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  1. Keith_H

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    So around £400 all in sounds good to me, I was quoted around £700 by a South London BMW / Merc inde, out of interest where are you based?
  2. My N52 occasionally has a slight petrol smell when starting on a very hot day but it starts quickly, less than a second or two, unlike my neighbour's Alpina B10 V8 which takes an eternity to start.
  3. Keith_H

    Leather conversion

    How long will she have to wait for a M Sport steering wheel? Good luck working on the heated seats, my car is pretty basic not many options were ticked by the original owner which I kind of like as there are less things to go wrong but heated seats are one of the options I would like to add.
  4. Keith_H

    Opinions on best code reader

    Yer it works well with my old iphone 5S even allows resetting of the auto gearbox adaptations but I don't recall seeing actual adaptation values but it does show live data from engine and gearbox. Having said that, I will at some point look at a PC bases solution.
  5. Keith_H

    Quiet Tyres?

    I had to re set the TPM three times when the new tyres were fitted, one immediately and again after fifty and eighty miles or so. This was after changing warn tubeless fronts for the new Goodyears, just under a thousand miles now on the new tyres and I have not had to reset the TPM again.
  6. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Gave her a proper wash and polish for the first time in two months of ownership. Either I am getting used to driving a 3L auto or she did not like sitting unused on the sales lot because she is feeling much more responsive to my right foot. I will admit there were times that I regretted the purchase but I think we are getting to know each other now.
  7. Keith_H

    Quiet Tyres?

    Yes the car already had four regular tubeless tyres and a space saver spare, I just need the polystyrene tray that sits in the space saver and locates the jack, I've wrapped it in an old t shirt to stop it rattling around but not ideal. I am not sure about the powder coat either, I like the slightly darker silver of the spokes it is the dark shadow of the inside of the rims I am not keen on. Spent the morning cleaning her so all clean and shiny today.
  8. Keith_H

    Quiet Tyres?

    As a BMW new boy, help me out, these would be Shadow Chrome style 135 also known as MV2 ? (curb rash by previous owner ) I think that they look good from a distance but close up they always look like they need a good clean, the shadow area behind the spokes looks like brake dust build up. Tyres are Goodyear F1 Asymmertic 3 s fitted by the dealer when I bought the car so no idea what they cost. They are reasonably quite and have coped very well with the recent heavy rain at motorway speeds.
  9. Keith_H

    Yet another recall !!!

    It would appear that hot on the heals of the last recall BMW have issued another recall as of 6th August 2019 which I have confirmed on the VOSA web site. According to YouTube this one is related to the electric water pump.
  10. The moving 'red line' only lets you know that the engine is up to normal operating temperature, it does nothing to warn of over temperature. Obviously there is the hidden menu temperature read out not that I can remember how to get to it. Shame access to that sort of thing can not be scripted into the IDrive, I suppose if it added 'MaxPower' cred or a couple of horses someone would have hacked it.
  11. I know about the recall only from forums and Youtube, in the past I have had recall notifications posted to me by the DVLA, I had assumed that was because (in that case) Mercedes were obliged to pay the DVLA to notify all registered keepers of said vehicles. Anyone received a letter sent on behalf of BMW yet?
  12. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Friday evening she decided to dump her coolant on the road outside our house, investigations on Saturday morning showed that the hose to coolant flange on the cylinder head was leaking big time. The spigots on both sides of the flange had turned to chocolate crumb frantic phone calls on Saturday morning failed to turn up a replacement part until Tuesday morning, which would be fine unless the car was needed say to go to Gatwick for a 6am flight on Tuesday. So two options, go to Gatwick in the Vito van or improvise. One plumbing fitting, an o ring, the remains of the old flange and two hours on the lathe later... I fitted it this morning, cold pressure tested to 15PSI, did the electric pump coolant bleed thing then took it for a test drive. When I returned there was a slight weep from the improvised flange so not 100% successful but it will get me to Gatwick. New hose assembly will be ordered on my return.
  13. Keith_H

    Erroneous Tyre Pressure Warnings

    Yes that is correct the car uses the ABS reluctors to calculate relative revolutions of the wheel and hence tyre diameter, the calculations seem to be done over quite a long period / distance when the car is travelling at 'A road' speeds. My E61 had two new front tyres fitted before I picked it up, I had to re set the TPMS three times in the first hundred miles which was getting to be of concern. Touch wood it has not needed to be reset for the last four hundred or so miles so it it probably OK. If the problem kept returning I think I would be looking at the ABS system, grot or corrosion in the ABS rings would be a start. I take it you have no ABS warnings as you would have noticed it on the dash / idrive.
  14. Keith_H

    Top radiator hose split

    I don't have an E39 but most cars use the electric fan to help the viscose fan at high temperatures so have a thermo switch on the radiator or bottom hose, have you tried to override this to bring on the electric fan to check fan operation, also there should be a fuse for the fan worth while checking this before changing out the fan.
  15. Keith_H

    Carly - reliable/trustworthy?

    I bought into Carly within a week of getting the E61it is ok but I still want a PC based solution like the VCDS Ross Tech software I use on the Audi more for the live data displays than anything else. Anyone used BimCom which I gather was supposed to be a project started by Ross Tech. ? I too am not happy with the idea of a pirate copy of ISTA .