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  1. rlowy

    Text message on display

    Which is the best adapter for a 2018 G30?
  2. rlowy

    Auto map update

    My update which was new to down load within the last month is numbered 101184.3.210
  3. rlowy

    Text message on display

    What piece of kit do you need to connect to the car to get to this information?
  4. rlowy

    Wheel Coating

    I use Autoglym every other week. Wheel dust never pits wheels, dust washes away with wool mitt, inside of wheels cleaned with wheel woolies.
  5. rlowy

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    I bought my car after this thread started. I had my Speed Sign switched on by Simon, extremely efficient service, nice man and very diligent about doing a good job. Highly recommended. This is my car on his Facebook page.
  6. rlowy

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    I like some others who have commented here don’t believe the longevity claims of after market “protective applications and coatings ” and therefore see little value in them. I believe the best results are achieved by very regular detailing using the correct products, processes and cloths to give great finishes.
  7. rlowy

    Engine Rough Running- off she goes on a recovery truck

    As a new to BMW owner I am very disappointed to read this post. I have come from 15 + years of Mercedes ownership and I am in full agreement about what Andrew530dMSport says about their attention to roadside recovery, replacement vehicle and speed to repair a vehicle, I used it twice. Lets hope BMW sort their issues if this is widespread.
  8. rlowy

    Alexa.....Do you use it?

    Thank you
  9. rlowy

    Weekly Detail Complete.

    Hi John I use a combination of Autoglym and Meguiars products.
  10. rlowy

    Alexa.....Do you use it?

    Hi Adam, Thank you for your reply. I meant Alexa in connection BMW Connected and it operating with various Bmw functions. Regards Richard
  11. rlowy

    Alexa.....Do you use it?

    Does anyone use the Alexa App and if so which functions do you make use of? Regards Richard
  12. rlowy

    Weekly Detail Complete.

    And Then It Rains!
  13. rlowy

    Weekly Detail Complete.

    Mine gets equally dirty pidgeonpost, it is this morning. A weekly wash is so much easier than a major blitz. Once you get a level of finish and maintain that then the easier it is. The best example is deep polish of the wheels every couple of months and a weekly rinse. I never use a wheel cleaner, I don't have to, the dirty just washes off with a lambs wool mitt. Regards Richard
  14. rlowy

    Weekly Detail Complete.

    I bought my 2019 model G30 540i, a dealer demonstrator, in mid March and have spent the last few weeks detailing it to bring it towards a finish I like whilst adding 2,000 miles great driving miles at the same time. I am a first time BMW user and enjoying the new experience. Regards Richard G30 540i March 2019 W212 E63 June 2015 - March 2019 W211 E55 June 2007 - June 2015 W210 E55 October 2005 - June 2007 W210 E240 June 2003 - October 2005
  15. rlowy

    Weekly Detail Complete

    I will move it thank you