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  1. Father Jack

    Insurance Advice

    Depends on the quantum really but it might make you feel a bit better to make a claim and at least see some value for paying those premiums each year Either way it’s a frustrating situation - hope you come out the other side soon!!
  2. Father Jack

    Insurance Advice

    Sorry to hear about your predicament. I'm (sadly) inclined to agree with everything Spreadly has said. It seems unjust that mere notification of an accident - even if you weren't at fault/even in your vehicle - would have the effect of potentially raising your premium but I'm afraid it often does. I had a situation a year or so ago when a lorry look off my wing mirror about 15 seconds after I'd parked on a main road (it was scary...to say the least...as at the time I was looking at the mirror to check if it was safe to open the door)! It was reported to both insurers as lorry driver fault so and it didn't affect my protected NCB. However my renewal premium was a bit higher than it should have been the next year - fortunately though I just called and threatened to leave and - lo and behold - they cut the premium by nearly 20%. It's probably best for now just to draw a line under it and move on; it's not worth the grief and raised blood pressure.
  3. Father Jack

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    I deleted the MSport suspension on mine and even with 19inch run flat tyres the ride is really smooth. I laboured for hours and hours on whether to go for VDC and in the end I didn't. Whilst I don't of course know how much smoother it would have been with VDC, what I do know is that I'm pleased I spent my remaining budget on the xDrive instead of the VDC. The same goes for comfort seats - I didn't get them and I am not sad in the least about that as the standard sport seats are fantastic. My first impressions are also extremely positive. I do a mix of driving - motorway and city centre - and I'm averaging 47mpg from 750 miles. I'm very happy with that! The performance is unreal when you need it but when I'm just cruising around it is ridiculously comfortable. The HK system is very good too - well worth the upgrade for anyone who likes their music (not just loud music - it's nicely balanced and crisp even at low volumes). Superb piece of kit all round!
  4. Father Jack

    Collection advice

    Thanks for all the advice. Collection went really well - literally no damage and everything exactly as ordered. Fantastic car - I’ve posted a few images on the photos thread!
  5. Evening all I’m delighted to share some pictures of my new pride and joy, my first ever BMW. I went for a 530d x-drive in Sophisto Grey after ridiculous amounts of prevarication. I’m absolutely thrilled with it. Great power when needed and I’ve averaged 47.7 mpg from the first 600 miles! Colour is superb - really light and sparkly in the sunshine but dark and moody looking in the dark. I was a little apprehensive about the colour but it’s really nice. All round top motor!
  6. Father Jack

    Collection advice

    Thanks all for the replies. Very reassuring. I’ll load up some pictures at some point this weekend!!
  7. Father Jack

    Collection advice

    Thanks for your reply. No - I'm actually getting it from new. The types of issues I had on Audi were connectivity problems with MMI (wrong cables provided; phone Bluetooth not working properly from the start) a/c not working properly and an irritating rattle caused by loose bit of plastic! All of which should have been fine from day 1 but took some time to get sorted. Hopefully I'll not encounter anything like this with the G30 but I thought I'd ask just in case people were aware of any new snagging items!
  8. Father Jack

    Collection advice

    Morning all I'm collecting my new G30 on Thursday, exciting times. I was just wondering whether anyone has any tips for collection/particular things I should look out for/test when I pick it up? The reason I ask is that when I picked up my current car there were a few snagging faults that I didn't actually realise were an issue until a few weeks/months into owning the car. Upon further investigation afterwards I discovered that these faults were known and some I could have dealt with on the collection day if I'd known before. Whilst I eventually got some (but not all) of them fixed, it took ages to do so (Audi service centre near me is rammed so getting appointments was challenging). Thanks in advance.
  9. Father Jack

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Thanks - very helpful. It brought up a few providers which Google didn't. On another note, that's a fine looking car. Is that Sophisto Grey or Bluestone? Just 48 hours now until I get mine, it will go slowly I'm sure...
  10. Father Jack

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    I got this done on my current A5 by Audi - it cost about £400 I think. Water still beads, although I do use the Autoglym wax on it whenever I have the time to clean it myself. The one thing I would say however is that I bought it primarily to prevent against bird poo burning paint. I have to say it's not been wholly effective on that front - one particularly foul dropping on the bonnet still shows up even though I got to it pretty speedily thereafter. Which is why I was contemplating something a little more robust. However, most of the new car detailing quotes I've had are north of £600 (the south-west detailers are obviously confident with their pricing!) which is rather a lot on top of everything else I've paid for this month ON THE PLUS SIDE I just found out my car will be available a week early, so I am getting it next Thursday. Happy days!
  11. Father Jack

    Line of duty

    Mother of God
  12. Father Jack

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    I'm based in the South-West, Bath/Bristol/Wiltshire areas are within range. Exclusive Car Care was the company I was looking at. They seem to be highly rated (most reviews are glowing). They do have a number of other product options available on the ceramic coatings and I've asked them to call me back to discuss options. It does include a single stage machine polish. I'll find out what else is covered and thanks for the heads-up re the water repellent on windscreen!
  13. Father Jack

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Thanks for this - puts the main dealer price into perspective! I’ve ordered my G30 in sophisto grey xirallic so it would be great to have a top quality coating on it to make the most of the colour. I found somewhere local that appears to be able to do a new car detail with Gyeon Quartz DuraFlex ceramic coating (2 layer with 5 year guarantee) for £580. And for another £170 they could: 1) ceramic coat the wheel faces (Gtechniq C5 alloy wheel armour) (or remove and coat all wheels for another £80 - may actually be worth it). 2) apply water displacing glass treatment on all glass 3) apply leather guard to all leather seats 4) apply Gtechniq c6 matte dash to all dash materials and Gtechniq I1 smart fabric to the carpets 5) apply (as a free bonus) an ultra durable coating on exhaust tips, callipers, head and tail lights. Now to my relatively inexperienced eyes this looks like a bit of a no-brainer. I don’t have the time really to do it myself with a full time job and two young kids and also don’t want to mess around myself and not do it right (maybe next time...). The place seems to be extremely well rated; looks like they would do a proper job (they say it would take 2-3 days). Views welcome, cheers!
  14. Father Jack

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Thanks for the replies. Hopefully I can find a local specialist to do a good job, helpful to know the ball park figures! As for the interior leather, I’ve gone for the black dakota sport seats with the blue stitching (after much deliberation)! Any recommendations on whether I need to treat the seats shortly after delivery (and if so with what)?
  15. Father Jack

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    Afternoon all. I'm expecting delivery of my new G30 in the next 3 weeks or so. Excited doesn't even come close (my first BMW)! I'd like to make sure I have adequate paintwork protection on the new vehicle. When I bought my Audi A5 from new three years ago it came pre-treated with Lifeshine (together with a goody-bag of Autoglym products), all of which has been great). Is this something that (a) BMW garages generally offer (or some form of equivalent) and (b) is it something you would recommend getting done if it's on offer? I haven't yet had the conversation with my dealership; I thought I'd go in forearmed with knowledge before I do! I'm based in the Bath/Bristol area so any specific recommendations would be welcomed! Thanks all.