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  1. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Wow, that is good. I’ve been quoted £330 just for labour (I have all the parts needed). Such a shame Preston is a loooooong way for me.
  2. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hope you don’t mind me asking but was that £350 for parts and labour??
  3. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Great write up, thank you. This is a job I have been wanting to do on my car for a while now, in fact I have all the parts, just nowhere to do it. Last time I tried I was struggling with space (I could only raise the car about 8 inches and keep it level) and when the T27 bolts holding the sump on wouldn't give up easily I packed it in, but I at least gave it a fluid change. Out of interest, how long did it take you to do the job? I contacted a local specialist who quoted four hours labour. I though that was a bit excessive for somebody who knows what they're doing and has the facilities - I reckon I could do it in less time than that with the right facilities. I may try again in a couple of months but this time I'll raise the front of the car up as high as I can get it for draining the old fluid and taking off the sump and mechatronic, changing the seals etc, and then level it up for refilling of the new fluid, as logically that's the only part of the process that requires the car to be level. Interestingly I have some ZF service manuals somewhere. If I recall correctly, once the mechatronic is off, there's a channel into which you can blow compressed air which will evacuate fluid from the torque convertor. I'm not sure I want to be on the receiving end of compressed air and old tranny fluid though.
  4. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Whoohoo! I'm back on the road again. Car went in for a new rocker gasket (cheese and actual rice, £225.59 parts, labour and VAT for replacing a rocker gasket set!!!) and four wheel alignment last Friday. The garage managed to break an adjuster bolt on the rear suspension so didn't get the car back until this afternoon. When they phoned on Friday to tell me the adjuster bolt had sheared they said it was quite common for them to break but they were only a couple of quid so as soon as they can get one in from BMW it'll be sorted. My initial thought was, if they're so prone to breaking why not just order a couple in and replace them as a matter of course, especially when the car has been booked in for over a week?! I can't fault the work they do but a.) not having a bolt, that's prone to shearing and is inexpensive, in stock for a job that you know might need one isn't acceptable and b.) £225.59 to replace a rocker gasket is shocking. I think I'll shop around next time!
  5. Haych

    Rear toe bolt

    Thank you mate. That’s really helpful. It’s all sorted now and I am, finally, back on the road again!
  6. Haych

    Rear toe bolt

    Just a quickie; can anyone identify which bolt on the rear suspension is the toe bolt? A part number or reference in real oem would be great. I might need to get one quite urgently so just need to know which one it is. Thanks in advance.
  7. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Took mine in this morning for four wheel alignment and a new rocker cover gasket. I haven't driven it in over a week so I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Really looking forward to having it back on the road after all the work I’ve done on it.
  8. This is true. This is also why I tend to hang onto a car if it’s a goodun. My my sister has just bought a much newer Audi A6 S-Line - you would not believe the problems she’s had in the first five weeks! My E61 is 15 years old this year but while it continues to be ok I have no plans to part with it.
  9. When I was looking at buying mine the government were really putting pressure on diesels so I went for a petrol. I opted for the 2.5i as a happy medium but in hindsight I wish I'd found a good 3.0i. I doubt the fuel economy is vastly different and you gain a bit more power and drivability. In hindsight I am very glad I didn't go for a diesel. The amount of things that are prone to giving trouble isn't worth bothering with IMHO, they are vastly more complicated machines than the petrol equivalent and I'm sure I'd have killed a diesel many times over with the short distance stop/start urban driving I do. I console myself over poor MPG with the fact that I'd have spent thousands keeping a derv powered BMW on the road, especially at the age I could afford at the time. I only opted for a 5 series as I was fed up with front wheel drive cars, my previous car got through more CV joints and boots than my son gets through shoes. I don't like Mercedes so BMW was the natural way to go and the 5 series is about the same size as the Volvo that I used to drive. I don't regret it for a bit, it's been a joy to own and look after and it's a lovely car to drive. The only real things that have gone wrong in close to three years are: Passenger seat occupancy sensor throwing an SRS fault. Easy fix with a bypass kit for £15.00. CCV oil scavenger valve failed causing much smoke, fixed under warranty. Everything else has just been routine servicing and normal wear. I'd definitely have another.
  10. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yikes man, that’s poor! It’s things like this that makes me reluctant to let a garage do work I know I can do myself.
  11. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    The crows foot spanner did the job well, although the nut to the rack wasn’t extremely tight, I reckon it would have given way with a set of large grips but the crows foot spanner saved me sore hands in that regard. Exactly the same thing happened to me - the nylock collar on the old nuts decided to lock up on the rusty threads and wouldn’t budge. Oddly enough it was worse on the offside when it’s usually the near side that puts up the biggest fight, that was relatively easy. I had the arms disconnected from the subframe and had to cut through the track rod to get the hub off the car as the nuts on all three ball joints seized up. I’ve bought myself a set of nut splitters now though
  12. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Today was a pretty big day...... New front lower arms (both sets), new track rods, inners and outers, new shocks front and rear and new rear air springs. Quite a day. Car is temporarily off the road until I can have everything realigned. Really feeling it now, just want to sleep for a week! This kind of stuff used to be easy when I was a young lad, middle age really makes it a harder job! Some of those nuts and bolts on the front offside did not want to play ball - had to get the angle grinder on two of them to get the front arm and track rod off!
  13. Haych


    Haha, well said. Maybe a new exhaust then
  14. Haych


    It’s just the basic MASK as far as I know. No, it does work but I did have intermittent issues with it cutting out. I was told the telephony module is the most likely cause of the problem but it’s been behaving for a few months now. I was also having many other electrical gremlins which I fixed with a new towing module so hoping it was all part of the same thing. I have a USB charger plugged into the cigar lighter socket but the audio was rubbish even before that so doubt there’s any, ahem, connection.
  15. Haych


    My biggest criticism by far with my E61 is the awful audio quality. In fact I just don’t bother listening to music in the car, it IS that bad. Is the poor poor audio just a result of a bad DAC decoder in the CD player, a bad amp, rubbish speakers or all of the above? What’s the easiest (read: most reasonable cost) upgrade path to listenable music in the car? I’d also like to add iPhone connectivity via Bluetooth for music if possible, I think this can be done via a Dension device but I have no clue if this is plug and play or if it needs programming to the car? if anyone has any experience with all of this I’d be interested to know what the score is. If it’s going to involve amps and a complete speaker upgrade I think I might just listen to music elsewhere! Thanks in advance.