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    BMW E39 525d ES SE Touring (2003), MAZDA 3 Sport 185 (2010)

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  1. harry92

    Ant's E39 535i Intro

    Great looking car! looks like a very good example, good luck with the work planned!
  2. harry92


    Hey, Thanks for sending this over! I had looked at this and it does look tempting, just not sure about the gearbox issues, although its an otherwise great buy. Also, quite the journey from Leicester.
  3. harry92


    Hi everyone, Have often been onto forums in the past for advice, but never joined or posed! We have had a 2003 E39 525d Touring in the house for the last 13 years, second owner, will be sure to post pics when i get a chance, absolutely in love with the E39. My daily drive car is a 2010 Mazda 3 Sport. I'm currently looking to get my hands on a 540i... because... V8! still searching to find a nice example (Sterling silver, sport, face-lift, beige leather ), hopefully I find something soon. for now, just a hello to everyone, sure ill have many questions that will be answered here.