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  1. Keith_H

    Drive belt replacement

    Is it worth changing the tensioners as well? Genuine question, I have no idea if or when mine have ever been changed. Obviously different engine but of a similar age.
  2. Keith_H

    Rear springs????

    What to do next? If in the UK, phone Cotswolds BMW (one of the forum sponsors)and give them your Vin see what they can do, tell them you are a 5forum member and take advantage of the discounts they offer.
  3. Keith_H

    Rear springs????

    Which will give the various part numbers but you will still need the suspension type / settings which you can get from de coding the original build from the VIN.
  4. Keith_H

    Found this under the car :(

    Sorry I was so far off the mark, it is a bit difficult to judge the scale from the photo.
  5. Keith_H

    Found this under the car :(

    Rotten exhaust hanger ? Would be my guess.
  6. Keith_H

    Supercharged E60 M5

    The speed that he overtook all the 'hot hatches' was amazing, great sounding car, a good driver and some where to play, who could ask for more. Thanks for posting.
  7. Keith_H

    Apple 30 pin plug In the glove box

    My 530i came with the ipod 30pin cable and BMW ipod interface so a quick trip to Cex to buy the last model ipod touch that came with a 30pin connector, music in car sorted for thirty quid or so.
  8. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Today two new Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 5 s on the back to match the two on the front which were fitted by the dealer when I bought the car 7000 miles ago, bye bye Pirelli s you were still legal and passed the MOT last week but winter is coming and now I am ready for the rain. I cant remember if I posted on the new rear pads and sensor plus anti rattle (?) shims, all BMW original parts which I had fitted before the MOT or the track rod end which was not BMW fitted by my mechanic and needed to pass the MOT. Just the front anti roll bar bushes left to do and I will have covered all the advisories.
  9. Keith_H

    Climate control issues

    I changed mine recently after Carly showed 009C54 : Motor stratification rear right / reserve 3/ACU Sensor / Autoaddressing (LIN) reserve 1 which fixed the fault and the cleared code has not returned. I may have been lucky and don't have much experience with BMWs so please don't consider this as expert advise.
  10. Keith_H

    E61air suspension

    If my car is not asleep, ie. it has just been unlocked and woke up, the suspension will level even when the ignition key is in my pocket (pre lci and not key less ) , I have noticed this when loading heavy items to the boot a couple of times.
  11. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Interesting, I wonder if mine kept something active when it should not have. FWIW I have been in the van all day today and just had to go out in the rain to try and start the BM which it did without problem. Admittedly it has only been one day so I will keeping an eye on the battery, it could be an early warning I suppose.
  12. Keith_H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Discovered my Carly wifi module still plugged into the car five days after I last used it and the resulting flat battery. DOH! Car battery now recharged and all the error coded erased, this time I remembered to un plug Carly hopefully no long term damage done to the battery.
  13. I have family in East Yorks so in the Hull / York area quite often but have been living in London for the past thirty odd years. As it happens I was driving the E61 along the M62 in the torrential rain we had Wednesday afternoon whilst going back darn sarf. At times it was raining so hard it looked like a river running along the whole width the passenger side windows but the car felt as safe and stable as it does in the dry, just the poor visibility that slowed me down a bit.
  14. Keith_H

    Spare wheel issue - HELP!!

    Thank you, I thought I had tried looking at RealOEM but I must not have. £60 is a lot for what it is, I assumed scrappers would want to sell the complete set and as I have the wheel and jack I did not bother looking. Thinking about it I can't remember seeing the ridges in my E61 boot liner, nor do I remember seeing holes where they have been removed. I would take a look but the car is in London and I am in Yorkshire for a few days.
  15. Keith_H

    Spare wheel issue - HELP!!

    Mine was originally fitted with run flats but by the time I bought it it had a space saver spare and normal tyres on the rims but who ever bought the space saver did not get the polystyrene insert so my jack and wheel brace just sit in the space saver rim and rattle around. I would be interested to know if the insert has a part number or is available separately, I don't really want to buy another space saver. (At the moment they are wrapped in an old sweat shirt trying to stop them rattling, sort of works but not ideal )