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  1. Hi Guys, I just tried to start my car this morning and the service icon flashed up and my car wouldn't start or crank. I had to fetch my son from Birmingham last night and it was fine although it was absolutely P'ing it down. I've checked under the cabin filters and there's no water. Nor is there any in the boot. If I disconnect the IBS from the negative terminal then my car will start just fine but if I reconnect it (while ignition off) it won't crank or start. So I'm assuming that's my problem but is it normal for them to fail all of a sudden? If I get a replacement will I need to have it coded? Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, I just came across this post. My power steering has started to become noisy mostly when I have to dart onto a mini round about or sharp right hand bend. The noise sometimes doesn't go away for some time until fully warmed up etc. I'm wondering which fluid I should get. Google says CHF 11s cap on reservoir says ATF My car is an E60 535d M Sport (55 plate) 2005 and the power steering cap says ATF. My fluid level is low and horrible brown colour so I'll be flushing it. Can I safely use the CHF 11s (green fluid) or should I just get ATF as the cap states? My previous car Audi A4 cabriolet had the wrong fluid in by a previous owner and it wrecked the seals in the pump. I don't want to risk my E60 Thanks in advance.
  3. I think I managed to register my battery despite INPA displaying in German. The fault codes I have are also in German:- ERROR MEMORY Date: 25.05.2019 ECU: D60M57DO JobStatus: OKAY Variant: D60M57DO RESULT: 4 error in error memory ! 4587 4587 Kraftstofffllter 4677 4677 Drosselklappensteller 4DOO 4D00 Abgasgegendrucksensor 41E7 41E7 Lambdasonde, Signal pumpstrom Using Google translate these are: fuel filter, Throttle valve actuator, exhaust back pressure sensor, Lambda probe, signal pumping current. There's nothing to suggest why my comfort access/start doesn't work. Guess I'll have to check each fuse again.
  4. Can anyone help an old git like me to understand how to code my battery please? I bought a cable from Jimmy and I've installed the software, and managed to make sure it connects to my car. I'd be very grateful if someone could walk me through the process like you'd explain it to a child Thank you in advance. I think I managed to reset my battery registration.
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    Nice to know, I live in Swadlincote so not far away.
  6. Thanks Peggowski, I got Halfords to check my fuses after they fitted my dash cam. I will do it myself tho for peace of mind. I've not got a fault code reader. I was going to buy one of those cables from eBay but I wasn't sure which one I need. I should be able to register the battery with it too right?
  7. Thanks for your replies. I did have to buy a new car battery last week but comfort access was working fine after I replaced the battery. I've also made sure my alternator was charging the new battery and it is. I read somewhere about having to get a new battery coded but I don't have a cable. My car was registered in December 2005 if that makes any difference. I also read something about the diversity antenna. I'm unsure if it is that as all my FM radio stations are fine and I read people with a bad antenna the radio stations go bad too.
  8. Hello guys, This is my first post and I hope I can find some help. I've just purchased a Nextbase 322GW from Halfords and they fitted it for me this morning. Since then my comfort access and starting doesn't work but the remote buttons work fine. And the keyfob works fine in the slot but without it I get the key symbol with a line through it. To fit the dash cam they ran a wire from the glovebox to the boot and piggy backed from the auto wipers fuse. I took it back to them and they checked all my fuses but they are all ok. I've changed the CR2032 battery in my remote suggested from another BMW forum and still not working. I've also tried disconnecting the dash cam from the fusebox and that didn't work either so I'm totally confused now.... Never takes much anyway I'm sure you guys know more than those guys so I'd really appreciate any help. Also what would be the best workshop manual for my car? Nothing seems to cover the 535d twin turbo Regards Mike