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  1. Andrew.T82

    2010 520d (N47) M-Sport Timing Chain Conundrum

    Thanks Peggowski
  2. Andrew.T82

    2010 520d (N47) M-Sport Timing Chain Conundrum

    Thanks 535i Andrew.
  3. Andrew.T82

    2010 520d (N47) M-Sport Timing Chain Conundrum

    Indeed, the less you spend the greater the risk. I guess I'm weighing up the idea of swapping it for a belt driven car so that its at least an affordable/serviceable item
  4. Hello all, Brand new to this thread and need some advice on a topic that I know has been covered a thousand times before... but I need your advice. I just picked up a very tidy 2010 520d Msport BE Touring (manual). The car has done just 66k miles and has full BMW Service history with regular oil changes at no more than 12k mile intervals and really is pretty immaculate. The car drives perfectly and I have no 'chin rattle' or anything to suggest that the car has any mechanical (or electrical for that matter) issues whatsoever. I intend do around 25k miles p/a. However, shortly after I collected the car on Monday I took it to my local trusted independent garage who I've been using for a few years. His advice, much to my horror as he was stood there infant of me literally taking another 2.0 d N47 engine out of a 120k mile 3 series was to 'sell it' quick before I have to pay out for the inevitable chain snap. I can't afford several thousand quid repair bills, which rules out changing the chain now even as a precaution to be honest. Current market values seem to be around £8-£9k and I paid a bit under that so might have a little bit of profit if I were to flip it on... The question is, should I do it? It seems crazy to get rid of a car as a precaution that's currently showing no signs of issues. My old man the same engine code in a 3 series to 160k miles without fault, but this garage recited serval cases of sub 100k miles lump's letting go incurring 2,3 4 and even 6k repair bills!!! Would you keep it, change the oil every 8-10k miles etc and hope for the best? Or dodge the bullet and get rid now whilst it's still worth good money????? An advice from experienced owners would be much appreciated! Thanks