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  1. Norseman

    Windscreen removal

    I may be wrong, but I think insurance policies cover 'glass replacement' rather than just windshield. T & C's may vary with different insurers.
  2. Norseman

    Interface or not ?

    Many thanks to everyone for their interest & subsequent input. I'll have to give the various options some serious thought. The main reason for considering the upgrade was to enable the fuel consumption stats. as both myself & my other half use the car for different reasons where consumption varies considerably & we buy our own fuel ... plus we transport a couple of elderly neighbours shopping & bless them they insist on paying for the fuel on a journey by journey basis. I'm instinctively wary of any type of 'upgrade' on an old car, but on the other hand it's no use paying good money for the cluster ribbon to be replaced (see my second post) if there should prove to be a fault with the stalk, which incidentally works perfectly in all other respects. nb. Dennis ... I may have inadvertently misled you when I suggested my Xtrons model was 'as fitted to Rover cars in period' I meant to say 'retro-fitted' as opposed to implying it was a factory spec. item
  3. Norseman

    Interface or not ?

    Thanks Dennis, the android was already retro-fitted to the car when I bought it & seems to work well. The sat-nav is better at giving advance warnings than some others I've used & 'ere indoors likes the reversing camera I fully accept what you are saying & maybe it's not the highest quality piece of kit, but does it's job well. If it fails in the future I'll have to think again. Thanks for your input.
  4. Norseman

    Interface or not ?

    Many thanks for your helpful reply. All the cluster info. is still available, but following the handbook instructions (ie pressing the stalk button) I find that none can be zeroed. The 'range' readout does seem to change, but randomly. The Xtrons fitted : ICE/HU/PF7146BS+KDSO4TF which is, I'm given to understand, the same as fitted to Rover cars from the same period & was probably installed in 2016. It has a menu selection for car info. but none of the subjects carry any details ... hence the need for a Resler ? When I bought the car 30 months ago I found the cluster characters were quite bad, with only the total mileage & trip readable. Researching the cost of having the ribbon replaced ( I'm not able to DIY) plus the fuel costs to the nearest specialist would amount to £170, so I thought having an interface fitted would be a more cost effective solution.
  5. Norseman

    Interface or not ?

    Hi guys Having posted this enquiry under Audio & Nav. I'm not sure if that was the right choice My '98 523i was retro-fitted with a Xtrons android unit by a PO & works well, however this fitment means that I cannot zero the original cluster read-outs such as average fuel consumption/range etc. The android has this menu, but no information is displayed. I read that an interface can be installed that would not only facilitate these features on the Xtrons but also enable others as well. The burning question is, would the fitment of such a device compromise the reliability of the car by adding yet another level of complication in what is already a 23 year BM. Thanks guys.
  6. Norseman

    Interface or not ?

    Hoping this is in the appropriate sub-forum My 1998 523i has a retro-fitted Xtrons unit, which means the loss of ability to zero the cluster readouts such as the MPG & range readings. I understand that an interface can be installed into the Xtrons to enable these, plus other readouts, to be viewed. I have no idea what such an install would cost, but my main concern is would I be adding get another level of electrical complication to a car that's already 23 years old ? More importantly, would the subsequent failure of that modification adversely effect the everyday driving of the car ? Thanks for reading guys.
  7. Norseman

    Jump leads

    Again, thanks for the replies guys. On reflection though I'm thinking how strange that of all the many cars I've owned over a period of 57 years the BM is almost certainly the best from a design & build quality point of view, but the only one I've felt necessary to carry a power-pack There must be a morale there somewhere
  8. Norseman

    Boot lid swap

    Many thanks for the info. I'll be taking action on that.
  9. Norseman

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    I'd get the auto-box fluid changed, along with the filter. I had mine done at 150k (assuming that was the mileage as the red dot is present) & the changes seemed smoother. I would not however go for a flush at a high mileage as that could do more harm than good, as is the case with auto's in general. I didn't use the ridiculously priced lifetime fluid either, just a product meeting the correct spec. but I did however go for a genuine BM filter.
  10. Norseman

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    We are the opposite ! The E39 is our daily, though it's only done 10K in the past 30 months & have a 34yr. old car as a hobby. I don't diy these days, but there's a good local garage only 10mins walk away.
  11. Norseman

    Jump leads

    Replies all appreciated guys, thank you.
  12. Norseman

    Boot lid swap

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but it seemed appropriate ... to me anyway. Considering the apparent build quality of the E39 the boot lid on my E523i always seems a bit 'tinny' when closing & out of character with the feel & sound of the doors being closed. Has anyone found that insulating the bare metal areas in-between the ribs of the boot lid made any difference, or is it just me being a tart ? Thanks guys, replies to the latter statement expected !
  13. Norseman

    Jump leads

    Although my 523i is starting perfectly I thought I would familiarise myself with the Audex power pack I bought earlier this year ... just in case (!) Once removed from the case I found that when the jump leads are separated the croc. clips cannot span the distance between the + bolt on the engine & the earthing bolt on the inner wing. Could an alternative earthing point be safely utilised ? I don't think extending the leads would be viable as they are obviously purpose designed to carry the heavy current. Thanks for reading folks.
  14. Norseman

    USB charging sockets

    Very neat job, congrats I have a single one on a lead taking the place of the RH front cup-holder (never used anyway) installed by a PO so I can't take the credit.
  15. Norseman

    Hello from Ca.,U.S.A

    As a certain well known TV presenter used to begin his show 'Hello, good evening & welcome'