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  1. Hi everyone, I’ve just had a look on google and found so many people talking about CRANKCASE BREATHER FILTER. My engine model is M57/TU (E60 2.5L - 2006) - does this engine has this filter? If yes, does it really needs to be changed? I’ve found on AUTODOC this part for 25£ and on Eurocarparts, the same part for 100£ - what’s the difference? Thank you!
  2. Luigi

    Shaking transmission E60 525 -

    I’ve booked a service on Friday for a drive test at the same garage, hope I’ll fix the problem. Thank you!
  3. Luigi

    Shaking transmission E60 525 -

    It does, but ONLY when changing from 1st to 2nd or from 2nd to 3rd - I’m not sure. It seems like the car doesn’t know what to do, to shift or not, and the revs fluctuates.
  4. Luigi

    Shaking transmission E60 525 -

    I’m asking because to be honest I’m not really sure how smooth it should be shifting, is a 2006 car and few days ago I drove an automatic 2019 car and i couldn’t feel it shifting, it was extremely smooth. I just want want to know if your automatic E60 2006 shifts smooth as you don’t feel it inside of the cabin or because of the age, it gives you and impulse when shifting. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, About 3 weeks ago I’ve changed the transmission fluid in my car, it’s been done with ATF Machine (megaflush) (at Dartford Transmissions) and the fluid replaced with ZF. Since then, the car shakes very bad when changing the gears, especially from 3rd gear and up. At first I thought that is ok as the fluid needs to go through all the automatic system and I’ve gave it few more days, but today are few weeks and I hate driving it as it shakes very bad, like a manual car when you change the gear and floor the gas pedal. I will post a video later today. Any ideas? Thank you.
  6. Luigi

    525D Automatic - Injectors cleaner

    I use only V Shell Power. Is Esso good as V Shell Power Diesel?
  7. Hi, Has anyone used injectors cleaner? Do you feel any difference after using this product? I’ve got an 525D Automatic and I’d like to know if the injector cleaner has any effect. If yes, what brand of injector cleaner have you used? Thank you.
  8. Luigi

    Automatic shifting

    I do understand. Thank you very much for the reply!
  9. Luigi

    Automatic shifting

    I’ve booked the car already for a check anyway. But I was just curious, another friend of mine said that the 2nd gear is always longer that the others. Thank you.
  10. Luigi

    Automatic shifting

    Hello guys, My 525 E60 BMW seems to shift from 2nd gear to 3rd at about 3.000-3.500 (sometimes 4.000) revs but the rest of the gears shift between 2.000-3.000 revs. Do do you think this is normal or I have to take the car to a mechanic immediately? I do not have any error in the computer.  Thank you. 
  11. Luigi

    BMW E60 525D Automatic - Oil change

    Thanks a lot! I have just spoke to the previous owner and he has confirmed that the engine oil has 100% been changed 5.000 miles ago. Yeah, I will definitely change the Auto Transmission Gearbox Oil. Can you please send me a link where to order the parts for this as my budget is 500£. Thank you very much.
  12. Luigi

    BMW E60 525D Automatic - Oil change

    I will definitely go to a mechanic but I’d like to buy the kit by myself and I’ve read on other topics that are some parts that do not come with the kit but I want to buy them. The budget is around 500€... What would you recommend? Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone, As the title says, I need to change the oil as it has been changed 8.000 miles ago. Can someone provide me a link where to order the full kit for oil change? And if there are any things that I should know, please write below. Thank you very much.