back on properly, car gave up the ghost one dark night , and had melted all sorts of stuff , they eventually replaced the valve and cooler , that was back in July , still trying to recover money spent trying to get the drivetrain errors read and lost work
  2. Daveh65

    Yokohama all season tyres

    No not run flats ,
  3. Daveh65

    Yokohama all season tyres

    Settled on the Yokohama all season , got to be honest they are like glue on the road, seem excellent in the wet , and I’m hoping for some similar grip in the frost/ snowy weather,
  4. Daveh65

    244C00 error code

    Guessing this has been asked more than once, I get the drivetrain error every few weeks, ista gives the code 244C00 , small turbo , it throws the error up when I’m doing 70-80 mph not at any low speed, I have no or seem to have no performance issues , no rattles , I do get a very low hum?? On start up and idle , which changes tone on acceleration but goes after a few mins of driving , going to get the vacuum hose and stuff checked over , is there anything else I should look for ?
  5. any views on these tyres ?? Going to get all 4 changed in the next few days , can get them for a £100 each fitted , they are the blue earth ones , not trying to be a cheap skate but !!!!! I’d like a decent tyre etc
  6. My 12 plate 520d has had nothing but faults, done from bmw not fitting the egr recall properly, the rest just niggles , every week there is a drivetrain error , small turbo but no power loss, faulty bulbs but no bulbs out , it had left me wondering if I should get rid of it ? But I’ve persevered as I love the car, it’s my first bmw, but had more probs with this than the last 5 or 6 cars combined , guessing it’s a Friday car !
  7. Daveh65

    DPF Cleaning/chemical cleaner

    Redditch, I’ve contacted them , need to arrange to go in etc, seem pretty reasonable
  8. Daveh65

    DPF Cleaning/chemical cleaner

    I’m not sure it is regenerating or not, I was sort of tying the two codes together , had no dash lights just one dpf code on ista but 3 turbo codes over the last 2 months, I did run a forced dpf regen the other night but again don’t know if it did it or not ,
  9. Hi, is there a preferred diy DPF cleaner used by any of you guys ? I know it says not to use any additives etc, but getting low boost pressure warnings 244C00 and also blocked dpf errors , I’m reading that the turbo one could be because of the blocked dpf and while the turbo fault is active the dpf won’t regenerate? Have I got that right ? If so Is there any additives that might help? Forte ones seem to get good reviews etc
  10. Daveh65

    S 0399 error code

    Hi again , got an S 0399error code , which says no communication possible with EPS Had a google but can’t find much , no probs with the steering though ?
  11. Daveh65

    Condensation inside Headlights

    Hi, seems to be a common problem, my near side headlight was full of condensation, the temp fix was to access the flap under the wheel arch , 2 small posi screws , then you will see a black round cap on the back of the light unit, I think you can remove one of the bulbs and use a hairdryer to clear up the condensation, I used on on the outside too which seemed to get rid of it, but it’s come back almost 2 days later, one post has said to remove the whole unit and put it in the oven???? Or put those silica bags on the inside of the cap to draw it away , it’s a pain and I’m not sure where the damp gets in, hope this helps
  12. Daveh65

    Forced dpf regen

    I’ve got ista+ which I am new too and still trying to understand it all, but yeah there is a lot of tech and a lot more stuff to diagnose,,all a learning curve for me,
  13. Daveh65

    Forced dpf regen

    Not sure on the hidden menu, but more looking into it tomorrow, I’ve driven the car after forcing a regen, about 40 mins at a pretty much constant 80mph, could smell any type of burning smell, slightly different note of the engine sound , is there any notifications to say it’s been done etc?
  14. Daveh65

    Forced dpf regen

    Didn’t know there was an option for checking the stats? Still pretty new with ista, had no dash lights for the dpf ? I’ve deleted and cleared the fault memory , so can see when I get to work if there are any faults logged, where would I find the stats to see why it’s blocked etc?
  15. Daveh65

    Forced dpf regen

    Had a couple of fault codes with ista+ had 4 drivetrain errors pop up one after another this morning, couple of information ones and one being ; 244C00, small turbo , and one 245700 dpf choked up, couple of questions , will the turbo fault pop up if the dpf is choked up? And I’ve requested a forced regen through ista, does the laptop need to stay plugged in while I’m driving or once it’s been requested etc I can unplug and do the necessary drive, going to leave early for work tonight and take it down the M5 for a run, what’s the best speed/ amount of time needed to complete it??