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  1. AnotherMissedApex

    F11 Roof Bars

    @jannism. So I put the back bar at the back of the front section (in contrast to @percha), based on the diagram from @BFleming (thanks for your instructions). I appreciate the diagram has an F10 rather than an F11. In fact I could see that the previous owner of our car had placed them there too, and it had the c710mm gap so I gave it a go. I had hardly any wind noise so was impressed, but I note that your roofbox @jannism is lot longer than mine.
  2. AnotherMissedApex

    F11 Roof Bars

    A couple of pics of the 528i with the Thule wingbars fitted with the 753 & 4022 feet. Special thanks to @percha for the advice on the fitting. We got back from a wet Wales yesterday and I have to say I couldn't even tell I had a roofbox on - just as well we didn't visit any multi-storey car parks. The first pic is at Margam Park on our way there. We parked next to an Alpina - not sure which model it was. I must revisit footage of the Lombard RAC stage held there to see where the track was - I have visions of Tony Pond in a 6R4 there but I could be mistaken.
  3. AnotherMissedApex

    F11 Roof Bars

    Hi @percha Sorry, no! It was so oppresively hot here in Bristol (hard to believe I know ) I just had to let the kids mess about in the paddling pool instead, and they really wanted to help with the bars. Even I didn't want to be sweating over a set of allen keys - I'd imagine that'd be what it would be like watching the Malaysian GP in an open grandstand. Will aim to do that at the weekend instead and take a pic. I'll take the pic once it's a bit cooler so that I can wash the car. Had I washed it yesterday I'd have been left with a DeLorean like paintjob. Ta ra.
  4. AnotherMissedApex

    F11 Roof Bars

    Thanks so much @percha. Will give that a whirl tomorrow on my day off. I've got 3 little helpers very keen to assist too (all big Wheeler Dealers, Top Gear, etc fans - not sure where they got that from ) so it may take a bit longer than the 1 minute Thule demo video. The 10 yr old daughter stripped and rebuilt her radio controlled car on Sunday (first time ever she's done anything like that before - not sure what brought that on) so is itching to give it another go! I've got the Wingbars and will pop on the Thule roofbox, which we used with the 330i E90. Will post a pic with the box on at holiday time. Many thanks again.
  5. AnotherMissedApex

    F11 Roof Bars

    Hi gang I bought the Thule set of ebay too last year and am trying to fit it for the first time. When I fit the 4022 foot pack to the 753 holders, does anyone know if I use the single central bolt or the two outer bolts? The 4022 set seems to allow either fitting but the instructions suggest only one the single bolt. Pic below. I'm in a 2011 528i F11. Thank goodness I've got a little while until our holiday and not a last minute panic! Just trundling off to deepest Wales due to COVID rather than France or Italy this year. This was going to be the cars first European trip but that will have to wait. Any help appreciated!!!
  6. AnotherMissedApex

    Where is it all

    Hi @F11TouringRyan. Just saw your post. Seems like we've got the same car - F11 528i Touring non-turbo. We got our about a year ago when we were forced to change cars. I like manual boxes and this one was only the second I've ever seen for sale - so didn't hesitate! Our Jan 2011 version has been ace, after I replaced all 6 injectors. How's yours going? Is it a manual? Apologies for going off topic. Cheers
  7. AnotherMissedApex

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks @AshM for the low down. Sounds like you did a really comprehensive job. I need to take the carpets up and start soaking the water up regularly. I may look in to a Wet Vac too, as it'll probably come in handy at some point. We haven't got the luxury of leaving the car in the garage etc. For one thing it may not fit and there's no way my wife would relinquish the garage with her beloved S1 Elise in there. Glad you're enjoying driving it again!
  8. AnotherMissedApex

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    @AshM well done for getting it sorted. I wish I’d ask the garage to replace the famous yellow grommet and seal it when they sorted my 528i F11. (one of the 4 torq screws just wouldn’t come off). I had a proper indoor humidifier in there for around 6 hours on the weekend and only got say about a litre of water out. How did you dry yours out and how much water came out?
  9. AnotherMissedApex

