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  1. gt29

    Breaking E39 M5

    So this car is definitely now being broken up?
  2. I've had a rear shock failure but (*altogether now*) global supply chain issues (*hooray*) indicate decent quality replacements are 6-8 weeks away. Let me know what you have, new or used, BMW, Bilstein, whatever. You might really help out! Ideally you have a pair of Bilstein B6 (24-021388). Maybe you just have one sitting around, not a pair. Try me. That might help me make a set with a supplier that also only has one. I dont have EDC so if there are electronics in your shock absorber(s) I'm not interested! Thank you for reading and thanks in advance if you can help out
  3. I can't quite make out the condition of the boot 740i emblem. If it's not ruined, how much for it posted? Ta
  4. I'm looking for a set. Don't need a set with the central piece (have 16:9 screen), or a gearknob. So just 8 pieces. Best save the complete sets with gearknob for those that need it. Pm me if you have something.
  5. gt29

    E39 auxiliary lead addition problem

    So that replaces the cd changer... and works with the bm24 modules.... interesting! You say it doesn't auto connect? So you mean you have to select cd changer on the car and then connect manually on your Bluetooth device each time ? Do the steering wheel track change buttons work for you?