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  1. ASTON 82

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    if you click on contacts and then press the option button there should be an option to "delete all contacts" im sure thats how i did mine
  2. ASTON 82

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    I do like that piano black trim against the oyster leather, very nice. I have the oyster and aluminium combo on my msport, i think id opt for your black if i had choice. Its also surprising how easy the leather is to clean and look tip top, even with 2 small kids
  3. ASTON 82

    Which engine to choose when buying

    Thanks for reply , thats really surprised me
  4. ASTON 82

    Which engine to choose when buying

    I can imagine there a joy to drive, and may be able to afford have one next .Out of curiosity, What are servicing costs like in comparison?
  5. ASTON 82

    Which engine to choose when buying

    but you said you were looking at a 2.0? I have never drove a 6 cylinder bmw, imagine they are beautiful. I will one day, but not in the position financially at moment to own one. To the purist i suppose your right about not being a real bmw until you hit he 6 pot category, but Ive had two 2.0 bm's a 3 series e90 and my current f10 both have been an absolute joy, just the way the bmw feels puts a smile on my face
  6. ASTON 82

    Which engine to choose when buying

    Thank you, i will keep all that in mind
  7. ASTON 82

    Which engine to choose when buying

    Sorry to jump on the thread, but i have a the N47T in my lci f10 (built sept 2013) do these suffer with chain issues? Im on roughly 94k. Thanks
  8. ASTON 82

    Noob with vibration issues - help!

    I had same issue with my old e90, the engine cover just wouldnt tighten down, and made a right rattle, did also give the impression of something more sincere
  9. ASTON 82

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Are they run flat?
  10. ASTON 82

    What do you have as security?

    I have a disklok, put it straight on, no cover, never had any issues with imprints etc
  11. ASTON 82

    Driving without Windscreen recalibration

    Hi david, i think it varies tbh, mine went in about a month ago, it took just under a week at sytner oldbury (west midlands) i believe there's a seperate thread on here regarding egr recall
  12. ASTON 82

    Hi, new (ish) f10 owner

    As requested... will add more as the weather pics up
  13. ASTON 82

    What do you have as security?

    The amount of premium brand cars being taken around my area is frightening, police cant get a grip on it. most common one is breaking into properties late at night/ early hours and taking keys. I have a disklok on mine a bit of a fuss everytime i get into my car but gives them another hurdle to cross i suppose. The telescopic posts are popping up alot round my area too.
  14. ASTON 82

    Hi, new (ish) f10 owner

    Hi everyone, Ive got myself a 63 plate 520d m sport, auto. The car is silver, and has oyster/dakota leather interior, xenons and a host of other nice little bits, plus the pro nav system which i was adamant i wanted. The car has been fully bmw maintained from new, with a catalogue of invoices for tyres, servicing etc. This is my second bmw my first being an e90 which was a great car, just was getting a little tired and we needed something a little bigger. Look forward to posting. Thanks!