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  1. Saxo1980

    Just got my first BMW

    Ha ha I loved it mate I still got it parked up someone buying next week spent 4 grand on daft thing
  2. Saxo1980

    Just got my first BMW

    And I didn't no about the BMW fourms so I come on first one I saw cos any help be an bounus You have mind my spelling cos am thick two mind ha can fire an riffle and that about it lol
  3. Saxo1980

    Just got my first BMW

    Well I bought it cos I was bit fed up with me mgzt so I thought I buy an BMW 1 series 118i sport I pick it up Tuesday so I don't really even no much at all to be honest I drove it and thought yes this better then my car
  4. Saxo1980

    Just got my first BMW

    Thanks mate just I don't no much about cars too at all to be honest any hel would be greatfull I probs keep this car for about 2 years and buy and different BMW jist used to mgzt cars so this whole new ball game to me but thank you for your reply
  5. Saxo1980

    Just got my first BMW

    Hi all I have just got myself an BMW 1 series sport i pick it up on Tuesday I have only had MGZT cars so I don't have an clue about this car but any help would be greatfull. Am from Durham any members northeast UK