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    1999 523i SE Saloon, 2006 Nissan Elgrand
  1. I can do the springs for £60, plus postage if needed.
  2. Bilstein B6 Rear Shock Dampers and Eibach Pro Rear Springs for E39 Touring. Part Numbers: Bilstein B6 24-060615 Eibach Pro 2061002 Brought these as part of a kit in error for my saloon. I belive these will fit any 6cylinder Touring, but double check to make sure. Dampers are boxed with fitting instuctions, springs will not be boxed unless the buyer really wants the big red Eibach box. These have never been fitted or even assembled. The dampers alone are £150+ each... £300 Collection ideally from Swindon SN2, or delivery can be arranged at buyers cost. I'm fairly new on this site, but check my ebay profile for any reassurance, ronin0033, 1225 feedback since 2001
  3. Ronin0033

    Paint stripper for alloys, any recommendations?

    Synstryp. Its £25ish on ebay for 5litres. Its pretty effective stuff, just leave it to work and buy a plastic blade scraper so you don't damage your wheels. I've just finished refurbing x4 Style 32's with this, and still have a least a litre left.
  4. Thank you I’ll go for the Sachs Sports with the Eibach Pro springs then. I know it’s not going to have the same level of waft as an SE spec, but I’m fairly sure all the suspension hasn't been touched since it left the factory, apart from the rear springs (no history with the car either), so getting everything refreshed and upgraded will already feel better. I already have some front Lemforder top mounts, one of the only things I have committed to buying so far!
  5. Hey all, I am planning to upgrade and lower the suspension on my 1999 523i SE. I'm sure this has been asked a million times before, but after a few weeks of research (well, internet browsing) my head is swimming with all the options, so I'm hoping you can help me narrow down what I actually need.... First things first, budget is a factor. I got the car for £400 as a project, so don't want to spend serious money just on suspension. Second: I want to try and keep as close as possible the current SE ride quality. But I also want it lowered a little. I'm thinking a little lower than sport (lets call it sport plus!) The only thing I am certain on are Eibach Pro springs for the lowering, they seem about right. However the shocks are the tough bit. Soooooo: If I put Bilstein B4's on with the Eibachs, will these knacker the shocks? (cheapest option) Blistein B6 + Eibachs, same situation, will I knacker the shocks, and will it be too firm? (most expensive option) Do I go with OEM Sachs Sport shocks with Eibachs? Too firm again? Or Koni STR.T & Eibachs? These seem to be best match for the springs, but again how firm? Last option is Vogtland Coilovers. However I've always been unsure of coilovers, especially if I want to retain SE comfort levels.... I will also be changing all suspension arms front and back, hence why I don't want to spend excessively on just the shocks/springs. Ideally I want the B4's and Eibachs, as they are cheapest, but I am worried I'll blow them out with the lowering springs...... Sorry for all the questions, any help deciding is greatly appreciated!
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    That car has been for sale since the beginning of the year, same advert and everything. I'm guessing everyone gets put off by the MOT history
  7. Ronin0033

    Rocker Cover Gasket

    Parts received next day, great service, thank you!
  8. Ronin0033

    Rocker Cover Gasket

    Ordered via Paypal, many thanks. VIN is BZ81710
  9. Ronin0033

    Rocker Cover Gasket

    Hi, Could I get a quote for a rocker cover gasket for my 1999 523i please? Part number 11129070990 Many thanks