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  1. justinluck

    Airbag Srs light and ecu location help?

    1998 touring. you show no age so in guessing. look at this link and you will find it. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=DG71-EUR-08-1998-E39-BMW-525tds + http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=HG72-EUR-12-1995-E34-BMW-525tds
  2. justinluck

    Coding 2nd Hand Light Control Module

    whilst on this subject of coding. Mt EWS showes 353k kms whilst my dashboard shows 195k kms and NO tamper DOT. how the hell has this been done.? Yes i did correct the KMS on the DASH to show EWS milage but got a tamper dot. All was and is set for KMS .
  3. justinluck

    Coding 2nd Hand Light Control Module

    well try turning on your Vertical Aim control if you want manual height adjuster to re workj again. what you have done is moved to automatic.
  4. okay well. some time ago my bakes remained on regardless if i was driving or not. Traction keeps spamming my ABS whilst driving. limits me to 20mph. Was told to check ABS/ASC module for the brakes. Upon investigation. I found the following Blue wire with red trace is live. good news so far. That is my brake switch. Now checking X181 all is good. When i test the unit itself.! that wire/pin BL/RT has full body contact to the ABS body. meaning its shorting out. I think. Inside the unit directly. Ned to check again but think its inside the unit. Can some spare some help and great knowledge please.
  5. justinluck

    E39 diesel and EML

    most bimmers do comon at first but would disappear if no issues. IRC. I maybe wrong.
  6. justinluck

    Fuel injection pump 525TDS

    What i was tempted to do was place a direct magnetic fuel pump in the main line under the car. However the car is starting better thats for sure. I am very keen on this bag of tricks idea on ebay. can someone please point me in that direction please. with a link. I have no idea what i would be looking for.
  7. justinluck

    Diagnostic software, any recommendations?

    the only sucess that I have had with an E39 1997 model car is PAsoft. INPA is refusing to talk to the Modules. Fails at IFH0009. hope that helps to narrow down your searches.
  8. justinluck

    I need confirmation please. Diagnostic Plug

    okay this is what I found. "You have an E30 to E36 BMW that makes use of the L-Line, you can see that pin15 of the 20pin socket is installed / wired. Those cars will have certain modules (ECUs) inside that will require a diagnostic mode called ADS to be accessible." It is with regret that i do NOT have pin 15.... look at the pictue again 13 15 17 are missing. reading on more. "You have an E38 or above that does not use the L-Line anymore and does not have pin15 of the 20pin socket is installed / wired. Those cars and all modules (ECUs) inside them behave pretty much the same as the later 16pin OBD2 socket equipped ones, and you will have full access to all modules (ECUs) using Interfaces that were intended and designed for the 16pin OBD2 socket, all you will need is an Adapter from OBD2 female to the 20pin plug." So upon reading and looking at my picture I uploaded. My car is not fitted with "Pin 15 The L Line" (ADS). So now my next question is. The K + D Can that I have has been tested on Pin 7 to the round plug Pins 17+20. Yes they are Linked. Now from the Male OBD2 connector to the USB plug. Pin connctors 7+8 are in fact bridged together in the Interface block. Thus leading me to another question. Why in the bleeding hell does INPA say IFH0009.Or is MikeEASYtools at fault here.. Is this a cars fault or cabling fault. Please remember that PAsoft is the only product that actually works on this car.
  9. justinluck

    I need confirmation please. Diagnostic Plug

    is their anyway around this. The americans clearly have no answers. I have waited for 2 days for an answer and nothing. I even asked a BMW guy on utube. He claims the software is old and dont work. I must buy his software to get somewhere. I wont be parting $100+ to find it wont bleeding work. If you tried on a very similar model then I believe you more than 90% of others. So, I have to ask. Is their anyway around this.? I will try and look more about this ADS issue and to see if i have it. Unless you know more about this than myself. All I heard is something has to change, sadly the car is out of the question.
  10. Please can someone check their Diag plug under their bonnet. 1997 year 525TDS. Are your pins the same localisation as mine or has someone been messin around in this forsaken pit of a car of mine. PAsoft diag system works just fine. Convert to the K+Dcan cable and this is where INPA fails. Clearly pins 17+15 are missing in this picture. Cannot figure out if it should look like this. Odd how PAsoft works but INPA-- seriously common..
  11. justinluck

    Remote Central Locking Intermittent / Failed

    as is mine. however, did notice a wierd combo today on testing my GM3 units. 1 unit failed sync but the other 2 synced. unless info but check on my other post, interior lights not working. You can also suspect a failing GM3 unit refusing to sync keys. should not even matter but for some reason on my e39. this car is particular to the GM3. i dont feel this is accurate but this is what happened to me.
  12. justinluck

    Interior lights Not working.

    well got another GM3 unit. 3rd time is a charm. Now the puddle lights work. 1st gm3 failed on puddle lights and would sync key. - 2nd gm3 failed to turn of the light but REFUSED to sync key - 3rd gm (LOW) turns on and off the lights and synced keys. what an ass of units i have. Now all door should lock should i start up the engine is this correct. The option was already activated but all options where in grey. so no other options avalible.
  13. justinluck

    Interior lights Not working.

    you asked a question abuot my doors opening and showing itself to the dashboard. yes it does illuminate which doors open. Asking such question has you thinking on what is causing my issues, Do you have any ideas.?
  14. justinluck

    Interior lights Not working.

    i assume the ZKE is the central door locking system. IE GM3.?
  15. justinluck

    Interior lights Not working.

    yes it does. Doors and boot opening and shows on cluster. did i forget to mentin that this car has been clocked. EWS350k and IKE190k. Not my doing only found out through pasoft,