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  1. Haych

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    New tyres on the rear - finally all four paws are wearing Conti Premium Contact 6 after a small fiasco with my local ATS. Ordered and paid for tyres about eleven days ago and booked in for fitting last Wednesday first thing. I arrive promptly and one of the guys checks me in and I sit and wait for half hour. Then another fitter comes to see me and tells me they don’t have any PremiumContact 6s in the country and somebody should have phoned me the day before. I can still have them but they’d have to order them from Continental and I’d have to pay carriage. Then somebody gets on the blower to head office and they agree to order them and waive the carriage fee. Fast forward a week and I finally have the new tyres I ordered.
  2. It’s not a factory fitted option, it’s a westfalia kit so the module isn’t located in the spare wheel well. At first I thought it was the Bluetooth module (MULF?) as I’d spoken to a guy from Birmingham who repairs them and he told me they start throwing all sorts of errors when they go bad. I unplugged that and it made no difference though. Then I recalled something my mechanic once told me. The first question to ask when diagnosing electrical issues; does the car have a tow bar? Mine does so I pulled the module and, hey presto, gremlins gone! When I opened the module up it was clearly damaged by water ingress. The downside is that you can’t buy the module on it’s own, or at least I couldn’t find anywhere who would supply one, so I had to purchase an entire tow bar electrics kit just for the module! I’ve since relocated it and waterproofed it so it can’t happen again. I do still have some minor electrical gremlins occasionally, mind, which might be caused by the MULF unit. The CD changer randomly scans through the discs for no reason, sometimes when the car is locked and sometimes the audio cuts out when I’m trying to play a CD (I rarely, if ever, listen to the radio). Slightly annoying but no biggie (for now) in the grand scheme of things.
  3. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    I already have a C310 but haven’t found an option for reading the adaptation values. It can read a load of other data mind so if there is the option somewhere then I’d love to know. I also attend the church of apple so the xHP route won’t work for me either but thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    That’s not what I was suggesting, sincere apologies if that’s how it came across. It seems to be quite popular among BMW owners, especially those who like to tinker so it must be available somewhere. I had the old suite bundled with an OBD cable I bought a while back but haven’t seen anything similar for ISTA-D and every website that has it for download seems to have a .ru domain which makes me run for the hills. I’ll investigate @dirtydirtydiesel suggestion of the Foxwell scanner though.
  5. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Out of interest, where can one acquire ISTA-D to be able to read adaptation values. I’d be quite keen to know what they’re like in my car - and perhaps afterwards quite keen to forget
  6. Haych

    Gearbox Serviced. Scary Discovery.

    I think I may have got things a bit bassackwards, but I can’t remember exactly. I remember trying to do something with it and it refusing telling me it wasn’t an available option, despite it being an available option :s I updated to the latest software version this afternoon and gearbox adaptation seems to work - or at least it isn’t refusing any more. I tried the option and got as far as the do you really want to screw up your gearbox warning message and then chickened out. I’m sure it used to do throttle adaptation reset too but can’t seem to find this option now. Perhaps it’s under the options when you auto-select the car. I always find that slower so usually opt to manually select which car I have. It’s still a very useful tool though. It reads and clears codes and the ability to read the live data stream is extremely useful.
  7. Haych

    Gearbox Serviced. Scary Discovery.

    Have you managed to reset any of the adaptations with this device ^ ? I have an identical FCR and it refuses point blank to reset anything even though the option is there. It just tells me that the option isn't available!
  8. Same sort of thing happened to me about 18 months ago, this sounds very similar. I was getting all sorts of errors on iDrive including transmission errors, central electronic system failure errors and please take your car to BMW and empty your bank account messages. It was all quite scary as I was on an important trip up and down the M5 at the time. Nothing like being in the fast lane when your car tells you it's not possible to continue with your journey. In the end it was nothing more than a bad towing module (still caused by water ingress). I unplugged it at Hopwood Park services and everything went back to normal again afterward. That's a very long winded way of asking; does your car have a tow pack?...... and, if so try unplugging the towing module.
  9. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    To go off on a slight tangent a bit, for those of you who have done this or who intend to, how did/will you get under the car with enough clearance to do the work and keep the car level to refill? I raised the car and kept it level but couldn't raise it high enough (I think I managed eight inches) to adequately move around to do what was necessary. I managed to drain the sump and refill but I had hoped to change the sump/filter mechatronics sleeve and all the mechatronics seals - I still have them all in my cupboard - but failed. I was thinking of having another go, this time raising just the front of the car high as possible to to the work necessary and then levelling it up for the oil refill. Does this sound like a feasible method? Also, I had the crazy idea of removing the coils and plugs from the engine and cranking the starter for a few seconds after the gearbox oil had drained - I wondered if this might be a way to pump a bit more of the old gearbox oil out of the torque convertor. I'm not suggesting it as a good idea, I'm kind of asking if a.) it would work, and b.) it wouldn't screw anything up?
  10. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    I bought one of those and it leaked like a sieve. I dropped more Lifeguard 6 on the drive than I got in the gearbox. Maybe mine was just a bad one, they can’t all be that useless. For my next attempt I bought a pump dispenser that screws to the top of the bottle. It’s designed for the job so has a nice flexible tube to place in the gearbox fill hole and requires no suck-transfer-blow and so should be much less messy. I hope.
  11. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    That’s interesting. All the ZF manuals and videos I’ve read/seen state that it only need to be manually changed up to 3rd gear and the wheel must not move. Thats the first time I’ve seen it stated to manually change and hold gears all the way to six. Kinda confused now lol.
  12. Haych

    iDrive logic - is it just me?

    I think that logic comes from the era, “hey we can do all this neat stuff with technology so let’s do everything with it. We don’t need an oil warning though”!
  13. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Thanks. I did try to download that from bimmergeeks but couldn’t get past the mega download software it insisted I install. :/
  14. Haych

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Out of interest, what are you using to read these values? I’m quite keen to do the same on my E61. TIA
  15. I accept that my car is quite early and this might not apply to all engines/models, especially later ones with more features, but: iDrive loves to tell me everything that's wrong with my car. I frequently get bells, whistles and messages on screen for stuff like: Low fuel Door open Bulb blown Headlights left on Low windscreen wash fluid Low battery Tyre pressue inconsistency Any and all system faults However, when my engine oil is low all I get is a tiny little orange triangle in the corner of the odometer. No chimes, no warning lights, no iDrive messages, unless I manually go to the faults menu, no nothing. Isn't engine oil a bit more important than low washer fluid or a blown bulb? Why did BMW decide to make iDrive as annoying as possible for everything else but decide that the car doesn't need a fanfare to tell you your engine oil is at the minimum level? I do check the oil quite regularly so it doesn't happen often. Since I have the M54 engine it varies from needing no oil in months to I have no oil at all for no apparent reason. Bonkers not to have audible and visual warnings for low engine oil. I know it changed on later models and oil level is measured using iDrive so maybe on these later models it does give a better indication of when oil is low, but it's still baffling to me. Anyway, rant over!