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  1. neilos1000

    Wheel rim options.

    Hi all, I'm thinking of purchasing a set of rims for my F11 to use for winter tyres. I was wondering what other BMW rims would fit without using spigots or spacers. I've seen a set of the standard 520d rims (same as I already have) but wondered if anything from say the 3 series etc fits too...or even older 5ers etc. It needs to be the 17" rims and I would fit 225 50's. Any help would be appreciated..thank you in advance!
  2. Meh.... Arrived at Cooper Croydon this morning at given appointment time and waited to be seen for about half an hour. Finally I see someone and she starts by saying there is bit of a backlog. I tell her that when I called to make the appointment I specifically asked if it would take the 2 hours it mentions on the recall letter and I was told if that's what it says then that's how long it will take. If longer I would need a courtesy car. Woman on the phone replied don't worry it's definitely only two hours so you won't need a car. The lady in Coopers tells me it's actually going to be in for at least a day...maybe a bit more...oh and we don't have any courtesy cars available...'you should have pre booked when you made the appointment'! ....Genius! So the upshot is I wasted a morning and the car is now rebooked for .....wait for it....December 16th! The first date when a replacement car is a available. Frustrating....
  3. Mine going into Cooper Croydon on Tuesday next week. When I got the car 6 months ago I did phone BMW to see if there were any outstanding recalls...I was told definitely that all of them had been carried out already!
  4. neilos1000

    New F11 520d se

    Hi there...just purchased the above car ..very happy with it so far. Came from an Audi A6 Avant from 2009 with 250k on the clock....what a difference! Looking forward to reading and writing on here...I'm sure I'll have lots of questions...just purchased full Bimmercode app and Veepeak All the best Neil Adapter. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk