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  1. Zerouali

    Michelin Problems

    Pilot Sport 4 S are the replacements for Pilot Supersports if you want to replace like for like. Pilot Sport 4 is a lower performance tyre
  2. Zerouali


    If it happens once then it’s factory air in the system working it’s way out. If you have to top up a few times in as many months it’s the water pump. No obvious signs of leaks that you’d notice, it won’t show up on a pressure test but should be found on a detailed visual inspection.
  3. Zerouali


    Will bet my best pair of socks that it’s the water pump
  4. Zerouali

    Battery disconnection

    Good thinking!
  5. Zerouali

    Battery disconnection

    Can’t see any issue with the battery being left disconnected, just don’t shut the boot lid!
  6. Zerouali

    Front pads

    Well that could be describing my other half...
  7. Zerouali

    Front pads

    Just bringing this back to the top, what mileage are people finding their pads worn at? My car is just approaching 20k miles and they’ve started making a noise similar to when pads are worn out, seems a bit early? Has anyone changed their own yet? I’m assuming oem is Textar but I’m inclined to go Brembo for replacements, any thoughts?
  8. Zerouali

    Upgrading alloys to 19 inch?

    I agree 100% with q96169we about the comfort, I don’t find the noise difference an issue but the difference in comfort between the 17” non-rft winters and the standard 19” rft’s is night and day. I don’t have adaptive suspension so that may be why I can feel such a difference.
  9. Zerouali

    Upgrading alloys to 19 inch?

    If the car you’re looking at ticks every box except the wheels then personally I’d buy it, particularly if you’re set on a specific interior trim. Wheels are one of the easiest things to change, obviously at a bit of an expense but buying second hand and selling the 18” wheels makes that less of an issue. You could also throw it in as an incentive on the deal, you’ll buy the car if they car sort you out with a discount on larger wheels. Then sell the 18’s or run them as winters
  10. Zerouali

    advice requested for winter tyres G31 520d Sport (2020)

    I have 17” winter wheels on my 2018 520i M Sport plus car, no issues at all. The look of the 17” wheels might not be the best but the ride quality and difference in tyre price compared to the bigger sizes definitely makes it worthwhile! I would have recommended looking on eBay for the German wheel shops selling complete sets of barely used wheels, but with brexit and the vat/duty issues I’m not sure how competitive the prices will be now, or if they’ll even ship!
  11. Zerouali

    Low coolant warning (G31 540i)

    If you have topped it up more than once then chances are your water pump needs replacing. The first workshop check when I complained about it (pressure test) didn’t find the fault. Only when I went back after using a litre of coolant in less than six months did they replace the water pump. Seems fine ever since. Bizarrely, despite losing a litre there were never any visible drips or any smell.
  12. Zerouali

    Annoying G31 issues

    By any chance did they mention what the fix for the wiper was, just in case my dealer doesn’t know?
  13. Zerouali

    Annoying G31 issues

    I thought the rear wiper click was just me! I also get the glovebox rattle and the rear parcel shelf rattle. The radio I really don’t understand. There is obviously some logic at play as sometimes it goes off when I open the door, sometimes it won’t go off until we’ve both opened our doors and other times it stays on until we’ve locked the car
  14. Zerouali


    Just resurrecting this to give you a heads up, my 2018 car has been checked again for low coolant and the dealer discovered the water pump is leaking and requires replacement. Keep an eye out and get it checked before the warranty runs out!
  15. Zerouali

    B58 High Oil Consumption

    Hasn’t used any oil in just over 1 year/10000 miles, although it has been serviced in that time. Coolant on the other hand....