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  1. Keith_H

    Merry Christmas

    Here is one I made earlier, much earlier when I hung around with the wrong sorts. Happy Christmas everyone.
  2. Keith_H

    E61 rear hatch glass

    The 20mm hole saw slotted over the wiper spindle worked a treat such a snug fit on the spindle it self aligned and could not slip to anywhere near to the hatch glass. I am so pleased that I thought of that way of removing the metal bush and would recommend it to anyone else faced with this job. New switch now fitted, missing M6 nut replaced and all back together and working. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement.
  3. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yes I don't trust my self with the dremel that close to the glass which is why I am going to try the 20mm hole saw.
  4. Keith_H

    E61 rear hatch glass

    Still work in progress, I used a 25mm hole saw to cut off the plastic handle which gives more access to the corroded on metal sleeve and also showed that everything had been gunked up with tiger seal or similar. I have just bought a 20mm hole saw to hopefully remove the metal sleeve. Will report further this evening.
  5. Keith_H

    E61 rear hatch glass

    It was my turn to tackle the rear hatch switch today, I did not get very far in the three hours or so trying to persuade the corroded handle / switch assembly off the wiper spindle, and guess what I am not the first person to try as the M6 retaining nut is missing that holds the inner and outer mechanism together So before I take the dremel to it tomorrow has anyone else resorted to cutting the old one off and is there anything I should be aware of other than smashing the hatch glass two days before Christmas. ps. I connected the new switch inside the hatch and the random unlocking seems to have gone away so hopefully I won't be fixing the hinge wiring.
  6. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Replaced the battery and re set the battery monitor this afternoon, there was a trace of moisture in the battery well but not enough to form a puddle so happy with that. I found the remains of a tow bar electrics kit down in the bottom of the well, it was too cold and windy outside to spend time correctly de installing it so I secured it next to the fuse board, hopefully I will remember to sort it out when it is a bit warmer next year.
  7. Keith_H

    Diversity antenna

    E60 saloon or E61 estate? If the latter it could be the wiring in the off side tail gate hinge, fortunately that was the cause of my intermittent locking / unlocking fault. I say fortunately because an afternoon with a soldering iron sorted it at no cost other than my time.
  8. Keith_H

    E60 530i N53 Fuel Filter

    I suspect it will be the same as the N52 engined cars, in the fuel tank integral to the fuel pump and sender, accessed under the rear seat.
  9. Keith_H

    Thank you everyone!

    It has been a rough couple of years when things have just kept happening which most would shake off without too much trouble, just that they have all added up and even those who seem to cope well have had difficulties. ^^ Reading that back sounds odd but just wanted to wish all here well and add my thanks to everyone who joins in and takes part.
  10. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I am thinking a pair of Koni Special Actives, I should be able to get them for £250 ish. IIRC @GoNz0 has a full set and rates them highly, or did when he fitted them a couple of years ago.
  11. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    TBH I have know about the recall for over a year and knew the symptoms, poor starting, not charging etc. so I have been aware of it and had a look myself, it came as no surprise that my car was checked and found to be ok. In order: No they did not video the cable or its inspection. The video was of the underside of the car, think the Car Wizard talking to Hoovie on Youtube It covered tyre's brakes disc and pad thickness, suspension, exhaust condition, engine and gearbox oil leeks, brake pipe condition (ironic that one!!! ) and probably more that I forget. Yes detailed report, three sides of A4 with item traffic light for condition, description of any work required and a cost. Mine is mostly green with a few oranges, no reds. I was made aware of the inspection when I booked in the car for recall inspection, BMW's web site was broken when I visited not able to identify a service centre near me from my post code. No they did not ask to wash the car but I expected they would wash it TBH it was filthy as it had not been washed since before my trip to Wales and needed doing, the interior was spot less as I had done the whole hoover, hide cleaning, interior glass and trim clean at the weekend. Call me odd, I tend to keep the inside much cleaner than the outside perhaps because it is parked on street and used in London traffic so there in no point getting too precious about the paint work. If you care for the exterior as much as I care for the interior perhaps best to tell them not to wash your car. Basically they wanted to change a head light, broken clips on back so lets in water, I did not know you could still get pre LCI active headlights (£1200) Steering fluid cap (£23) Rear shocks, one is a bit damp and has been commented on by MOT tester for a couple of years but not this year (£900) And they did not like my repair to the rear brake lines, can't remember the price on that one. I think that is about it. You are wrong, the wife takes very little interest in my cars, at the moment her concentration is on me buying her a four door A3 'in a nice colour' Ho Hum...
  12. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Don't let it bother you, my E61 has 170,000 miles on it and a deepish scratch all the way from the front bumper across both doors and on to the rear arch ( I was gutted when that happened) oh and the windows are rather dark. The service advisers and mechanic that did the video were totally fine with it though they had it parked right in front of Mini showroom when I collected not under the M sport branding. If they give attitude remind them that you are there because BMW have been obliged to invite you and that they (BMW) are paying for it not the service centre.
  13. Keith_H

    Cup Holders!

    The best parts of the cup holders are the no wine glasses symbols, they always make me smile. The only good bottle holders I have seen have been in the door pockets of vans though they seem to be designed to take a 1.5L bottle of coke and I suspect that a 500ml bottle of Pepsi Max would still fall out.
  14. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Admired how clean it was after BMW gave it a free wash and blacked the tyre walls. I did have to take it in for the battery cable re call which after inspection was not needed and it did give them an opportunity to give it a visual inspection. AKA make a list of works needed totalling thousands of pounds. Like that was going to happen, the video was nice to watch though and I suppose it gives me a few things to at least keep an eye on.
  15. Keith_H

    5 series CCC + CIC

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ WHS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FWIW my 05 pre lci E61 sport has home lights enabled on it's original Light Control Module, even Carly can enable them so it can't be difficult as Carly don't do difficult, I have to use the pc for difficult.