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  1. Ollie Campbell

    Glove box cover

    Hi everyone, Another of my give away threads. I have one of these going spare, I’ve tried to sell it and can’t flog it so am offering it up free of charge before it goes in the bin. Like my last post in this vain, this isn’t an advert! If you’d like it, let me know and cover the postage and it’s yours.... Hopefully you can see the pictures here, if not let me know and I’ll post them up directly: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-Series-E60-E61-Glove-Box-Trim-Cover-51167111141-/324545716797?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  2. Ollie Campbell

    Poor beam pattern

    Also, are they aftermarket headlights or the standard items?
  3. Ollie Campbell

    Headlight flickering at idle

    Hi everyone, Just noticed that my headlights were flickering when idling. As soon as I give it a few revs they’re back to normal. These are standard bulbs, not LED or aftermarket conversions etc and are not Xenon. I’m going to run my battery tester, check the battery is correctly coded to the car and am due to replace the belts on it as soon as I can. But in the meantime what else could I do/be the issue (voltage regulator/ possibly alternator)?
  4. Apologies I haven't fully read each post so this might have been covered...cheekily replying to this at work!....but could it be tailgate wiring?
  5. Ollie Campbell

    Air con issues

    (In theory) the garage legally have to carry out a vacuum test (negative pressure) on the system before filling it again. This doesn't always highlight a leak as joints can be sucked shut, hence the suggestion for a Nitrogen test (positive pressure).
  6. Ollie Campbell

    Headlight Adjustment

    I just did mine, makes a world of difference. Here's a couple of helpful guides: https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a257/how-to-adjust-lights/
  7. Ollie Campbell

    Tyre pressures going from run flats to normal tyres

    The internal volume hasn't changed, so keep them the same.....From there you might want to try tweaking the pressure up/down based on handling preference.
  8. Ollie Campbell

    Horn wiring

    Perfect, thanks both. Mine has certainly been missing the bumper covers until recently so it could be that!
  9. Ollie Campbell

    Horn wiring

    My horn looks and sounds like one part isn't functioning, but when I had it apart I didn't have time to look at it properly. When I get a rare spare moment to look at it properly, does anyone know how the horns are wired? Parallel/series/piggy backed off each other/individual wiring looms etc. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=PX72-EUR-03-2009-E61N-BMW-530d&diagId=61_1694
  10. Ollie Campbell

    Inner tie rod removal

    Apologies for digging this up, but I thought it better to have all the details in one place... I'm preparing to do this soon, other than the tie rod, I presume there's a chance that the steering rack boots might also need replacing? Anything else?
  11. Ollie Campbell

    Cleaning intake on E61 LCI 525d - Forte clean

    If you wanted a halfway house you could try oven cleaner on the inlet manifold/EGR. Admittedly it wouldn't do anything for your head... But then you could try turning the engine over by hand so the valves close, scraping the gunk out out and hoovering up the debris. The 2nd part is probably more hassle then it's worth!
  12. Ollie Campbell

    MAFless performance

    That's the exact model I was looking at. Sadly carrying it down 4 flights of stairs to the basement each time I want to use it is a bit of a pain!
  13. Ollie Campbell

    MAFless performance

    The EGR and inlet manifold are really clean, especially for a car with this mileage. Someone has already done the blanking plates so must have been through and cleaned everything too. I'll replace the glow plug controller (another £140!) when I can and re-assess the cylinder/injector performance. When I get access to a ramp, or even a trolley jack! I'll get under the car and get the intercooler/turbo hoses off and checked. Interesting you mentioned a remap, would love to but only once all the niggles and errors are fixed. From what I've ready I believe the (manual) gearbox can handle ~500NM, but not sure about the clutch? @Changythanks for the offer that is perfect. I'll PM you. Thanks again for the help everyone. I just hope there is an issue and it's not just me expecting more performance than the car should give!
  14. Ollie Campbell

    E61 auto roll-up boot cover retraction

    I think that's where I confused myself. No auto-boot sadly
  15. Ollie Campbell

    E61 auto roll-up boot cover retraction

    Mine shoots up, scared the sh!!t out of me when it first did it. And then stays there. I wish it would roll back down again