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  1. Zerouali

    off to pastures new

    They did you a favour! Come resale time you really don’t want to have a big suv (X5, Q7, Cayenne etc.) without a pano roof. You will get either a low ball offer or your sales advert will sit for months!
  2. Zerouali

    530i and 520i G30 difference?

    The 320i pistons are the same as the 340i pistons, so it’s not to do with stresses. I think the pistons are slightly shorter in the 330i which results in a reduced compression ratio, enabling higher boost. As far as I can tell that’s it.
  3. Zerouali

    530i and 520i G30 difference?

    Bear in mind the engine would have been designed to cope with the 530i power from the start then downtuned to the 520i power rather than the other way round, so software will account for the majority of the difference, but the different pistons in the 530i will be related to the slightly lower compression ratio to allow higher boost.
  4. Zerouali

    530i and 520i G30 difference?

    The turbo is the same on both the 520i and 530i. From checking the part numbers and info from other forums the only differences appear to be different pistons and the software tune.
  5. Zerouali

    G30 coding - North East?

    I’m in Glasgow and would be interested if a convenient location could be arranged
  6. Zerouali

    Tyre Pressures

    Make sure the type of tyres selected in idrive matches what you have on the car! Set the door card figures, the idrive takes temperature into account and will vary. On a similar note, does anyone find they have to keep topping up the pressures on a regular basis? Is this a feature of run flats? I’ve never had to top up pressures so often on any car before but these are my first run flat tyres
  7. Zerouali

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    I wouldn’t bother. Modern Porsche’s hold their value for the dealership and no one else. £12k margin on trade-in on a car that will retail for c.£45k? Yes sir, that’s the porsche price promise! And yes, porsche service/parts prices make BMW look cheap!
  8. Zerouali

    520 Petrol Vs Diesel

    My previous diesel was a completely different car (4.2 v8 Porsche Cayenne diesel S) so hard to compare directly, but I find the 520i very refined. Up to around 3000 revs it’s almost electric car like, very quiet and smooth. If you floor it and get high into the Rev range it sounds just like most other 4 pot turbos. The auto gearbox is superb at keeping you in the sweet spot in the Rev range and you rarely feel or hear the changes unless you are gunning it. I’d still prefer an inline six but the whole point of buying this car was to be practical for once in my life! I have no regrets in buying it and I love driving it. If the majority of your driving will be around town or say, 50mph A/B roads I think you’ll love it too
  9. Zerouali

    520 Petrol Vs Diesel

    I have a 520i and am very happy with it. Coming from a v8 diesel torque monster before it I was very concerned I’d find the 520i underpowered, but the turbo makes light work of most situations. Certainly sprightly enough around town and most A & B roads. The lower torque and power is probably most noticeable joining fast motorways but it’s by no means an issue. Unless you have to be the fastest car on the road you’ll find it a lovely refined drive.
  10. Zerouali

    2019 BMW Touring M sport advise needed

    Bmw do an outdoor adventure pack, which is the fitted front and rear rubber mats and the rubber boot floor liner. Call round a few dealers though as I got it for around £140 (not much more than the price of the boot liner alone) but some dealers were trying to charge nearer £300!