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Got the F11 back and the garage have sorted the offending panel next to the bulkhead. They went in from underneath to get the 4th Torq screw off, after having failed to get it off from above when I popped in a couple of weeks ago. They modified the panel to cut out a big channel (he took the photo below) - many thanks @ianjoyner as he based the work on your photos. The area was full of gunk unsurprisingly. I'll be looking to shove a wire coat hanger up into the channel now and then. In fact the 4th Torq screw wouldn't come off but they managed to get round this - I didn't quite understand the explanation to be honest but hey ho . I felt a bit better when he confirmed there was no way I could have got the screw off from above! Probably rusted in in my almost 9 yr old car. He only charged me for 30 mins labour, whilst he was replacing the battery today too (which was huge!). Great service and rates, calls when the car is ready etc. I'd thoroughly recommend him - White Cube in Bristol (Dan is the owner) if anyone is interested. It's right next to the Bristol to Bath cycle path so ended up having a nice lunch on a bench by Bath Abbey after popping the bike in the boot with the rear seats down. Pretty shattered now after the 2 hours in the saddle! All I need to do now is lots of soaking up! Thanks again all for the 35 pages of posts!!
  10. AnotherMissedApex

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi all. After trying in vain to get the 4th torq screw out (WD40, heating with a soldering iron, hammer!) for a few hours at various points the F11 is going into the BMW specialist tomorrow so remove the screw from underneath. I'd wrecked the screw after all my efforts so that seems the only option. They might modify the panel for me if they have time otherwise I'll just do it myself. Hope it goes ok. Can't wait to dry out that footwell. I may buy a VAX as we should be moving house so some carpet cleaning may be in order anyway! Thanks for the great thread everyone. I've cut and pasted some pics to the garage.
  11. AnotherMissedApex

    3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Thanks @535i Andrew. The Mobil 1 top up listed API SN/SM and ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4. So hopefully all good fingers crossed. We can’t afford to lose an N53!
  12. AnotherMissedApex

    3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Many thanks @535i Andrew. I called my bmw specialist. They thought that it was ok that I’d just topped it up with a litre of the 0-40w. It wouldn’t do any harm and no need to do any early oil change. We’ll change the oil in 5k miles anyway ie every 10k miles. He said even though the LL04 is low ash and low sulphur it’s not an issue. It definitely had me worried until I called him!! . Cheers
  13. AnotherMissedApex

    3.0 petrol oil consumption

    You’re right @Boba. I just didn’t know if I had an oil leak or just general usage when I saw the warning. I just drove the next 10 miles to the golf via a garage to buy the oil, then popped the oil in after the golf had finished as the engine would have cooled down. Must remember to check for leaks under the car this morning! Cheers
  14. AnotherMissedApex

    3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Hi. Just to add to the thread I was on my way this morning taking the three little 'uns to see the golf at Wentworth in the F11 528i N53 when 'bong' - oil level at minimum, add a litre please. Couldn't believe it when the manual didn't even say what grade of oil to use - something about your dealer would know this depending of the condition of the engine or wotnot. Talk about unhelpful! After a quick google 0-30W came up but the nearest safe thing in the next garage was 0-40W Mobil 1 at £25 for a litre! Ignoring the price I was just relieved not to be stranded with the kids by myself on the M4, my wife deciding to go shopping etc instead. So it's used 1 litre in the 4k miles we've had it so in line with other comments eg @bmwmike (many thanks for the guidance/reassurance). Pretty rubbish compared to the zero usage in our 330i N52 though. I'll also be keeping 1 litre in the back filtered from my multitude of part used 4-5 litre cans. I also bemoan the lack of an actual dipstick.... Quite an extravagent place Wentworth - we saw a Rolls Royce and Koenigsegg dealers in nearby Sunningdale, one which contained a fab F40. The golf is sponsored by BMW so we got a lift in an i3 at one point, and well as all squeezing in to an i8 (nice doors). I recall seeing the prize for a hole in one at the 14th as an E61 M5 Touring. If only they did them in manual.......
  15. AnotherMissedApex

    Lower back pain - m-sport seats

    @5SPORT I presume you meant that you’ve got adjustable lumbar support than getting taking off the seat back?