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  1. rlowy

    filler polishes.

    Carbon Black Taxboy
  2. rlowy

    filler polishes.

    I find Autoglym SR to be very good. Most dusting occurs when too much is applied. A good discipline is to use very little for each application, just enough to faintly cover the panel, applying in gently overlapping circles, polish it off and then reapply again. More polish does not equal a better finish. Generally more polish leads to light and dark patches after removal. Always finish up with a detailing spray for the best finish. This was the result of my weekly detail. Unfortunately a few spots of rain fell as I was taking the photos.
  3. rlowy

    Windscreens, FYI

    A lesson for us all, thanks for posting.
  4. rlowy

    Space Grey F11

    Very nice.
  5. rlowy

    Weekly Detail

    thank you...
  6. rlowy

    Weekly Detail

    The light today at 18:00 showed the car off very well after a three hour detail...
  7. rlowy

    Which wheel cleaner do you use?

    Water, wool mitt, Autoglym Super Resin polish one a week. Previous Cart
  8. rlowy

    My Day Yesterday

    This was my commute today
  9. rlowy

    My Day Yesterday

    Took the wine out of cases and made a bottle layer in the boot, it was impressive packing even if I say so myself.
  10. rlowy

    My Day Yesterday

    29.7 mpg is my average over 7,000 miles so far.
  11. rlowy

    Carbon Black

    I love Carbon Black in the certain lights, here is mine.
  12. rlowy

    My Day Yesterday

    Four adults, full boot, clothing for two weeks, two sets of golf clubs and 42 bottles of wine!
  13. rlowy

    My Day Yesterday

    A nice time indeed.
  14. rlowy

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Well that certainly was not my experience of either the people or the business I engaged with in March this year. I have not had any dealings with the service side of the company as yet but will have to mind your observations when I do. I have to admit surprise at the language BMW UK used in communicating with them.
  15. rlowy

    Help choosing a G30