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  1. Hi All.When I 1st got my X5 3 years back I noticed the headlights sweep up and down on startup/ignition on, when it was dark and easy to see. I had 1 bulb fail and I replaced both main bulbs with Philips Blue bulbs. Since then I have noticed the sweep movement doesnt happen anymore, or maybe its less now.But not sure to be honest.Did I accidentally unplug/knock something when changing the bulbs? They were a bugger to get in and was banging around a bit to get the bulb in. Are there connectors outside of the main housing to look out for? Also the adjustment via the wheel on the dash next to the light switch has no effect. Both headlamps have this issue, not just one. I had my MOT and was advised that my lights are on the low limitAny advice?Did I damage both headlamp units changing the bulbs?(me and my ham fists) Or have I fitted dodgy bulbs that the car doesn't like but isnt throwing an error message but enough to disable the adjusting system? Or just random wear and tear? A fuse?Please note I have Halogen bulbs setup (not xenon) and 7 seater with rear self leveling rear suspension. There was some reading online that maybe the suspension height sensors can give incorrect readings, but I think this is for Xenon equipped cars that have a sensor on the front suspension. I did replace one air cushion after 3 months of owning but the car is fine in regards to suspension behavior, therefore dont believe its that. Thankyou allThanks