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  1. Hal9000

    540i Xdrive Touring

    And yet I have been keeping records of mileage since 1998 (my first BMW). None of the trip computers are remotely accurate - I'm pretty sure that's not an issue with any particular car. But hey, if you belive they are that's entirely up to you
  2. Hal9000

    540i Xdrive Touring

    But it's still your trip meter. Have you done the maths for the distance travelled against the fuel quantity? That's the only accurate way of doing it. I did several long trips in mine and the trip meter showed 34-38 mpg, whilst the actual figures worked out as per above were actually 26-28
  3. Hal9000

    540i Xdrive Touring

    I wouldn't pay too much notice of the trip meter - they are always inaccurate. Measure the mileage against fuel after each refuel and that'll show you the true economy rate. I have lost count of the times when the trip meter inferred a good fuel economy and the rate at the next refuelling showed it to be hugely optimistic.
  4. Hal9000

    Tyre pressure warning message

    It does take a while though, doesn't it!
  5. Hal9000

    Tyre pressure warning message

    Did you re-callibrate the pressure once it was inflated correctly?
  6. Hal9000

    Trackstar or Autowatch Tracking

    Wow that was a good deal! At the time, I didn't see £200 p.a. as excessive (just looked it up and was £599, not as quoted above)
  7. Hal9000

    Trackstar or Autowatch Tracking

    Perhaps it was just the luck of the draw with dealers - mine dropped from £899 to £550 when I asked them what they could do - which only serves to illustrate how inflated their original quote was! Typical insurance cavalier attitude to the customer - our own apathy costs us money.
  8. Hal9000

    Trackstar or Autowatch Tracking

    When I got a GAP quote from a regular insurance company, I told the dealer and they immediately matched it. You don't know until you ask.....
  9. Hal9000

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    Yikes! No idea! I didn't get further than looking on the Porsche approved website. So, I never spoke to a Porsche salesman
  10. Hal9000

    Depreciation in 12 months.

    This is why, when I was looking for the car I subsequently bought, that I seriously considered Porsche. Of all the 'good' German brands, they hold their price better. The reason I didn't go down that route was down to the high level of tech on a BMW and relatively low level for Porsche.
  11. Hal9000

    Ride, Noise, RoF Tyres And All That Stuff

    When I exchanged my E39 for an F11 I was expecting the ride to be a lot smoother with the enhanced suspension over that of the older car . I'd never had run-flats before and it was quite a shock just how the ride had seemingly gone backwards - feeling every minor imperfection in the road. After a while, I became inured to the bumps and could enjoy the car. I then got an X5 with run-flats and again they were on my G31. Subsequently, I never notice the bumpy ride, especially in the G31 because the handling is streets ahead of the F11. As for road noise, I get practically none, barely ever hearing it except on concreted motorways (no surprise there - and I just noticed the comment above by "Mr H" - we're talking about the very same stretch ). I have 20" wheels but no idea if that is a factor.
  12. Hal9000

    Bye bye G30

    About time too!!
  13. Hal9000

    Bye bye G30

    Built in dashcam? Do you mean it uses existing cameras or that it has the BMW Advanced Eye installed?
  14. Hal9000

    GAP Insurance

    I have got Gap insurance but it pays to shop around, just like with ordinary car insurance. One dealership offered me a package on my X5 but I sold it before needing the insurance. When I got my 540i, the new dealership offered me a price but it was very pricey. So, I told them about the last deal offered (something like £200 cheaper) and they capitulated immediately and matched it. A word of warning though! Watch the wording carefully because when I broached the subject of Gap insurance with my regular car insurer, theirs was Gap insurance with a twist. They would only pay the invoice price, which meant the actual invoice was something like £3000 because of the part exchange! Bunch of crooks - so watch it! The reason I went for Gap insurance was this. I had previously had a Tracker installed but that didn't have any protection for ODB port override. The company that does do the ODB protection doesn't do a full tracker servcie, so I would have needed both for complete protection. With the annual subs it was way too expensive - twice that of Gap insurance. Either way I'm going to lose out if it gets nicked because I have a list of extras longer than my arm and I'll never replicate such a high specced car again! All this because the world is full of little smegheads who want to steal our posessions!