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  1. Bigge

    new springs, leaking shocks

    Both springs had one sticker on with a barcode on but no part number. The old spring which had not snapped had signs of rust, so was also on the way out. Parts supplier is confident they sourced the correct springs for my car. I have to accept this situation as bad luck for not changing the shocks at the same time as the springs. I was planning on part exchanging the car in the summer and thought its not worth spending the extra money. Apart from the egr recall this is the only real issue I've had with the car for over 5 years.
  2. Bigge

    new springs, leaking shocks

    To be honest the car doesn't feel any different to drive. I've dropped the car back off this morning to the garage to get the shocks replaced. Old springs didn't have any part numbers on so i have nothing to compare with.
  3. Bigge

    new springs, leaking shocks

    I've just got back from the garage who fitted the springs and their response has left me a little baffled. They rekon non oem springs can sometimes not be exact with the sizing which could of caused the shocks to leak.
  4. Bigge

    new springs, leaking shocks

    It's a F10 with 100k on the clock, could they both fail becuase of the new springs?
  5. Hi, im after some advice. I had the the rear springs on my 2011 525d msport changed on chirstmas eve after one had snapped that morning. I brought the springs from a local car parts supplier and had them fitted by a independent garage. This morning iv noticed small oil puddles on the driveway near the rear of the car. After further investigation i can see the both rear shocks are coated in oil and are definitely the cause for the oil on the driveway. I can't do much today so im after some advice before i go to the garage that fitted the springs. Could the leak be caused from being supplied the wrong springs? Or is it linked to a fitting issue? Thanks in advance
  6. I genuinely thought it was a wind up. I called up sytner Solihull for a update and could not get any real info apart from 2 different people telling me they have over a thousand cars waiting for parts, It could be another 2 weeks or 4 or even more. I thought it would be a first in (impounded) and first out policy buy they could not confirm anything to me. It was as if they were reading off a script.
  7. Im almost at 5 weeks of waiting for my car to be sorted. I received a call today from enterpise to ask me to come drop off the qashqai courtesy car to the local branch because its now been recalled by nissan. Its a complete joke.
  8. Green with envy.....im slumming it in a qashqai that stinks of fags. I had to wipe the whole interior down with antibacterial wipes before letting my kids in. Im still waiting for bmw or enterprise to get me a auto...
  9. Well iv just had a call from Sytner and im looking at 2-8 weeks wait. Backlog of 400 cars, parts on order.
  10. Im a owner of a 525d msport 2.0 nov 2011, purchased dec 2014 which currently has done 97k. On 12/04/19 midday I called up the number on the recall letter becuase the online booking option was not working, their online system couldn't find my car becuase of my private reg. I was asked if at any point the car has had any of the symptoms from a blocked egr which my car has had several months ago, hesitation and loss of power. The advisor told me a bmw assist tech would be out at some point and not to use my car. At 7pm the technician turned up and used a mini camera and told me egr was clogged up along with the coolant needing to be topped up, and the car would need the new parts to rectify. He spent 30 mins checking fault codes and getting all the info uploaded from his laptop. I was told by the tech do not drive the car, the mileage has been logged and if you drive it then bmw will not honour the recall. This morning 7.30am i received a call from jacksons recovery who turned up by 8am and have recovered the car to Sytner Solihull. 9am i received a call from enterprise who can only get me a nissan qashqai. I called up all the local branches hoping for a midsize auto but nothing is available till monday afternoon at the earliest but even thats not guaranteed. Im already feeling down about the whole situation. Hopefully i get lucky and i have my car back by Wednesday.