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  1. I am after 4 bits for my G31: -Drivers side rear light (the one one the main car body, not the one on the boot lid) - Inner right hand plastic in the boot (see attached picture) - right hand plastic under the bonnet (see attached picture) - Rear seat (mine is ivory leather). I just need the bit you sit on, not the backrest etc (see attached picture) Please reply or PM me if you can help? Many thanks, Jonathan
  2. Surely this must be of use / interest to an E61 owner out there?
  3. More pictures and open to any offers - need to clear the garage out..
  4. Hey buddy - yep sure it was JT Automatics in Dartford. They're awesome. When I first walked in there - there were loads of mugs saying "the guy on the forum told me to change the oil & it would be fine" I think they get a lot of that.. They're spot on and I have already re-used them for my new G31 - they should have an oil change every 40k miles which for some odd reason BMW never tell us..
  5. ***Note this will only work on BMW 3 and 5 series with an aux-in port. If you don't have an aux-in port on your BMW - this won't work. Note it doesn't connect to the port directly - it will only interface to systems that have this feature though ** You are looking at a ANDROID 7.1 BMW 3/5 Series HL-8806/Anti-glare/Carplay/RCamera/DAB/OBD/TPMS I bought this two years ago as an upgrade for the standard display / entertainment system in my LCI 5 series. It is a really powerful system - I got it to connect and operate but then had many mechanical challenges with the car and so focussed on fixing those. I have now sold the car, so this must go to a good home. Your original entertainment system is still available. To use this system instead you just hold down the menu button on your centre console. It comes with: Touchscreen Anti-glare coating on the touchscreen (I paid quite a bit extra for this) DAB radio TV receiver (you do need to install a free Android app to make this work) Apple Carplay USB ports Reversing camera (The one in the kit is fairly basic - I bought a nicer one from eBay which is integrated into the boot open switch / handle assembly - this was on the car when sold though, so only the basic on is included. The uprated camera is cheap and easy to find on eBay though. You will also need an extension cable). TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (only useful if you haven't got it already) Wifi connectivity OBD connectivity and display. There is a small bluetooth module that you plug into your OBDII port and you can then see torque, boost pressure etc etc on the screen. It's impressive. I'm pretty sure there's other stuff included too but that's all I can remember. The whole kit cost me £599.97 new (receipt available). Support from Icebox auto is great via email - they're really responsive. The documentation isn't great but I put together the info that they gave me and reformatted it into a useable pdf. There's loads of info on the web about these type of system as well. I'm happy to offer technical support too. This is a slick upgrade for a beautiful car - grab yourself a bargain! £250 delivered for forum members. please Call or Whatsapp Jonathan on 07782 361568. You are welcome to inspect / collect from Windlesham GU20. ***Note this will only work on BMW 3 and 5 series with an aux-in port. If you don't have an aux-in port on your BMW - this won't work. Note it doesn't connect to the port directly - it will only interface to systems that have this feature though **
  6. **Open to ANY offers about £10 - need to clear this out** This is a *complete interior* of an LCI 5 Series (2008) chassis E61 (the estate touring version) Apparently this leather colour is very sought after - I bought the entire interior with a view to swapping in to my E61. I have since sold the E61 and therefore this interior must go to a good home. Included is: - All seats. Front seats fully electric with heating and electric lumbar support. Rear seats heated - Wiring. All looms were removed from the donor vehicle - they will need to be soldered / crimped into your loom. I believe the ECU will also need reprogramming. - Headlining - grey - Carpet - Black. It does need a bit of a clean but it miles better than the cream carpets on so many E60/61s - All plastic fitments - literally every bit of black plastic that we could get off the donor car (intended to replace the light grey plastics on my old E61) - Door cards. Please forgive the lack of detailed photos - the seats and interior are taking up a lot of space in my garage and it's really hard to navigate in there - please feel free to message for a viewing or a virtual video viewing over WhatsApp video call. Price is fixed please. Paypal or cash on collection is fine Collection only from GU20 Bagshot. Grab yourself a really rare and complete set of gear to upgrade your 5 series - WhatsApp or Call me on 07782 361568. Jonathan
  7. Beautifully maintained 5 series LCI model with 6 speed autobox. MOT until Feb 2022, just been serviced. £2950 ovno Virtual tour here: Mechanical work that has been done:- Automatic gearbox has been completely refurbished by the manufacturer (ZF), Inlet Manifold replaced with reinforced one, Tailgate wiring replaced with silicone wiring, washer hose replaced Turbo replaced Injectors reconditioned DPF reconditioned Everything that can wear out on these cars has been replaced or reconditioned. It will easily sail through another 150,000++ miles. Just been serviced, tyres all have good tread. Recently MOT'd - only 1 advisory (a front suspension arm) - this has been rectified (old part available). Many motorway miles commuting from Kent to Surrey. Car location is GU20 - Windlesham in Surrey, on the border of Berkshire and close to Hampshire. Call or WhatsApp Jonathan 07782 361568 or message me on the forum
  8. Hi guys yes thanks you’re right it was a broken sensor wire at the connector
  9. Hiya I've got a 2008 E61 5 Series. Had a fault for the diesel filter heater - replaced with a second hand one on eBay. Fault is still there - saying open circuit. I'm thinking maybe the old one went short circuit, pulled a load of amps and blew a fuse. But the large fuses in the glovebox are all ok. Does anyone know if the fuse for it is elsewhere? Many thanks in advance, Jonathan
  10. Hi Nathan Sounds like you're almost there. Here's what I would do.. 1. Charge the battery overnight - get it 100% 2. Bleed out all 4 using the manual pump + Ista activating the lift pump method 3. Turn it over again 4. Repeat 2 & 3 another 2-3 times and watch the rail pressure increase each time. When it hits 600 bar - give it a rest for a minute. Then turn over again - it should fire up. If it doesn't, give it another rest for a minute and try again. Remember not to turn over for more than 10s continuously or you risk overheating the starter motor. Let us know how you get on fella - good luck
  11. Hi Nathan Thanks for your comment. I definitely found you need the battery to be in tip top condition before doing this otherwise you can get some odd results. I'm not entirely clear on the issue you're having - if you activate the hand pump on each injector, you should draw fuel through each one which should then start to fill the bottle attached to the pump. You seem to be saying that there is no fuel going into there but it is leaking elsewhere? A Photo would really help buddy Perseverance and relentless cold hard logic was the way out of this one for me if that's of any help..
  12. Jonhamil

    Space Saver Tyre

    @bmwf113.0d Worked a treat - it has loads of clearance under the car and fits perfectly into the jacking point - I'm pretty sure that jacking point is standard across all BMWs. It just fits into the bag from Amazon too. I'll do a YouTube video of the whole setup shortly
  13. Jonhamil

    Space Saver Tyre

    I got this one - the scissor type. It has a engagement plate that looks the same size as the jack pad, so hopefully it will work. Will post an update when it arrives. It's officially for 2000-2006 X5: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2000-2006-BMW-X5-E53-EMERGENCY-CAR-LIFT-JACK/133613450696?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The jack pad I used - I originally bought for my E61 - they are definitely interchangeable.