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  1. rlowy

    Retro fit swivelling tow bar

    Szymon is outstanding and highly recommended. There are several electric swivelling towbars shown completed on his Facebook site.
  2. rlowy

    540i Economy

    23 mpg to 39 mpg is my mpg range for a variety of journeys of different distances and driving conditions over 23k miles. During the course of those journeys you could see high teens to mid 40’s but at the end of the journey those high and low spots never hold. I never use eco mode as it seems to make little or no difference to the economy but a significant difference to how the car drives.
  3. rlowy

    G31 Tyres - 275/35 R19 (BAD NEWS)

    My 540i Xdrive saloon has no under floor compartments as far as I can see.
  4. I kept losing Spotify but discovered it was not the car as such but Spotify updating to the latest version on my Android phone which is not compatible with IDrive. Rolling Back Spotify to from this site solved the problem immediately. You also need to stop auto update of the app on the phone otherwise the joy of getting it to work again is short lived. https://spotify.en.uptodown.com/android/versions
  5. rlowy

    G31 Tyres - 275/35 R19 (BAD NEWS)

    Likewise Carrera77. Can I ask where your “under compartment” is? I am not sure I have one of these, just two cubbies left with lid and right no lid behind theIr respective wheel arch.
  6. rlowy

    The beauty of Carbon Black

    Frejus is not a place I have visited but If you enjoy sparsely populated rolling countryside, three very good restaurants eating outside in a tiny village dating back to Roman times with a lovely climate then I recommend Penne-d’Agenais..... ....and with regard to your instruction 3 hours today....
  7. rlowy

    The beauty of Carbon Black

    Yes we are in quarantine now, abiding by the rules and working from home. Penne-d’Agenais in the Lot Valley
  8. rlowy

    The beauty of Carbon Black

    ... You’re not wrong there Duncan, just home a good days drive but very dirty so my works cut out tomorrow!
  9. rlowy

    The beauty of Carbon Black

    Carbon Black Boba I assure you. When the sun is just right on it then you see the deep dark blue of carbon paper.....for those of us who can remember that far back! No sun no blue...
  10. Just detailed the car yesterday whilst on holiday in France and the light on it really shows Carbon Black to best effect....
  11. rlowy

    start / stop over enthusiastic?

    Completely agree. I cannot stand this feature it is very poorly designed and applied in my car too. It should cut in after 5 seconds of being stationary. As a result I start the car and thumb Immediately the button below to turn It off. My previous Mercedes worked much better in this regard.
  12. rlowy

    Squeaky brakes

    I don’t think it is for me to attend to squeaky brakes In this day and age , it is for BMW to design and work with their component suppliers to ensure it does not happen.
  13. rlowy

    Astounding economy!

    Great result well done!
  14. rlowy

    G31 Tyres - 275/35 R19 (BAD NEWS)

    I was told the puncture was in an unrepairable position. Pressure never dropped below 18 psi so it was not damaged by running really flat though I would of assumed they are designed to not damage as they are “run flats”?
  15. rlowy

    Squeaky brakes

    Same but I have only done 21,000 miles