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  1. Houds

    Double DIN facia attachment

    I've got a fascia that is nearly ready for paint and a bracket. I've included a pic of how mine ended up
  2. Houds

    Double DIN facia attachment

    The frame from the connects2 wood affect kit fits, you can also modify the BMW sat nav bracket, I'm guessing you've got it sorted but if not I've got some bits and pieces lying around
  3. Some photos now that it's finished IMG_4341.HEIC IMG_2726.HEIC IMG_1475.HEIC IMG_7251.HEIC
  4. I've recently upgraded the stereo in my E39. I realise this won't be everyones cup of tea but I'm not a million miles away from getting what I was trying to achieve. There is still a bit of trim to fit that will hide all the cabling in the boot and the wrap on the interior trim is lifting so that will either be wrapped again but I'm leaning more towards getting it painted. This has been a bit of a nightmare with lots of little niggly things going wrong so a little break is required.My photo skills aren't the best and if anyone has any questions hopefully I can help anyone if they are looking to do anything similiar 1.HEIC 2.HEIC 3.HEIC 4.HEIC 5.HEIC
  5. Houds

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    As far as I know, I've went the whole hog and changed the amps and the speakers but if you've got any questions I'm sure he could help or might be worth phoning caraudiosecurity and checking with them
  6. Houds

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    Spoke to the guy that's fitting my stereo and he bought an Autoleads Vehicle Interface - BMW 5 Series (E39) and an Autoleads Sony Stereo Patch Lead - PC99-SON from Caraudiosecurity
  7. Houds

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    I'll speak to the guy that's doing the install and try and get a part number for you
  8. Houds

    Stereo head unit recommendation - E39

    You'll need a bracket for that fascia to sit in, you can either modify the BMW bracket or the connects2 wood fascia kit bracket will work. My car is getting the Sony headunit fitted and I'm hoping to get my car back tomorrow. I'll post some pics when I get the car back
  9. Houds

    New to Forum

    Hi I've recently joined this forum, here are some pics of my M5