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  1. rlowy

    Carbon Black

    I love Carbon Black in the certain lights, here is mine.
  2. rlowy

    My Day Yesterday

    Four adults, full boot, clothing for two weeks, two sets of golf clubs and 42 bottles of wine!
  3. rlowy

    My Day Yesterday

    A nice time indeed.
  4. rlowy

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Well that certainly was not my experience of either the people or the business I engaged with in March this year. I have not had any dealings with the service side of the company as yet but will have to mind your observations when I do. I have to admit surprise at the language BMW UK used in communicating with them.
  5. Activation not my area of expertise but it could be this mans.... https://m.facebook.com/Bavarian-Coding-1404502282915941/.....I hope he likes Lego & Bacon to come to Denmark!!!
  6. Had me thinking too. I work with people in Denmark who bitterly complain about car costs and choice but having said that it is amazing how many and what models and what makes toy see on the road there. Can you mirror / car play Waze onto the screen?
  7. rlowy

    Help choosing a G30

    I have the HUD on my car for the first time, a great bit of kit particularly with speed warning and sat nav. I would now miss not having it. I rarely worry about the discounts off a car or the trade in value but focus on the cost of change and how much I want to pay. I tell the dealer that figure and let the them work out where they get to on their allowances and trade values. In the case of a lease I do the same, “ this is the car I want, this is the lease I want to pay, this is the car I have to trade, can you as a dealer make this work” Most times with little haggle it does.
  8. I thought all G30 had sat nav fitted as standard?
  9. rlowy

    GAP Insurance

    Some morning that!
  10. rlowy

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Interesting thanks.
  11. I have the same car and have not had any of your issues. I have the display key, not sure if this makes any difference? Regards Richard.
  12. rlowy

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    I remember Autofarm, I was unaware of the connection. They were much respected, did they not also have there own tuned versions of Porsche’s?
  13. rlowy

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    The 40i engine is a peach I quite agree, very refined, if a bit soulless on the sound front in the 5 series configuration. From South London to the Lot valley, four adults up, mileage 675 to destination, average speed 62 mph average fuel consumption 31.3 mpg including several significant blasts out of toll booths and on the parts of the A20 south of Limoges where very light traffic permits, significant sustained three figure speeds in 30+ degrees of heat. Having arrived and in Eco Pro average is 33 -35 ish..... so no complaints at all. Good to to hear about Specialist Cars, I am about to go back in a few weeks to swap out my wife’s Seat FR for a 140i before they all disappear. There is a better sound track in that I understand.
  14. rlowy

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    Sorry Matthew for taking so long to reply to your question, it has been some time since I looked at the forum and I am now catching up with some free time whilst on holiday. On the seat front I have found a comfortable setting after a lot fiddling and that’s a great step forward so my drive to southern France was very comfortable a week ago. Really enjoying the car, refinement is it’s strongest feature for me. No other niggles of consequence, I agree with a number of other who have posted observations but in truth most don’t distract from the overall enjoyment. The change to BMW after so long with Mercedes was to enjoy a change of brand and a BMW straight six. However BMW are not strangers to me. I grew up with my father having a number of BMWs, E3 2800, E28 M535i, E34 540i, then a whole series of 3 series saloons and coupes to his present E93 325i which he uses daily in his 87th year. Additionally the BMW dealer gave me £3000 more in part exchange than my Mercedes dealer of 12 years for my E63 against a new E63. So after a lot of discussion with them and then as a matter of principle I was on my way to a BMW dealership. This started disastrously as I was completely ignored in Cooper Croydon for 45 minutes despite the receptionist best efforts to extract a salesperson from their glazed bunkers. I left without speaking to anyone. Next day I was at Specialist Cars of Tring to see a M5 demonstrator they had for sale. However the journey from my home to Tring should take just over an hour. Two hours and a bit later and 10 miles short of the garage I pulled off the M25 with a totally different view on the car I wanted to change to. Was a near on 600 BHP super saloon what I need in the real world? My rural commute is great fun but for all of 5 mins. I have had some truly astonishing times in the AMGs but in reality these were such a small part of the overall mileage accumulated. So head ruling heart and a very interesting piece in mind by respected motoring journalist Chris Harris M5 v E63 concluding the next models down in each range achieved 95% of the super saloons ability’s so making real world sense. This made me take a lot more interest in Specialist’s Dealer Principal’s generously specified 540i. An hour later we were completing the paperwork and I collected the car the next morning. Blunt performance comparisons say the cars are quite away apart but as Harris concluded 95% of the time the 540i (and no doubt a 530d) are real world very close. By the way very impressed with Specialist Cars who made me feel very welcome. Kind regards, Richard.