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  1. Norseman

    autobox fluid

    Thank you Sir A. Funnily enough I had the same advice a couple of years ago regarding the ZF on my Range Rover classic. The car has only covered 58k from new but is 32 years old & still shows red fluid on the stick. Additionally the guys said that sometimes changing fluid on a perfectly functioning 'box can cause problems, due to the disturbance of particles. As the Steptronic is from a later generation, plus I confess to being initially taken in by BM's 'sealed-for-life' statement, I thought it worth asking the helpful folks on here for opinions. I have not been disappointed
  2. Norseman

    autobox fluid

    'Oh dear such differing opinions, it wasn't my intention to create confrontation between members. With reference to Sir AR-P's post > yes the 'box does whine slightly (almost melodiously) at low speed, ie walking pace, but other than the delayed shift into 5 (now explained as normal) seems to function correctly, changing ratios smoothly & downshifting at certain road-speeds to provide engine braking. The Steptronic mode, though rarely used, is a revelation ! As a fourth-hand purchase I've no idea if the fluid has ever been changed as the car's 18 years of BM service history record wont show that task anyway, due the manuf. SFL statement. The lack of a dipstick to enable a check on not only fluid level but colour too (a facility provided on every other auto vehicle I've owned) is annoying in the extreme. I just want to prolong the 'box's life for as long as practical for a reasonable financial outlay, given the car's age & mileage. My continued thanks for all the replies.
  3. Norseman

    autobox fluid

    I wondered that as well. Ignoring the one on YouTube where the bloke does it in his front garden by tilting the car over to one side with a car ramp & has his filler tube lying in the dirt there is one of the process being carried out in a properly equipped workshop, on the ramp & done/narrated by a proper mechanic. In both cases the only emphasis is on running the 'box through the gears (with the engine warm & idling) after putting about 1 to 1.5 litres of fluid in, then filling 'till the fluid dribbles out of the level hole, whilst keeping the engine running with the 'box in Park. No mention of any specific temperature.
  4. Norseman

    autobox fluid

    Many thanks for your reply. My local garage would carry out the work, I've used them for several years/vehicle makes & have confidence in them, plus they are just 10 mins. walk away If I procure the service kit & fluid what source would you recommend ? Genuine BM seems very pricey, what about Meyle / Febi etc. lots of their products on the 'Bay I imagine the fluid spec. is precise, but as the handbook info.is as old as the car (21yrs.) is there an up-to-date product? Thank you.
  5. Norseman

    autobox fluid

    Your reply is much appreciated. Current mileage stands at 147k. Makes you wonder why SFL was ever stated, after all a periodic fluid change is work for their dealer network. Nothing is forever, not even BM machinery
  6. Norseman

    autobox fluid

    Hi folks, I'm sure this must have been covered before but like others I've rarely had success with the search options. My 523i had a full BM service history up 'till 2016 when the annual mileage dropped right off & there's even a chance that the car may have been stored for a while. Despite the engine oil colour being OK (ie light brown) I had my local garage give the car a full service soon after my purchase six months ago. Due to BM's controversial 'sealed for life' statement in the car's literature I left the autobox alone at the time, but having owned the car for a while the adage 'with age comes wisdom' comes to mind & I'm now thinking of asking the garage to drain a sample of the fluid to check the colour etc. Should the fluid not be looking healthy I thought a drain off, pan clean & filter change wouldn't go amiss. Unfortunately I cannot afford a full gearbox service. Your thoughts would be appreciated folks. nb. I've noticed that now the ambient temperature is lower the 'box doesn't shift into fifth (even cruising at the legal limit) until the car has covered at least a couple of miles … is this normal or an ominous sign?
  7. Norseman


    Many thanks again for the advice. I've got two lines of enquiry re. a sparks that I'll try today. They say hindsight is a wonderful thing, not knowing much about BM's (or modern cars in general for that matter … the last time I changed a bulb was when headlights were 7inch round things that you just twisted off bolts & took out the bulb holder) I wasn't initially aware that the angels had been retrofitted, although maybe the obvious extra wiring in the area of the lights should have been a clue, but it's the old story when buying a used car ... Family? no, contact with my son is very spasmodic plus he doesn't even drive & my son-in-law is 150m away ! No it's got to be an AE, I'll find one eventually … although the faults are annoying neither of them prevent the car from being used legally.
  8. Norseman


    That's something I didn't know, a single bulb 'eh. Sounds like the installation itself is at fault. Makes me all the more determined not to fiddle myself Thanks for your reply.
  9. Norseman


    The last guy, who I spoke to on the 'phone, seemed concerned that trying to fix the stated modifications might involve compromising the car's original spec. so he's obviously a lap-top merchant rather than a good old-fashioned sparky The search continues.
  10. Norseman


    Thanks for the reply, but I really need an electrician. Working on cars really isn't my game these days, not because of laziness but a bad back & arthritis in my hands
  11. Norseman


    Hi folks Can anyone put me onto an auto-electrician within reasonable travelling distance of Chelmsford in Essex? I have a problem with both an 'angel eye' & LED foglamp conversions (carried out by a previous owner) on my 523i & two local 'sparks' I've contacted recently don't want to work on a 21 year old car. Fault(s) > one of the four angels & both the spots don't work. nb: I don't do electrics
  12. Norseman

    wind noise ?

    Very interesting advice, thank you. My own screen doesn't have the BM symbol, being a 21 year-old car it's probably had more than one replacement 'screen. It would appear the sound is coming from the top of the screen so the tape method of detection sounds promising, quite where I go once the fault is identified is unclear, but one step at a time.
  13. Norseman

    Newbie here

    I have posted in the E39 section, it's just that whilst browsing I noticed that this subject came up here. In decades of driving I've never heard of the deposits/heat spots theory, but I bow to your knowledge of such things … never too old to learn as they say
  14. Norseman

    Are we now a dating site ?

    I had one too, the bint is obviously either posting at random or, if she is being selective, no interest in a good shag as I'm nearly 75 with a bad back Straight into spam !
  15. Norseman

    Newbie here

    Is it possible, at 147k, that the handbrake cables have stretched? I do notice that the handbrake lever comes right up to the front lip of the centre armrest when that's slid forward, though the lever does require a hefty pull to reach that position. After decades of car ownership it feels as if the brake SHOULD be doing it's job, but ... My local guy can't find anything specifically wrong with the 'business end' ie drums/shoes. The MOT isn't due until next May, but meantime I hate having to hold the car on the footbrake in traffic & I know it's not good for auto-boxes to be taken in/out of drive.