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  3. Hello All, I am hoping to join the G30/G31 club and am looking for advice. I have found a well optioned low mileage G30 and it is reasonably priced. My only concern is that it has had two owners in 2 years (1st owner 4mths and the 2nd owner 20 mths). The car is a 530i M Sport (PJ17 NDG) with the Tech Pack, Comfort Pack and Remote Parking at the links below. It is registered in March 2017 so on the plus side it avoids the £320 VED but on the downside it is an early build and I am unsure if there have been issues with early models. I am hoping that the forum maybe able to offer advice as to what to look for when I view it (I am 159 miles from the dealership) and maybe let me know if this car has had history (good or bad) on this forum. https://www.stratstone.com/search/vehicledetails/used-car-bmw-5 series--automatic-petrol-blue-saloon-PJ17NDG/ or https://usedcars.bmw.co.uk/vehicle/201810111410471?location=Andover SP10 3SD, UK&quoteref=cecde840-90de-4c97-9ce1-b05323f09f9f Thank you in advance for your help.