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  1. Norseman

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    I've no idea who supplied/installed the unit, retrofitted by one of the car's previous owners possibly in 2016. I might give your link a call, but they are 'up North' so the contact is unlikely to be viable. Thank you for your reply.
  2. Norseman

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    The former, high cluster ? There is a facility on the Xtrons to display the cluster readings relating to consumption/range etc. on the screen, but I understand that would require some sort of interface & convenient as that would be I'm not sure I can justify the probable cost of having such a modification installed. Thank you for your continued input.
  3. Norseman

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    Here you go Duncan, by way of comparison to your factory set-up.
  4. Norseman

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    Your pic. explains my confusion Duncan, only the lower half (heating/AC controls etc.) is present on my car following retro fitment of the Xtrons android. Thank you for your reply.
  5. Norseman

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    Sorry Duncan, not quite with you. Aside from the two push knobs on the cluster & the OBC stalk ? If it makes any difference, I don't have the factory audio, PO retrofitted an Xtrons android unit. Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree, please humour me
  6. Norseman

    Dashboard display control not working

    Interesting post(s) Andy, thank you. I'm afraid at my age I don't have the balls (or the eyesight) to attempt that which you have achieved. My OBC (stalk) button will scroll through all the readings (high OBC) but will not clear/zero any of them & I can't change the date/arrival time etc. either. Not to worry as the main displays are OK such as total mileage/trip mileage/ambient temp. If I want to go further with this I'll have to fork out for a auto 'sparks, if I can find one who will work on an old BM
  7. Norseman

    1998 528i, up and running

    Well done, always good to see these old stagers back on the road. Built before the bean-counters took control ?
  8. Norseman

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    Thank you Duncan, that's a great help
  9. Norseman

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    By all means try Ray's suggestion, but it may not work. The readings on my (523i) high cluster display refuse to change, regardless of how long I keep the OBC button depressed. NB: the date displayed is 2014 & the 'red dot' is showing, possibly due to a component change by an PO … the mileage on the 2015/16 MOT's were described as 'unreadable' but strangely is recorded on the 2015 service record. MOT mileage readings reappeared in 2017 Sorry to hi-jack the thread guys.
  10. Norseman

    Strange readings

    Update > Central locking operated 'crisply' which based on past experience is a good sign & there was no hesitation at all when starting … as the car had been standing for six days in the cold I'm now cautiously optimistic Still like to get the multimeter checked out though.
  11. Norseman

    Strange readings

    Not really Tough, I've given both battery posts & clamps a good clean with the wire brush device I purchased recently, re-connected with smear of the good old petroleum jelly & left it at that. That was last weekend & car hasn't been started since, but I'll need to use it later today (Thurs) to go shopping so we'll see if it starts. As for the multimeter, I changed the battery fairly recently & am still awaiting my chance to compare the readings with another. Thank you for your interest.
  12. Norseman


    I do & I will The seat is at it's highest setting, which suits both of us, though 'ere indoors likes the front lowered as she has shorter legs. The seats are comfortable & don't antagonise my lower back problem, just thought the resilience of the base may have suffered over the years/miles. nb: for real armchair comfort you cannot beat the (velour) seats in my 33 yr. old Range Rover with their multi adjustments & even adjustable height arm-rests. Common to cars of that era the steering wheel doesn't adjust at all, but seems to fall just right for distance/angle. Appreciate your input.
  13. Norseman


    Thanks for your reply Dennis. Although I love the car I wouldn't really describe myself as an enthusiast. I always chose older cars over 'moderns' & bought the BM for it's build quality & comfort after a succession of forgetable makes. In fact I like the colour & dislike leather seating in any vehicle … cold in winter (unless heated) & sticky in hot weather, so If I replaced the seats it would be like-for- like both in colour & material as I think it goes well with the wood & silver paintwork A slight irritation is the lack of nets on the back of the seats for maps etc. though I guess a sat-nav makes such storage facilities irrelevant .
  14. Norseman


    Hi guys, for once I'm not looking for help more of a general interest query. My '98 523i SE is silver with a dark blue cloth interior. Shortly after my purchase I thought there would be a need to remove the car phone & replace the armrest with a standard item, but I managed to get the 'phone working so there was no need to change the lid. What I do remember though is the guy at a long established dismantler saying that I would have a long wait for a blue top as in all the years he'd been breaking BM's E39's with a blue interior rarely came in. Just wonderered if anyone on here had the same spec ? Thinking of replacing my front seats one day, nothing really wrong with them other than a bit of wear to the driver's outer edge & of course someone's bum has sat on them for 152K ...
  15. Norseman

    Strange readings

    Many thanks Huff, a simple test for me to carry out … I'll do it tomorrow, weather permitting. Appreciate your input, as I do all others. nb: just ordered a battery post/terminal cleaning device, will employ when it arrives next week.