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  1. Keith_H

    Coolant leak

    https://gatesautocat.com/v/bmw/5/molded-heater-hose/gates/02-1688.html this is the one, should have the plastic bit in the middle.
  2. Keith_H

    Coolant leak

    That was one of my water leaks, when I investigated it the plastic part of the pipe that runs across the top of the radiator fell apart on moving it ever so slightly. The cylinder head return hose is another favourite the hard plastic union turns to dust, if the hose itself is in good condition it is possible to get replacement aluminium unions to re use the old hose. Or if like me, the union fails on a Friday afternoon when you need to use the car to go on holiday on Saturday, you get creative. Embarrassingly the temporary fix is still in place eighteen months later.
  3. Keith_H

    Fogging sensor causing erratic a/c?

    That is one of the errors that keeps appearing on mine, I should get around to sorting it out at first it took a while to come back but it now comes back as soon as it is cleared. In other posts the replies have been along the lines of just ignore it but what is the point of having all the toys if they don't work?
  4. Keith_H

    Slow re fuelling 530i ?

    Yes thank you DarkHorse it could be my technique, I use the car so little these days that will forget to go easy by the next time I fill up. It is like the old 70's (?) Topic bar adverts 'funny how I always remember at the end'
  5. Keith_H

    Slow re fuelling 530i ?

    A question for the other owners of petrol engined E61 or E60, is it just me / my 530i or does it take ages to refuel your car? When I refuel the petrol pump cuts out three or four times before it will constantly dispense fuel, all will be ok until it is almost full then it will start cutting out again three or four times until it is a properly full tank. My A4 and Vito don't do this and it seems to be at any fuel station so I am thinking that I may have a partially blocked or collapsed tank breather hose or is this just a 'they all do that' E6x thing? Your thoughts please gents.
  6. Keith_H

    Air Con

    Did you set the centre vents back to cooling in the IDrive?
  7. Keith_H

    Crankshaft Pulley help

    The water pump on my N52 is electric, I suspect it is also electric on the N53.
  8. Keith_H


    You can have keys added or taken off the list of keys known to the car, obviously that will sort the electronic side of things but not the physical key blade.
  9. Keith_H

    spark plugs

    Yer but his opinion changes with the wind, or sponsor, FWIW I put these in my N52 530i NGK Spark Plug along with six new coil packs back in December and all is good.
  10. Keith_H

    Lamda Sensors

    I am thinking why would all four go bad at the same time? Is there something else common to both banks wrong which is showing as heater failure on all four O2 sensors? How are they checked, impedance? In which case you can compare old with new.
  11. Keith_H

    Permanent temp reading

    Yes I have seen that done on a US video, but then you get involved with changing the overlay on the front of the rev counter, I still remember riding a Japan spec. bike with stick on MPH conversion on the speedo, they all looked c rap. Also seen M5 clocks transplanted into lesser E6x which gives the miss match on the rev counter red line, also not good.
  12. Keith_H

    Power steering pump/pulley

    The crankshaft pulley or harmonic balancer is a known old BM problem, should be a few videos on how to change it.
  13. Keith_H

    Permanent temp reading

    And if you follow the * next to optional oil and coolant temp... * = only when available on original equipment So no can do looks like the answer, I have to admit it is a very nice toy to be installing but a grand would be better spent on other things.
  14. Keith_H

    Power steering pump/pulley

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ WHS ^^^^^^^^^^ But as you now have the part number stick it in Google and you will get any number of replacement part options from the usual suspects.
  15. Keith_H

    Horn wiring

    Hum, that is interesting my E61 530i pre lci they are defiantly on the steering column module, they both throw a code when open circuit and can be triggered individually as fanfare high and low from ISTA.