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  1. Norseman

    E39 sports exhaust

    For sale ... open to offers Stainless cat-back sports exhaust, all one welded section with 2 mufflers & tailpipes. Recently removed from my '98 E39 523i auto. Fitted to the car by a previous owner, everyone says it has a lovely soundtrack, but a bit to 'young' for a pensioner driver Overall length (measured in a straight line) 1.83mtrs. Pipe OD 56mm. Comes complete with fittings. Mild steel section at the front end (see photo) was part of my own exhaust, cut off to allow the use of a sleeve when attaching a standard system. This is NOT part of the overall length . Length 10cm OD 59mm ID 57mm nb: For all I know this set-up may be suitable for other BM models, in the event this would be a buyer's decision ... I take no responsibility. Also be advised that on the 523i the rear valance requires a cut-out to accommodate the twin tail pipes , worth it though Happy to answer any questions. Due to it's size this item is for collection ONLY (weight 10kg) from CM2 8LJ (Chelmsford - Essex) Also advertised on EBay item # 274455089852.
  2. Norseman

    523i radiator fan shroud

    Thank you for that info. It's been most helpful. Stay safe.
  3. Norseman

    523i radiator fan shroud

    Hi guys, yes I have done a search but as usual can't quite find the answer to my query … sorry. My pre. 9/98 523i sedan needs a replacement fan shroud as the one fitted is damaged enough to leave pieces missing from the o/s of the frame & I'm concerned that in this hot weather cooling may be compromised. No problem I thought, search for a replacement but on checking RealOEM I find that there are two different part nos. for this item listed against my car's Vin no. 17111740700 & 17101438457 appear to be essentially the same (judging by the ads. on the 'Bay) but '700 has a plain top whereas '457 sems to have slots in the same place, OEM suggests that part no. was for Australia(?) & coincidently seems to be the most advertised of the two variants. Just checked mine this morning & it has a plain top Anyone able to throw any light on the correct choice of product ? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Norseman

    E39 sedan sports exhaust.

    Update: The Gerlach cat-back system purchased through Ebay (posted from Germany, but actually manuf. in Poland) impressed my local garage in terms of both fit & quality. The packaging also contained a sleeve which was very useful when mating the system to my CAT, after cutting off the sports system that had been welded on. Due to this adaptation (use of a sleeve) the downward curve of the tailpipe has finished very close to the rear apron/valance, but of course I don't know just how close compared to the factory spec. I'm wondering if the heat generated from the pipe could effect the plastic of the apron. Would it be prudent to glue a strip of heat resistant material on the inside, or only partially close up the existing cut-out originally occupied by the previous double pipe finisher ? I am keen to present the car's rear view appearance as original, if at all possible.
  5. Norseman

    Red Dot warning

    I'd noticed a red dot next to the trip mileage on my '98 523i a while back & assume that it's been there since before my purchase of the car just over a year ago. Recently I've read that it's a tamper warning & wonder if there's any way of verifying if car's the total mileage matches the odometer readout of 151+ miles. The car had a full service history at a BMW main dealer for the first four years of it's life, followed by fourteen years at an indie but the last service stamp in 2016 did not record the mileage which tally's with that years MOT stating that the mileage was 'unreadable' Interestingly the previous year's MOT ws also unreadable but the mileage was recorded in the service stamp (by the same indie.) When the mileage was next recorded (in 2017) it had increased by just under 8,000 miles which tends to tally with the car's average annual mileage during the period of it's history. It may be a case of 'what the eyes don't see, the heart won't grieve over' but nevertheless I am curious nb. I have done a search before posting, but not turned up anything of real use … sorry.
  6. Norseman

    E39 sedan sports exhaust.

    Thanks for that advice, if all goes to plan I'll do just that in the next week or so.
  7. Norseman

    E39 sedan sports exhaust.

    The stainless cat-back sports exhaust on my E39 will be substituted for a standard spec. system next week & I will be retaining the SS components with a view to offering them for sale. Can I include pictiures of the system on the for sale section ? (I am a gold member) The components, consisting of a straight-through centre silencer & a rear box with twin tailpipes (believed originally fitted by Fast-Lane @ Chadwell Heath) will have been removed from a 523i auto sedan manuf. in June 1998 & may suit other models/years, in which case a decision to purchase would be the buyers responsibility.
  8. Norseman

    New E39 owner

    Very nice, looks the same as my S reg 523i even down to the '31' alloys, though it has 151k on the clock … still not bad for a 22yr. old car.
  9. Norseman

    Halfords batteries

    +1 on the price, another example of 'rip-off-Britain' I'd say though fitting on your drive is obviously factored in. By comparison I paid less than £100 for a 019 (from a well known manuf.) last winter, as a replacement battery for my old RangeRover & fitted the item myself. I'd also check that the 5 yr. warranty does mean just that, as opposed to a shorter guarantee (ie 12 months) thereafter replacement based on the unexpired warranty, ie if the battery fails after 30 months they will sell you a new one for half the (current) price.
  10. Norseman


    I see where you are coming from Ray & thank you for the suggestion. I only know that the part nos. change & my concern is that whilst paying a garage to carry out this work I want to supply them with the correct kit first time around. I spent ages last night trawling through a number of reviews for Gerlach from several different owner forums (not just BM) & the general consensus is that the company produces value-for -money products that generally fit without problems. A CAT-back system from them inc. brackets will cost £133 with free delivery from Germany (though the manuf. is a long established company in Poland) & of course it won't last like OE, but then I've spent a motoring lifetime replacing aftermarket exhausts every few years & accept such products as consumables. My approach may well be considered a cop-out by some BM affectionardo's, but advancing age & paying for labour tends to dampen the enthusiasm I once had
  11. Norseman


    Fabricator has checked out the existing (modified) set-up on the ramp. Rather than try to flog me anything of his own fabrication his opinion was that only retrofitting a standard spec. system would give me the sound that BM intended & he would carry out the necessary alterations to allow that system to fit onto the original CAT. Being unable to afford OE & unlikely to find a good used exhaust from a breakers, due to age of the car & the fact that the part numbers change from 9/98 (mine is June '98) can I ask for any opinions of the Gerlach systems sold on Ebay etc. ? There are very few reviews of these on the net, but I haven't a bad comment yet, though fellow BM owners own views would be appreciated … as always.
  12. Norseman


    Yes car ownership is a learning curve to be sure. Although I had a '96 E34 520i touring years ago I'm still learning about BM's I'm a classic Land Rover bloke at heart, so the build quality & performance of an old BM is a revelation as LR has neither of these attributes
  13. Norseman


    Thanks for that Ray, I'll keep it in mind though I'm not on Facebook / Twitter etc. Not sure if the 525 application is the same as my 523, for example the rear 'box part # is only applicable to both the 523 & 520. Sedan & touring part # are also different, possibly due to rear suspension design. Even some parts differ between E39's up to 9/98 (phase one) & those manuf. after that date, hence my paying £48 for a genuine BM autobox filter to ensure I got the correct fitment, following the previous AutoDoc fiasco
  14. Norseman


    Agree entirely, I tend to over-think things sometimes. Arranged to call the fabricator on Monday to arrange an appointment as soon as. Cheers N.
  15. Norseman


    Thank you again for your time Duncan. I love the car & everyone admires it's condition, but in 55 yrs. I don't think I've ever bought a motor that has seen so many 'modification' attempts. No one but myself to blame, but I'll get there & appreciate everyone's help.