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  1. albash82

    E39 Buying Guide

    In both E39's I've had, the volume adjuster on the head unit develops a fault. If you use it to try and adjust volume either up or down, it's completely random which way the volume will go and also how far... The wife always forgets and tries to turn whatever I've been listening to down, only for it to end up 10 times louder! Both cars have had the Business tape deck with 6 CD changer in the boot. Steering wheel controls works fine.
  2. albash82

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The black sealant round the lens?! Awful isn't it? Replaced the headlight adjusters last year. Won't be doing that again!
  3. albash82

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Following knee surgery I drove my car for the first time, it was absolutely caked in dust and since I can't really kneel down to wash it, took it to the jetwash, slipped on the hose, poked my car with the jetwash wand, scratch, chip and small dent. F***in' angry Albash. Just ordered (correct) new front shocks, shock boots/dust covers, ARB drop links and ARB bushes to cheer myself up.
  4. Ps, cheers for documenting all this stuff. Really gives me incentive to do mine. I promise to take pics and update my thread too!
  5. You're right about heated seats being rare... I looked at a lot over the last few years and I can only remember seeing them being common in 540 sports. Go on then, where'd you get your bum warmer from? I started reading a thread about retrofitting heat mats into my seats... Yeahhhh.. nah.
  6. albash82

    The Chancellor (E39 530i Sport Touring)

    Bloody cheers mate! @d_a_n1979 - awesome help bud. I've got a right basket going on over at Autodoc now. Really need to have a decent poke around prior to starting it and see if anything else needs doing at the same time... I've got the lemforder top mounts, so I'll use them.
  7. albash82

    The Chancellor (E39 530i Sport Touring)

    Cheers for the advice... Not sure what to do tbh. Reckon I might even be able to get more life out of the current struts, will have a look when I get underneath again. Have you got the part no's for the struts you used?
  8. albash82

    Kit's E34 535i

    Looks ace! Good effort
  9. albash82

    The Chancellor (E39 530i Sport Touring)

    So i was waiting for good weather to get on with the above, the good weather arrived, but so did the knee surgery I'd been waiting for! Ah well... It was only minor, a torn miniscus- should be able to pedal my bike again within 6 weeks of op. I've been doing a fair bit of research with my time off... Turns out i should've done more research first, as i think I've bought the wrong front shocks, as well as the wrong ARB bushes! #facepalm I bought the Sachs shocks from ECP using my reg, but thru some random googling stumbled across an old thread on here : These are the ones I bought, but, according to the above thread, they won't fit the chancellor... https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_3.0_2002/p/car-parts/suspension/suspension-and-steering/shock-absorber/?635110100&1&4526dbebd75b1352b62a206c16cf8005ba740787&000925 Aforementioned thread got me thinking Bilstein b8 is the way forward... The roads round here are horrendous, but I'm still rocking 17's Also, looking on realoem, i saw there was a different diameter ARB bush for sport, looks like I bought non sport ones... Luckily, ECP state 365 day returns and everything is still boxed... Soooo...... Discovered Autodoc App. 25% sale on, for 1 more day. Loaded into my basket -Stabilus struts for boot lid and glass -Meyle ARB bushes... (24mm) -Bilstein B8 struts. 35-114079 £420 Inc vat am p&p Can anyone please tell me if I'll: A- Be able to use the lemforder top mounts I bought with above bilstein struts? B- will I need to buy new springs and shock mounting parts for the bilsteins? Thanks in advance, Al
  10. albash82

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    Bonza. I'm sure I'll find this useful. I've got exactly the same car, just coming up to 160k. Fully expecting to go deep in replacing various parts over the next few years.
  11. albash82

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Rear view mirror fell off!
  12. albash82

    Part number help. E39 m-touring under-tray

    Yeah I should've done really. By the time I'd noticed the extent of the damage, I figured it was too long afterwards... Think the roadworks had gone!
  13. albash82

    The Chancellor (E39 530i Sport Touring)

    Yeah I was going to go with layers. I'll see where I end up anyway. This was my setup when I tried before... I ran out of time though. My next step was to put more planks under the jack!