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  1. Ollie Campbell

    Carly features

    I’ve just realised that BimmerTool is Android only...rules it out for me then.
  2. Ollie Campbell

    Carly features

    Interesting. I think I'll check Bimmertool out as I can't get my INPA to work for love or money!
  3. Ollie Campbell

    BMCables INPA problems

    So just circling back to this....I have tried this on various virtual Windows XP machines and the underlying Windows 10 laptop. I'm just about to make a fresh virtual windows 10 machine so that I can be sure that nothing else on my computer is interfering.... On those ones I've tried, sadly this didn't help. Any other ideas before I admit defeat and head to a garage?
  4. Ollie Campbell

    E61 535d water pump and thermostat

    I can't quite remember I'm afraid, but never had a problem with the wiggling method and sealing afterwards. You should be able to tell when you offer up the new gasket...if it doesn't lie flat then you might have to remove some of the left overs of the old gasket. PS haven't forgotten about the fog light. Just been mad busy recently!
  5. Ollie Campbell

    [help] ratteling noise from dash/windscreen area

    I'd check a couple of them.... The bolts that connect to points 3 & 4 on here (no idea why they show as different on this diagram, mine both look like part no 4): https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=PX72-EUR-03-2009-E61N-BMW-530d&diagId=51_5152 And the bolts that go through part no 8 here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=PX72-EUR-03-2009-E61N-BMW-530d&diagId=41_1546
  6. Ollie Campbell

    E61 535d water pump and thermostat

    Yeah that. I would usually just introduce a bit of metal fatigue...i.e. moving it back and forth until it gives up
  7. Ollie Campbell

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    I realise that's not aimed at me, but for all 3 of my high mileage BMW's I used after market ones. Circoli usually as that's what ECP stocks.
  8. Ollie Campbell

    [help] ratteling noise from dash/windscreen area

    Mine were loose (among lots of others!), 2 were missing because they were snapped off and need re-tapping. Lazy previous mechanics! If you raise the revs does the noise change or go away?
  9. Ollie Campbell

    BMCables INPA problems

    Thanks I'll check it out.
  10. Ollie Campbell

    Front wipers not parking intermittently

    Thanks guys. Litterally just found this, no idea how I missed it the first time: https://www.bimmerfest.com/threads/wipers-randomly-not-stopping-at-final-rest-position.477759/post-6871192 I guess I’ll have to try and source a known good relay.
  11. I have an intermittent issue whereby the front wipers won’t park intermittently. They drop all the way back down and then pop up 1-2cm. Usually if I activate them again, or if they in automatic mode, they will then wipe and return to the correct position. I’ve tried searching but I get a lot of people referring to the rear wiper. Has anyone seen this before?
  12. Ollie Campbell

    Is this of use to anyone?

    Hi All, First off...this isn’t an advert...I’m not trying to circumvent the Classifieds section here. I have just replaced one of my fog lights as the entire rear section was missing from one (no idea, it was like that when I bought it). So I have the front of the unit (the black section) with the clear plastic lens. One of the securing clips has snapped off, so isn’t useable in itself. But before I dump it, do you think someone might want it to try and remove the lens to replace a cracked one of their own? Can the clear lens be separated from the rest of the unit?
  13. Ollie Campbell

    New car tidy-up

    Always thought I should have done something useful at University! Sounds like you did! Definitely a good plan. Gives me enough time to tidy the car up before I let anyone see it! A test gear change would be great, thanks. The brakes are fine on mine at the moment, but it’s part of the tidy up that I like to do on any new car. Thanks for the advice and looking forward to your next update
  14. Ollie Campbell

    Sorry but another E61 Tailgate Wiring Question

    Just don't fall into the same problem as me... Make sure you mark your 6's , 9's and 10's really clearly! An underlined 6 can look like a 10 really easily!
  15. Ollie Campbell

    Diagnostic cable help

    Hi, me again. I've been trying to work through this issue.... So far no luck still. I don't know if it's my laptop, the car or the cable. Is there anyone either near me (Tring) that will lend me a good working cable or pop over and test the car with a cable?