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  1. Hi, I’m after a set of Avant Garde M355’s if anyone has a set? I know there are a few F10/F11’s on the forum with them fitted. Cosmetic condition isn’t important (if price reflects) as I can get them refurbed. But they need to be straight with no buckles, cracks or welded repairs. Thanks.
  2. Ash-535i

    How Many 535i Owners?

    Another 535i owner here who kind of came across it by accident. I had an e92 (Coupe) 335i that I was going to upgrade for an X5, but due to the ULEZ (Live in south London) and them all being Diesel, I decided to look at something else in Petrol and actually found my 535i on Autotrader after that. It was only after I’d looked at my one that I realised how rare they were and it added to the charm. It had a few niggles that we’re negotiated off the price and now 7 months on I absolutely love it.
  3. Ash-535i

    Jacking both rear wheels/end F11

    Despite the attached saying not to jack up on the Rear Diff, I have several times and had no issues, I always use a Rubber Pad (Hockey Puck) and make sure it’s right in the middle of the Diff. I nearly used Number 3 in the picture the first time I went to jack it up but thought it looked a bit flimsy and went for the Diff. As per the previous comment I say go with the above briefing if unsure, but using the Diff has been ok for me when swapping wheels and fitting H&R rear lowering links.
  4. Ash-535i

    F11 Eibach Sportline or H&R

    Hi All, H&R Sport Springs fitted on Wednesday and I’m very impressed thus far. Nice job to do, I replaced the front bumpstops too as one of the dust covers had come off and dropped down inside the shock. Fronts are still settling. I may have to raise the rear slightly as it’s a bit lower and I like a bit of rake, but it’s not a difficult job to do, it took 2 attempts to get it sitting like that. Thanks everyone for the help.
  5. Ash-535i

    F11 Eibach Sportline or H&R

    Thanks for the info. No EDC on mine, I’ll be fitting them myself, I’ve done my research and it doesn’t look a bad job on the F11.
  6. Ash-535i

    F11 Eibach Sportline or H&R

    Thanks everyone for the help. I’ve decided to go for H&R’s. Once fitted I’ll update with some pictures.
  7. Ash-535i

    F11 Eibach Sportline or H&R

    Cheers Mike
  8. Ash-535i

    F11 Eibach Sportline or H&R

    Thanks for the info. That looks good. Good on you for going on a track day. Bet it surprised a few people
  9. Ash-535i

    F11 Eibach Sportline or H&R

    I didn’t want 245 and 275 as I’d have had clearance issues. The fronts would have fouled the control arm and the 10J rears with tyres that wide could have given me issues. I put a thread up at the time of choosing tyres and you kindly provided me some links to will they fit and I based my decision on them. The speedo is only 3mph out reading lower via GPS than what the Speedo says so that’s no bad thing in my eyes. They may may not technically be the right size but they look right to me and will look even better with a drop. I appreciate not to everyone’s taste but I’m happy with them. I’ve got a freshly refurbed set of M351’s too so will have the best of both worlds if I fancy a change.
  10. Hi All, I know this has probably been covered before, but can anyone share their experience with the above question. I’m running Avant Gard M359’s 19x9 et30 with 235/40/19 and 19x10 et33 with 265/35/19 tyres. The wheels are from my old e92 335i with bigger tyres to fit the F11 and they actually suit the car better than you’d think :-), however they need a little drop to fully pull them off. I’ve ruled out the Eibach Pro’s as the drop doesn’t look/ seem that noticeable on an M Sport. That leaves Eibach Sportline or H&R Springs. Any info you care to share please?
  11. Hi All,Long shot I know, but I’m looking to upgrade my standard 205 Auto Gear Lever for the 2TB one (slightly bigger and leather gaiter as opposed to the black plastic). Thanks.
  12. Ash-535i

    Wanted F11 M351 Alloys

    Hi All, Cash waiting. Will consider F10 staggered sets but would prefer a square 19x8.5 set that the F11’s left the factory with please. Thanks in advance.
  13. Ash-535i

    F11 Tyre Size 19x9F & 19x10R

    Thanks for the info Andrew. Very useful links and I appreciate your time. I have test fitted the wheels with the current tyres and they do suit the car nicely, however the current tyres are wrong- very wrong. I appreciate that the wheels were fitted to an older car (e92) but in my opinion the M359 and CSL’s are a winning combo for any BMW and the M359’s were found on e92 M3 Competition packs which were made up until 2013 so technically newer than my F11 . As you very correctly said though, they are close to the top of the wishbone even on the 225 fronts. The rears are fine though in case anyone was wondering. Cheers.
  14. Hi All, I’m new to the forum and am collecting my 2011 F11 535i M Sport on Thursday. It currently has 18 inch M350 Alloys (non staggered) as standard, but I have a set of staggered Avant Garde M359’s (19x9 Front and 19x10 Rear) from my old e92 335i that I intend to fit but I know the tyres will be too small for the F11 (currently fitted with 225/35/19 and 255/30/19) to get them in the arches on the Coupe and I had it lowered on Coilovers so needed a bit of stretch to achieve the look I was going for. I’m thinking of going for 235/40/19 fronts and 265/35/19 rears for the F11. Offsets are ET35 front and ET38 rear. Any thoughts on the above tyre sizes? Also running a staggered set up won’t cause any issues will it? I don’t want to go down the lowering route with this car to get the fitment right, just want to change the tyres to fill the arches nicely. All input is very much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Ash-535i

    New F11 535i Owner

    Hi All, Just stumbled across the forum doing some research ahead of collecting an F11 535i M Sport next week. I’m no stranger to BMW’s or the forums, this will be my 4th BMW over the past 9 years, I started out with an 04 e46 330ci Convertible, then had a 57 e92 M3 for all of 10 weeks that was stolen when all the keyless OBD thefts were rife in 2012, I spent 2 years away from BMW and in a Merc C Class Coupe after being a bit put off by the M3 theft, but after researching security updates and other things I could do to prevent an OBD theft happening again, I made a return to BMW with a 58 e92 335i M Sport, which I’ve had for the past 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed but it is going to make way for family life in the F11. I can’t wait to pick the car up, it needs a bit of love to get it up to my standards and it isn’t quite as good overall spec as my previous BMW’s but it has some really nice options (rear seat entertainment and sun blinds from the factory) also the rarity of the 535i Touring has sucked me in and most things I’ll miss can be retrofitted (Power fold’s and xenons). Thanks for reading and I’ll be catching up very soon. Cheers.