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  1. Hal9000

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    Ah OK, I'm not going to accuse you of being negligent or carefree then I had something similar happen a few years ago. They told me it'd be OK and then it broke down and cost me a packet. Can't remember what it was mind - just that I felt shafted by their inaccurate advice
  2. Hal9000

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    I'm just curious - how long after you'd had the Oil Overflow Warnings did you get the car recovered? You said in the OP that you'd had it several times, so It sounds like you left it a while and then it broke down, or have I go that wrong?
  3. Hal9000

    Comfort access - boot closing automatically

    No, I sat in the boot for 2 mins without moving and it stayed open, so I can't have ingressed the trigger point as before. I think this one's done
  4. Hal9000

    Comfort access - boot closing automatically

    I've just tested it. I cannot open / close the boot by walking near the boot or brushing past it. It does open when I put only a small part of my foot past the bumper but it does HAVE to be under it and not near it, it's just not as far under as I'd previously thought. Therefore, I must have been activating the close when I was sitting there and moving my feet around. I'd have preferred a sensor, as Boba mentioned above, because it doesn't stop once it starts coming down and whacks me on the head - or it used to before I got wise to it. I suppose I need to be more circumspect with my ruddy great plates of meat when sitting there. Thanks for the feedback anyway....
  5. Hal9000

    Comfort access - boot closing automatically

    I must admit that I thought I'd ruled out my foot getting too near and triggering it. It would be ironic if that was the case because you have to waft your foot well under to open the ruddy thing, not just get near it!
  6. I have comfort access in my G31. When I take the dog for a walk, I sit in the boot to put my walking boots on. After a minute (or so) the boot beeps at me to warn it's about to close and then, of course, it starts to close, even though I'm still sat there! I cannot find a way of turning this automatic closing aspect off - is it possible?
  7. Hal9000

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Wow! They saw me coming! Mind you, and as I stated earlier, £50 is still good, especially as they had trouble taking out the factory fitted BMW one - it took them 2 hours all told. Even if I'd mustered the enthusiasm, which is as likely as John Merrick winning a "handsome hunk" contest, it would have taken me a heck of a lot longer than that and saved a whole lot of stress in the bargain. If yours really are offering to fit one for £20, you should bite their hands off with that offer.
  8. Hal9000

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Your local Halfords does?
  9. Hal9000

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Halfords did it - for £50. I'd rather eat a hobo's underpants than do the job myself, so that represents a bargain. I've not looked at the output yet, so cannot comment - when I do, I will post on here. I've yet to see a bad review of this one yet but that's to be taken with the appropriate level of sodium carbonate of course
  10. Hal9000

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    Wow! It's one of the best innovations in car design I have ever found. I would never buy another car without. Each to their own though
  11. Hal9000

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    Similar to Porsche
  12. Hal9000

    First Service

    In my experience, they like to err on the side of caution, to prevent you sitting in reception and stewing. It's better to say they don't know than stating "two hours" and then it not being ready. I'm lucky, in that I take my dog in with me and walk from the garage. I walk until they phone me to say it's ready. Clearly, we are not all in the same boat and have other things going on in our lives :). They usually do 'other' checks when it's in, over and above the standard service.
  13. Hal9000

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I can only partially see mine, as it's mostly hidden behind the RVM. I can see the SOS button, which is the only one I need to get at when driving. All setup etc is done from passenger seat. Given it's position, I could easily forget it's there
  14. Hal9000

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    I put the BMW "advanced eye" (the title is clearly ironic) into my F11 back in 2016. It was garbage! No loop recording, which means you have to format the card every time it got full. So, you can forget going on a long journey unless you had a couple of spare SD cards. There's no SOS button, so you can't lock a file if you see an incident that doesn't involve your car. Even though it's a touch screen, you cannot view the files on the camera, only via the software. There's so little configuration possible, it's hardly worth even having a setup option in the menu. Add to that the appalling sound quality, the price of £400 to fit (and that was on offer) and it adds up to worse than a chocolate teapot. I had it removed after a couple of weeks for a full refund. I then bought a Falcon Zero Touch. This had good reviews but was also useless. This may have been a duff item because when I decided to check some of the files, I found that the last file dated from over a year ago!!!! This was a surprise as it turned on apparently OK and started recording (or so I thought). I then formatted the card and drove 20 miles. I checked the files at my destination and there were 11. That was odd in itself because they were 2 minute files and the numbers didn't stack up. I didn't format again but after the drive home, there were only 2 files! That partly explains the low number of files - it was deleting them! Needless to say when I part exchanged the car, the dash cam stayed in it! I have subsequently discovered that Falcon have gone out of business - no surprise there. Part three of the saga starts when I picked up my 540i G31 a month ago. Low an behold, it came with the dreaded "advanced eye". After a couple of weeks I had it ripped out by Halford's and had the Next Base 512GW (front and rear) installed. I have yet to make a judgement on this camera......