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  1. Keith_H

    530d touring in beige!!

    falcodub you are right, I only looked at the first part of the phone no. which is 0208 not 020 8 I should know better.
  2. Keith_H

    530d touring in beige!!

    Nice but cheep because it is an old diesel in an 0208 phone code area, trying to get rid before it costs twelve ans a half quid every time it moves of the drive. (ULEZ extension to the North and South Circular roads in less than two years )
  3. Keith_H

    My first BM

    Thank you Andrew. I will try to remember how to use the indicators. Have not entirely ditched the four rings, the A4 is currently relegated to shopping trolley but up for replacement with a TT or possibly a S3 convertible depending which way I can steer the wife.
  4. Keith_H

    My first BM

    Suppose I may as well post one then. Taken in front of the stairs at Crystal Palace after last weekend's Motor Sport at the Palace. Like I said nothing special and needs a few bits sorted.
  5. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Too right it does, I looked at several E61s 'with full service records' yes all dealer stamped for the first three owners then the odd indi at 16k intervals, the one I bought had a inch thick A4 file with every receipt and MOT. Yes it was the higher mileage car but I know it has had thermostat, water pump, vanos actuators the list goes on... sure there are things to do and check but there is a whole list of things already done.
  6. Keith_H

    My first BM

    After almost thirty years of driving around with four rings on the front of my cars I seem to have bought an old E61 530i sport. Well I fancied a change didn't I. She is in sort of ok condition for a car with 150K on the clock that will be used as a nice load lugger. There are a few things that will need to be sorted out as time goes on, as there are with any used car, so stand by for 'BMW virgin' questions in the E60 / 61 forum... It is nothing special so I won't bore you all with pictures.