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  1. GrampsE39

    E39 headlights wanted.

    Hi, my old man bought some after market lights with angel eye rings. These were fitted to his pre facelift and were super bright. After 6 months I gave him my 2002 530i. £180 ono (as were £280 new), but will need a dry day to get into my storage shed to take pics, probably Saturday. Let me know if you’re interested, thanks.
  2. GrampsE39

    Wiper blades?

    My Dad’s BMW and my car were squeaking. Wiper blade looked loose by the springs. New blades sorted it. Bosch have new aero blades and weird covers on the lock for newer cars. My Dad’s car looks like the arms/cover have faded in colour.
  3. GrampsE39

    E39 530i Q. O2 sensor smoking in engine bay?

    Thanks, I’ll check again but the vaporiser didn’t seem to have a temp sensor I can see and nothing is coming out of it. The smoke looks like the O2 sensor is burning releasing some smoke/stinks of LPG. I finally have an O2 sensor ready to be put in once it stops raining.
  4. GrampsE39

    Suspected current drain

    Remove negative termininal of battery and connect ammeter in series switched to 10 or 20A WHY. Leave doors open etc. Turn interior lights off. Go make a coffee or tea. Grab a cookie. 16-20 mins later and the car should sleep. The Amps should be 0.05A/50mA or under. If the Amps are much higher, pull out a fuse and check amps for a huge drop otherwise put fuse back in and repeat with other fuses. Note the fuse number socket and check what that fuse number circuit is for. My case was fuse 25 and the radio. Also changed the hedgehog fsu and the ignition switch.
  5. GrampsE39

    E39 530i Q. O2 sensor smoking in engine bay?

    Ok I’ve been telling my Dad I can smell LPG in the cabin when he drives. Thought he had gas... Then today I tried a gas sensor in the cabin. Bingo LPG. Tried the engine bay and had a leak somewhere. Slight misfire on idle revs petrol or worse on LPG. Then noticed a puff of light smoke that my Dad thought I was mad as he can’t see it. Now the smoke was smelling foul or LPG but difficult to see. I think it’s coming from the O2 sensor nearest to the front. Hope it’s not the head gasket or a leak from changing the thermostat. I only changed the top 2 sensors 1-2 years ago. Engine light is on for mixture and lean O2 sensor. New O2 sensor time? Tighten existing one? Not sure what next.
  6. GrampsE39

    Newbie but had the car a while

  7. GrampsE39

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Popped in a new ignition switch. Changed thermostat and housing. Check parasitic draw now at 0.45 Amps. Then found occasional puff of thin white smoke. Think I found my Dad’s LPG leak from the O2 sensors which were new 1-2 years ago.
  8. GrampsE39

    E39 530i Q. O2 sensor smoking in engine bay?

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll clear the codes and check if anything recorded (might not throw the EML but a code might!) is up with running on petrol. We did change the CCV and I’ll check with some WD40 if there are any air leaks. Thanks!
  9. GrampsE39

    E39 530i Q. O2 sensor smoking in engine bay?

    Hi, Thanks I couldn’t see any in the Haynes manual, will take another look under the car. Will find out about the trims. Cheers, James.
  10. GrampsE39

    Newbie but had the car a while

    Waves Hi! They don’t make them like they used to! Had my 2002 E39 530i since 2012 and kept in the family (given to my Dad). Definitely more kick than my old 520i. Love that forgiving real drive and comfort. In 2003 I bought a 98’ 520i SE fully loaded with sports suspension and deep dish alloys. It wasn’t quick but it was smooth to drive. My Father converted my old 530i into using LPG. Cheaper to run but always has trouble codes and now a current drain. Great car but needs TLC from me this sunmer...
  11. Hi, edit: forget the error on obd, the O2 sensor in the engine bay seems to be puffing smoke?! The original problem: (Does anyone know how many O2 sensors are fitted? I’ve changed the two O2 sensors on the inlet manifold in the engine bay/drivers side of the car. I’m still getting getting lean burn/bank O2 sensors on the EML on LPG fuel. Fine on petrol.) Thanks for any help!