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  1. Zerouali

    Wiper service position

    Yep, the key will be left indoors from now on
  2. Zerouali

    Wiper service position

    Actually, that is probably exactly what I did Oh well, you live and learn I guess!
  3. Zerouali

    Wiper service position

    Be careful. If you put the wipers in the service position and fold them out to wash the car, and spend too long washing it, the car will eventually shut down, returning the wipers to the normal stowed position. As you had folded them out this will result in the wipers crashing off the edge of the bonnet and chipping a nice chunk of paint off. Ask me how I know
  4. Zerouali

    Creaking Rear

    I’d be really keen to hear the fix for the drivers seat as it’s driving me nuts!
  5. Zerouali

    Anyone got a 520i?

    I’ve had one just over a year, averaging around 28-29mpg but we do a stupidly high proportion of short journeys. On a longer run 35-40mpg is easily achievable (all those figures are calculated from amount of fuel to refill tank rather than obc figures). Performance is plenty if you do more town driving. If you want a motorway mile munching overtaking beast get the 530d, but I’ve never felt the car underpowered. If we didn’t need a touring I’d have bought the 530e but the 520i is not a bad alternative.
  6. Zerouali

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    For those who have never received an OTA update, I contacted BMW customer services by email about this after I bought the car (was just under 1 year old when I bought it). Despite being a BMW HQ car they still had cocked up the config ex-factory but the customer service rep was able to fix it with a few days for me. Maybe worth chasing up?
  7. Zerouali

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Is there any way this can be done remotely? I’m in Glasgow.
  8. Zerouali

    Winter wheels - a question or four

    I can confirm 17” wheels fit an M-sport as I have them on my car You’re all getting confused with the M Sport + pack which on certain cars offers the larger M sport brakes. I bought mine on eBay from one of the many German wheel and tyre shops that advertise on there. 17” genuine BMW wheels(I think they had been fitted to a car but basically new), brand new Pirelli winter tyres, tpms sensors, bmw centre caps and delivery for just over £1000. It’s the third set I’ve bought this way and I thoroughly recommend them, delivery was 2 days!
  9. Zerouali

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    No, it’s just an indicator, not a hard limit. The disc and calliper won’t meet, but the metal backing plate of the pad might meet the disc, the noise should alert you to this! Then it’s new discs time as well. I always surprise myself when it’s time to change brakes, I think they’re fine and will last a bit longer, then when I finally change them I realise how poor my brakes have been for the last xxxx miles! If they are close to the limits I’d just change them. Very easy to diy and very cheap if done that way, if not any decent garage will be able to do them with oem parts for not a lot of money, and they just might save your life!
  10. Zerouali

    Mud flaps

    And replying to my own post... Realoem says no! No parts listed for the touring at all, mind you it says they don’t fit M sport when they clearly do so perhaps.... Also, the only parts I can find online for the touring claim to be genuine parts but the part number doesn’t work and they are shipped from Honk Kong so, not entirely convinced.
  11. Zerouali

    Mud flaps

    Exactly what I need to find out! The front will be identical to the saloon I assume
  12. Zerouali

    New 520i owner

    The town driving probably isn’t too much of an issue thanks to the stop/start as long as your total journey length is a bit longer. Any motorway run puts it up to nearer 40mpg. The last time I did a brim to brim refuel and checked the figures it was 28mpg, and I reckon we’re at the worse end of the scale.
  13. Zerouali

    Mud flaps

    They look great, need to get my order in. Thanks for the photos
  14. Zerouali

    G31 Touring - rear bumber protectors

    I’d definitely recommend a protective strip on the bumper. I have a boot protector but if the bumper or boot flap has dirt on it the boot flap rubs against the bumper and still causes scratches. I’m getting my car professionally detailed next month with a ceramic coating and an xpel ultimate strip applied to the rear bumper. Any good paint protection brand will have a strip to fit your bumper but having had xpel on a previous car it’s my first choice.
  15. Zerouali

    New 520i owner

    I’ve had mine 6 months, lots of really short journeys (Often less than two miles) plus the occasional longer trip, averaging roughly 27-30mpg. If your trips are usually a bit longer range I’d expect an easy 35-40mpg