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  1. Jay535A

    Holding ball joints

    I tried all sorts. Ended up using an angle grinder and cutting them off... Had no choice...
  2. Jay535A

    Bmw e60 cv boot replacement

    No need to remove anything else. Remove wheel centre cap, undo the 36mm nut (will need a new one to put back on after) jack up the car and put on axel stands, remove bolts holding drive shaft to diff. Lower back of drive shaft and knock it out of the hub. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  3. Jay535A

    E61 powered tailgate issue

    Common problem is low fluid in the pump, remove the plastics on the left hand side of the boot to access the pump, remove pump and check/top-up fluid. Takes about an hour all in. The other problem could be the wiring in the boot hinges, sometimes it can connect and sometimes not. This can be a pain to sort, plenty of tutorials to fix this on Google though. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  4. Jay535A

    Bmw e60 cv boot replacement

    Having done this myself, trust me and remove the drive shafts, it's so much easier. 6 male torx bolts attach each one to the diff, then one 36mm nut attaches it to the hub. I can remove both drive shafts in about 30min, it's really not difficult to do. Indo the torx on the diff, lower drive shaft and use a punch and a hammer to knock drive shaft out of hub. The passenger side is above the exhaust but it can be removed without removing the exhaust, but removing the exhaust back box will make it easier. If you try and do it the other way and swing the hub up, you will find it difficult to get the hub off the Driveshaft.
  5. Jay535A

    Compression test on 530D

    IIRC it's 40ml over 2min, so 5 of them are fine... As above, I would replace the one injector, changer starter, was one on eBay the other day for about £20. When I got my car I had issues with slow start and a lot of smoke on startup, changed starter and problem was 75% cured. Injectors sorted the last 25% Can you post a video of you cranking the engine, sometimes you can hear low compression...
  6. Download it from bimmergeeks, save your £30
  7. Jay535A

    Compression test on 530D

    Never heard of any of these engines having low compression. Ever... Could be a stuck valve or 2... Ask the garage to do a wet and dry compression test and a cylinder leak down test.
  8. Jay535A

    Bmw 535d 56 smoking issues

    Does it smoke at idle or when you boot it? Or constantly... Smell the exhaust... If it smells like diesel or oil, that will narrow it down... If the smoke stings your nose and eyes is diesel... Don't be put of with the fact the smoke is blue, unburnt diesel can have a blue tint, it is an oil after all...
  9. Jay535A

    535d Smoke after Long storage

    Sounds like an air flow issue to me, check all air pipes for leaks etc. Possible a pipe has aplit.
  10. Jay535A

    I have a manual e60 ...

    Was a big manual fan for years, will never have an auto is what I said, then I tried one, a big V8 with a lazy auto box... Went back to manual for a couple of cars after that and hated it... Auto all the way now, traffic is getting worse, auto is the future. These new auto boxes are great, got a 535d, only option is Auto for this anyway but this engine and gearbox is a match made in heaven, changes down much quicker than I ever could and I don't need to worry about rev matching. Will never have a manual again.
  11. Jay535A

    Fault Code Advice

    2A2B would point to the crankcase breather I believe, check it's not blocked and the pipes are not split. 29F1 is something to do with the fuel pressure, maybe worth checking sensor out. 29F5 and P0430 are to do with emissions I think, but not 100% on that. A connection to INPA would be better than check these.
  12. Jay535A

    Help! 530D misfire on FIRST start-up.

    Took me about an hour to change them all, simple enough. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  13. Jay535A

    Help! 530D misfire on FIRST start-up.

    Just a thought, check all your vacuum lines, if any are split this can cause it... You will need to remove manifold but pull each pipe off, the ends tend to split. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  14. Jay535A

    E61 535d doing my head in.

    Well a little update. Starter motor changed. IBS reconnected Car fires up in seconds now Bit I still have the rough idle for a few seconds and smoke for a few seconds until I drive. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  15. Jay535A

    Smoking blue/grey

    Probably your rocker cover gasket. Pretty simple to change and about £50 for parts. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk