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  1. I'm somewhere in the middle -- my plan is to get at least one year; have a reputable indy go over it with a fine toothcomb to also highlight preventative stuff; then decide if I need a second year warranty or just put money aside
  2. Imperial have some really nice speccd cars available -- I was surprised that they charge extra for even a 3 month warranty when you purchase, however the prices are very keen so I guess its part of their business model and allows the customer to choose. May I ask who you got your warranty from @JCP ? I once had an extended warranty that was a nightmare to claim on -- I understand the providers need to make money, but making it so painfully difficult to get genuine claims is not an experience I want to repeat.
  3. new2bmw

    Service message

    I confess that I amnot a fan of these electronic logbook things -- I love reams and reams of paper showing what's been done, I found it a bit challenging to work out precisely what have been done during the services and this is one reason why I intend to stick with an approved used car from the BMW network
  4. Indeed @revjames, it wouldn't be the first time that I have ended up trading up from my initial requirements list !!
  5. I did think about the 530 ................ Reason that I am leaning to the 520 is (1) more choice on the used market (2) this is supposed to be a sensible economical choice BUT -- if the right 530 was available when I am at the point to pull the purchase trigger then who knows
  6. Brief update. So I went down and test drove two 2016 cars today (1) 520d Luxury and (2) 520d M Sport. To be honest, I didn't notice a massive difference between them on the road at first, the ride felt very similar. Both felt very planted on the road, the engines were nice and torquey and the cars felt very well put together. When we got up to motorway speed, I did think that the M Sport had a little more road noise. In terms of looks, I prefer the Luxury over the M Sport -- both in terms of the stance and also the silver details of the Luxury as opposed to the black on the M Sport. This one may sound daft, but I also preferred the steering wheel on the Luxury over the sports one on the M Sport So it was a very useful day, I am now happier that the order of preference would be (1) Luxury (2) SE and (3) M Sport. In terms of options, the Harmon Kardon system is a must as I do like my music and made the mistake with a past car of going for the standard system. I like that the Luxury has the professional navi, the bigger screen is nice. There is one car available at the moment that ticks all the boxes, unfortunately I won't be in a position to buy until October -- I expect that, unfortunately, I will lose out on that one but you never know I can just keep an eye on it and see what happens. Thanks all for the input.
  7. new2bmw

    F11 Pics

    Looks tremendous
  8. new2bmw

    Help choosing a G30

    So what was the outcome @KLR -- which one did you go for ?
  9. new2bmw

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    It ain't true unless there is video evidence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My Day Yesterday

    42 bottles of wine !? That's impressive fuel economy @rlowy may I ask what you normally get in town / mixed driving ?
  11. Crikey !! I had always read how reliable the auto boxes were, sorry to hear about the enormous cost to you. I did like your reference to a "dump in the middle of the showroom" -- I can imagine that keeping a sense of humour in recent days wasn't at all easy
  12. new2bmw

    Buying advice

    This is really elpful @Capmoq Does the onboard service record thing store all that has been done to each car ? I'm still using good old fashioned books and files of receipts for my current car which makes it easier in my opinion.
  13. This is really interesting @E39mad -- there is a car that I have found with Imperial which looks lovely so if I could get that and then the peace of mind of a BMW warranty then I reckon I would be quids in
  14. This is very good to know @Caesar, thank you. Having reflected over the weekend, even I couldn't justify the man maths after I had stopped drinking. So I am back to being sensible and will be looking for the following: F11 with a B47 engine Either comfort or sport seats (now started looking at M models to get the latter) Harmon Kardon sound system From within the BMW AUC network I will also keep an eye on what's available and arrange a test drive at some point in the next two weeks -- I am looking to actually buy in early to mid October, so I still have some time, am just a wee bit mental when it comes to researching these kinds of things
  15. I was under the impression that many car companies had been improving their petrol engines, for example the prevalence of 1 litre turbos now in some Fords, and had thought the numbers would be closer to the diesel than they actually are.