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  1. harry92

    E39 540i Sport Auto

    So... after a few posts and many years of trawling these forums; lock-down has finally given me the time and motivation to do some work myself to the cars while also getting them back to their former glory. I've been posting a few things about doing works to the 540i especially, so i though i'd dedicate a project thread, especially given what i discovered below... I done a few searches on howmanyleft and worked out that there are only 12!!!! facelift E39 540i sport autos from 2000 to 2003 left on the road, mine is a 2003 (please correct me if im wrong on the figures), because of the rarity of these beauties and the works i'm currently doing, plus what I have planned; I though I should finally make a project thread. I've had the the 540 for just over a year and brought from Clem (mumbojumbo) on this forum, who was a great guy; it's not been driven much since, I brought it with transmission issues and i'm still determined to get the trans sorted, as well as as a few other problems; mainly rust! I'll post some recent pics up and also some of the recent work that's been done, some of the planned works include; Boot lid - either new or restore the current one - in progress; already looks better! Rear bumper - match middle sensors to titan silver as OEM and a few cracks to fill/ re-spray cracks or replace. Rear sills have rust! - mainly drivers side, seems difficult to find someone who understands that i want a proper fix!! Not just a bodge & respray; so it looks nice on the outside! Any recommendation in Leicester to help me? Advisory on MOT about rust. Interior - scuffs and cuts in the leather - pending, have the seats out at the moment and looking to sort all the leather myself. Will do all i can to make sure the rest is as good as new! Transmission - have been speaking to Planet Gears in Peterborough (feedback?), if anyone has rebuilt a ZF 5HP 24 let me know, I don't want to skimp on this job and want the best possible outcome for the current trans but willing to replace if that's what's needed. Anyone in Leicester?? (I really don't trust people with these cars!) Engine - great history, but i cant see the timing chain guides have been replace, maybe drop the pan and see if there is any plastic? otherwise runs great! any thoughts here?? Vanos? more input the better lol! Cooling - Replaced radiator and thermostat; I used an OEM stat as i hadn't looked into the lower temp stat properly at the time, but i guess i'm prepared to replace the stat if itll help (rest of the cooling system is pretty new). Suspension - suspected front wheel bearing which is groaning abit over 60 mph and a steering alignment issue - Hopefully just a bearing and an alignment required. are OEM bearings FAG? Brakes - Advisory on last MOT was brake pipes/ hose - can replace hoses from the caliper to the line easily, but worried it might be the solid lines that run under the rear sub-frame ect. is this a big fix?! For the hoses to caliper i'd rather fit OEM rubber hoses, should i be fitting braided? I see the above the list as doable, if sorted should see this car well into the future, should there be anything else to look out for let me know, at otherwise ill keep plugging away the above and seeing where we go! i'm not a mechanic but very determined to research and do things properly, if you can help and be kind I appreciate any feedback!! Regards, Harry!
  2. harry92

    Leather Seat Restoration

    I got a good result! i've only done the drivers seat, had a few mishaps with going to fast and not letting the previous coats dry!!! I got it all looking really good but when i applied the final conditioner and buffed it up i got a really shiny finish which i am in two minds about, let me know your thoughts, might put the seat in the car and then make a judgement if its too glossy, will be ringing the LRC in the morning to see if i can apply a matt coat to reduce this shine abit. Either way its much better than where i started and the fillers and binders should give the seats another 20+ years i hope (lots of labels from 04.1999 from the tannery).
  3. harry92

    Leather Seat Restoration

    Will be using the sponges, it just feels safer so as to not make a mess of things!
  4. harry92

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I sanded all the rust away until I had bare metal and then treated it with hammerrite kurust (it stabilises the metal and prevents further rust apparently). I tapped the pitted areas in slightly with a hammer and then rebuilt the missing part of the lock area and filled over the pitted area with some fibreglass filler. Sanded all this back down until smooth and then coated the whole area with a filler primer until i got a uniform finish. Then used a Halfords rattle can for the base coat and a can of Hycote for the clear coat. The finish looks good, a further sand with very fine wet and dry and a polish and wax should give it a deeper mirror finish once the clear has cured.
  5. harry92

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Been at this for a few days... the weather has not helped at all! Still needs a sand and polish to finish but the results are much better than before! Thought I’d practice some bodywork skills, prep was a pain also rust treated the whole area so hopefully this section is fixed for a few more years, still plenty of rust to fix In other places. Has anyone has sills repaired in the Leicester area? Got the seats out this evening to restore them. Think I need to replace the front wheel bearing and the brake hoses need doing after an advisory on the MOT Last year.
  6. harry92

    Leather Seat Restoration

    I emailed the leather repair company and got a helpful reply, ordered the medium kit which should do the front seats the few scuffs on the back seats and the steering wheel. ordered some glue and filler to do the other bits as required. Managed to get the seats out today without causing any damage to the interior and awaiting the kit! Will report back when the kit arrives as to how it all is and see how the repair goes.
  7. harry92

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Hi, had a go at the headlights a few months back using a Holts kit. Pretty good results definitely a lot smoother and Clearer but it looks like of the stone marks the plastic all the way through and I think the inside of the light might have had Condensation at some point. I did them in situ, the trims come off pretty easy and then just mask up around before sanding.
  8. harry92

    Leather Seat Restoration

    Hi, Can anyone recommend what they have used to do a restoration on leather seats? will need to repair a few scuffs and a tear on the passenger seat. and looking to get the seats in general looking as good as possible. I have been looking at a full recolour kit from this online shop. https://shop.leatherrepaircompany.com/ wonder if anyone else has done this or can recommend products to use, as it's not cheap to buy the wrong stuff. Appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, All sorted! fitted the pump during a break in the weather yesterday, took it for a spin this morning and running like new! Pre-supply pressure back up to 3.9bar which is much closer to what it should be. Was quite straight forward to fit, thanks clavurion for the guide and help, think i just need the confidence to do these jobs! Hardest part was getting the trim off with random bits connected all over the place.
  10. Cheers Steve, I have jack/ stands etc. just need a break in the weather now hopefully its dry on Sunday! Part has arrived!
  11. harry92

    525 tds random power loss help!!!

    Can you hear a grinding noise coming from under or around the passenger site when turning the key to the II position? If so it maybe the in line fuel pump under the passenger side, I have similar issues when accelerating and getting above 3000 rpm. I have the part ordered so cant say it fixes the issue yet. if you get INPA working check pre-supply pressure.
  12. Thanks for your help! Have ordered the Bosch one, as with discount i got it for £85! Thanks for the guide, it looks straightforward so will give it a go once the part arrives.
  13. Hi, Its been some time since my last post, but i've been using this forum a lot to do various bits on both cars. My 2003 525d has been having the following issues - no power/ or revving above around 3000rpm and sometimes it fails to start at all, just turns over - the in-tank pump was replaced but still having issues. i can hear a groan also near the passenger side , which from reading up, i believe might be the in-line pump? The images show the error code and sensor reading - saying the pre-supply pressure was too low to start, based on this i am thinking to try replace the in-line fuel pump - is there any how to guides? Should i be looking at anything else? Thanks.
  14. harry92

    Ant's E39 535i Intro

    Great looking car! looks like a very good example, good luck with the work planned!
  15. harry92


    Hey, Thanks for sending this over! I had looked at this and it does look tempting, just not sure about the gearbox issues, although its an otherwise great buy. Also, quite the journey from Leicester.