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    Hello! I've been lurking a while on the forum and thought I would do the decent thing and register & introduce myself. My daily drive is a G30 530dx, which I'm very happy with, but I have a passion for BMWs and enjoy reading about everyone else's experiences. Some car history: My first love car - resplendent with its NA 1.9D engine and 65 Gallic horses. Went through a few clutches and ate bushes like they were going out of fashion, but I managed to get 130k mile off it I then had a dreadful experience with a 1989 Merc 190E, which had a talent for emptying my wallet. It was followed in 2007 by a Renault Clio. Neither car appears in my photo gallery. Come 2009, the urge for something Bavarian and 6-cylindered was too strong. So I treated myself to an E82 125i SE in absolute poverty spec. It was a lovely engine, very capable and I still yearn for the feeling of 6 NA cylinders under my right foot. It met an untimely demise when I wrapped it round a bus shelter in Weston. A true example of what happens when ambition far exceeds talent. (And yes, I put it round a track. I was young and stupid) Insurance was going to be a problem given what happened, so it was replaced by an F20 120d Sport (not M Sport) as a company car. It was ok, very accomplished but just left me wanting. I believe this is the only photo I had of it, as my job changed after less than a year of driving it. The 120d was sufficiently boring that something had to be done. This is my favourite ever car, which in retrospect I should have kept given they now seem to attract £5k more than I paid for it back in 2012. You'll note from the picture of it in its natural habitat, fuel prices were very high back then. The impending arrival of a rugrat demanded a more grown up solution, so it was traded against an F31 330dx. I loved this car and had many a happy holiday in it, loading up the boot with the finest plonk from the south of France. The first weekend took us to a wedding in Stuttgart and back, and it simply gobbled up the autobahn. Unfortunately owing to the need to free up some cash for some building works, I VT-ed this and replaced it with a more modest Golf GTI. Another car I can't find any pictures of. It was a nice enough car, but with my ham fisted approach often frustrated off the line. It handled beautifully though, and was practical enough - just. Finally, feeling like a proper grown up, I took delivery of a G30 530dx last September. It's everything I could want in a car (almost - I still miss 6 NA petrol cylinders) and is pictured here in various levels of cleanliness. In one of the pics it sits next to my wife's XC90, which is also an extremely accomplished car (and no slouch for almost 3 tonnes of Swedish steel) Look forward to getting to know you all.